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Oklahoma State Question 744 -- Vote NO! Message from Frank Keating and Cong Tom Cole (R-OK)

There is a statement from current Democrat Governor Brad Henry along with emails from former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating and my Congressman from the 4th District Tom Cole opposing State Question 744. This is one State Question that has brought both political parties together. Democrat Governor Brad Henry and a group of Democrats have joined former Governor Frank Keating, Cong Cole, and a host of Republicans opposing this bill. It is nothing more than a power grab by union teachers. When you get Brad Henry speaking out against this bill when his wife is a teacher, then you know how bad this bill is that is on the ballot.

The ads for SQ 744 make your blood boil if you are any type of fiscal conservative and value education. They are the most despicable ads on the radio and we have to question if they are from the National Teacher's Union because we haven't heard ads like that on a State Question since we passed Right to Work and the vast majority of money opposing it came from out of state along with the ads.

Oklahomans didn't listen to the national people on Right to Work and would bet we are going to turn down SQ 744 which has no bi-partisan support for SQ 744 but a lot of bi-partisan support to Just Say NO to SQ 744!

Statement from Governor Brad Henry:
"If State Question 744 passes, it will absolutely devastate the budgets of all other critical areas in state government, and we just simply cannot allow that to happen."

Gov. Brad Henry
Honorary Chair
One Oklahoma Coalition
Email from Former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating:

Grassroots Supporter,

Included on the November ballot will be State Question 744, which is a reckless tax-and-spend proposal designed to feather the nests of the education establishment, without doing anything to bring much needed reforms to our schools. This proposal focuses exclusively on money, and not on student achievement.

And it’s not just conservatives who realize we have to quit putting money into our education system. Late last month while appearing on NBC, President Barrack Obama said, "We can't spend our way out of it. I think that when you look at the statistics, the fact is that our per-pupil spending has gone up during the last couple of decades even as results have gone down.”

By its own terms this is exactly what SQ 744 aims to accomplish – massive multi-billion dollar spending based on per-pupil expenditures with NO reforms, NO accountability and NO funding mechanism.

SQ 744 would provide billions of dollars in new spending with no requirements or direction on how these funds should be spent. In fact, every penny of SQ 744 could be spent on superintendent salaries and still meet the requirements of the measure. Just read the ballot – it expressly states this money can be spent on “non-instruction services.” That’s code for items that don’t help our children learn.

There is absolutely nothing in this state question addressing academic rigor, student achievement, teacher performance or anything else to improve our schools. It is solely money.

And this money has to come from somewhere -- probably from you and me. When fully implemented, SQ 744 would require an increase of $1,200 per year in taxes for a family of four. That could be in massive property tax increases, a 34 percent increase in state sales taxes, or a 38 percent increase in the state income tax. And that is if the cost is at the lowest estimates being given. Those supporting this ill-conceived proposal have advocated getting rid of homestead property tax exemptions, taxing utility bills and even taxing all retirement benefits, such as Social Security.

If budget cuts alone funded this huge transfer of taxpayer resources to public schools, Oklahoma would be required (at a minimum) to close eight prisons and release 8,400 criminals, lay off more than 125 state troopers, face sizable college tuition increases, cut huge sums from law enforcement, public safety and highways and lose $343 million in federal health care matching dollars. In other words, it would cut more than 20% of all state government outside of common education. Something we just can’t afford.

Incredibly, this union power grab (the National Education Association has already pledged to spend more than $3 million to force this on Oklahomans) is silent on academic performance, efficiency, teacher quality and academic results.

When it comes to State Question 744, join me in rejecting this liberal tax-and-spend agenda for Oklahoma by voting no. This reckless philosophy is one that even President Obama and his Washington cronies admit just won’t work.

Keating, former Oklahoma governor, is a member of the One Oklahoma Coalition, which opposes SQ 744.

Frank Keating

Press Release from Congressman Tom Cole

State Question 744 is Wrong SolutionBy: Congressman Tom Cole

With the pivotal November 2 elections fast approaching, partisan conflicts are on display in political ads, debates and news reports across the country. However, there is remarkable consensus in Oklahoma among lawmakers and candidates from both parties regarding State Question 744.

SQ 744 epitomizes the "throw money at the problem" mentality. This misguided initiative would amend the state constitution to require that Oklahoma's K-12 education spending equal the per-student average of our six neighboring states. It would put in place no reforms and no new oversight or accountability. Under SQ 744, the answer to Oklahoma's education challenges begins and ends with increased spending.

Political history is replete with examples of the futility of this approach. President Obama's failed stimulus package is just one of the most recent. Supporters of this $787 billion monstrosity promised that the bill would create jobs and keep the unemployment rate below 8 percent. We're now entering our 17th straight month of 9 percent or higher unemployment. A new Joint Economic Committee report reveals that the nation's 20 largest metropolitan areas have lost 557,000 private sector jobs since the stimulus became law, while the federal workforce has grown by 42,700 jobs in those areas. This fact demonstrates that increased spending is reliably effective in achieving only one outcome: the growth of government. When it comes to producing concrete results like new jobs or improved educational achievement, the tax-and-spend philosophy has long since been proven a failure.

While SQ 744 would likely have little positive impact on learning, it would certainly have a disastrous effect on the state budget. Besides being devoid of reform, the measure is also lacking in any funding mechanism. Absent a new revenue stream, deep cuts to other vital government services would be required to fund the new education spending, which the Oklahoma Policy Institute projects would be nearly $1.7 billion over the first three years. With a total state budget of $6.7 billion in fiscal year 2011, $1.7 billion would represent an enormous portion of state spending. Diverting a sum of this size to K-12 education cannot be accomplished without major disruptions to other state functions like corrections, transportation and higher education.

The state budget is already strained, and it is only by virtue of responsible management and tough choices by the state government that Oklahoma has fared so well in the recession. SQ 744 would place an unacceptable burden on state finances that would significantly compromise Oklahoma's capacity to recover from continuing economic challenges. President Obama's policies are damaging enough to state budgets without adding to the burden with new mandatory state spending.

No one disputes the importance of education to Oklahoma's future. However, SQ 744 is simply the wrong approach.

Funniest Ads of the Campaign Season in Oklahoma Belong to Republican Mark Costello Running for Labor Commissioner

This ad speaks for itself about the disaster that is Democrat Labor Commissioner Lloyd Fields:

Colby Yates describes guitar theft mentioned in the above video -- Not a Practical Joke!

Video is poor quality but the audio was used in a radio commercial against Lloyd Fields who stole the guitar, got arrested, no charges filed by Yates, but the police hauled Fields off to the drunk tank.

We had a very good Labor Commissioner Brenda Reneau who was barely beat in 2006 after a Republican State Rep recorded a campaign ad against her for Fields as a personal vendetta against Reneau. That tipped the scale and gave us four years of the most incompetent man to hold office -- Lloyd Fields.

Have to hand it to Mark Costello for handling all of the Fields problems with humor. Ads that use facts and turn it into humor are funny.  The Democrats in this State have been running some of the nastiest ads based on their liberal interpretation of the facts with spin and are not funny at all -- they are downright nasty. It is backfiring in many of the Dem races here in Oklahoma and they are going to pay for it on November 2nd.

Tulsa World: Fallin’s Lead Over Askins Stretches in Governor's Race -- Oklahoma Update of Statewide Races

This is actually pretty funny as Askins in an article in the Oklahoman on Tuesday said she was gaining on Mary and down to single digits. OOPS! Tulsa World comes out the next morning with results from Sooner with Mary ahead byd 18 points. Democrats were also bragging about how much Askins raised but she gave herself $500,000 this quarter so how is that beating Mary's donations? Former OU Coach Barry Switzer is out with an ad for Askins. His enthusiasm for Askins doesn't show in his ads like it does when he really likes a candidate. His ad is not going to work this time.

Switzer is all over the place in this election with choosing Republican Scott Pruitt for Attorney General and even hosting a fundraiser in his home for Scott.

Right now the new polling numbers just out show Republicans Mary Fallin (Governor), Todd Lamb (Lt Governor), Scott Pruit (Attorney General), Mark Costello (Labor Commissioner), Ken Miller (Treasurer), Gary Jones (Auditor) and Janet Barresi (School Superintendent) all with leads from 6-18 points. In the race for Insurance Commissioner John Doak is losing to Kim Holland by two points well within the margin of error.

Democrats who love to tout the 'party of the poor' mantra are anything but that here in Oklahoma. In the Auditor's race, Burrage the Democrat is pretty much self funding his race giving his race $480,000 which gave him a 10-1 edge over Gary Jones. Burrage has run one of the nastiest campaigns we have ever seen in the state which says a lot. It isn't working because in the respected Sooner just released Gary Jones is winning. Cannot think of a better person to be the State Auditor than Gary Jones. With his election, maybe we can get the Auditor's office cleaned up once and for all and patronage with Abstract Companies stopped.

Going to be a fun evening in Oklahoma on Tuesday night as the new Sooner shows Republicans ahead in all but one statewide race and in that one for Insurance Commissioner Doak only trails Holland by two points. Here in Oklahoma we still have the straight voting where you can draw the arrow for Republican for each set of races. That could hurt Holland in the end.

We have to give the nod to the funniest campaign commercials in this state to Mark Costello for Labor Commissioner over Lloyd Fields who stole a guitar from one of the bull riders at the rodeo and ended up in the drunk tank in 2008. We will cover Costello's ad in a separate post as it is really funny.

*** In Case You Missed It ***

Tulsa World: Fallin’s Lead Over Askins Stretches in Governor's Race

Republican gubernatorial nominee Mary Fallin maintains a comfortable lead over Democrat Jari Askins heading into the final week of the campaign, according to the latest Oklahoma Poll.

In a statewide survey of 753 Oklahomans with a history of voting in previous elections, 56 percent said they plan to vote for Fallin, while 38 percent said they'll vote for Askins.

Six percent were undecided.

The survey was conducted by of Oklahoma City.

A similar poll in July separated the two candidates by just six points.

Fallin's support has grown since, while Askins' appears to have slipped slightly. …

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Make Mine Freedom Cartoon (1948)

This Cartoon Seemed Far Fetched in 1948! Our thanks to the people at National Juggernaut who posted it -- absolutely chilling!

Source: National Juggernaut

Frightening is one word that comes to mind in addition to chilling about how much the Progressive Democrats led by Obama/Pelosi/Reid remind us of Government takeover in this cartoon that has been speeded up drastically since Obama took office in January 2009.

Time for Freedom loving Americans to begin to Take our Country Back on November 2nd, 2010, and finish the job in November 2012.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Speaker Pelosi Is Right: Dems Deserve All the Credit for the Job-Killing, Budget-Busting Agenda That Has Americans Asking “Where are the Jobs?”

The first time we heard Pelosi was whining because the liberal Democrat House and Senate were not getting credit for what they have accomplished since Obama took office, we figured it was a joke. We were wrong -- she meant it. Is Pelosi really that out of touch with Americans that she could even think such a thing? Looks like she is. That is one of the biggest problems with having the Speaker come from such a liberal area of the Country. They don't have a clue about how the rest of us think. San Francisco is one of the most liberal cities in America by far and yet the Democrats elected Pelosi as Speaker? What were they thinking?

Pelosi as Speaker has been a total disaster not to mention has caused the taxpayers a fortune with her party plane from the Air Force. We agree with Republican Leader Boehner that the Dems do deserve all the credit for these bills they have rammed through Congress without reading. Obama says "jump" and Pelosi asks "how high?"

Speaker Pelosi Is Right: Dems Deserve All the Credit for the Job-Killing, Budget-Busting Agenda That Has Americans Asking “Where are the Jobs?”

While Dem Leaders Continue to Press Their Failed Economic Policies, GOP Offers Better Solutions in A Pledge To America

Washington (Oct 26)

In a recent interview with Politics Daily, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) bemoaned the lack of credit Democrats have received for what they have done while in control of Congress. According to Speaker Pelosi, “we haven’t really gotten the credit for what we have done, but we will take it to the voters and have a Democratic majority to follow through on it…” With members of Speaker Pelosi’s own party working feverishly to distance themselves from the Democratic Leaders’ job-killing agenda, the reality is the American people are giving them the credit they richly deserve for orchestrating the massive, costly power grab that has been going on in Washington. The President and Democrats in Congress have indeed been busy, passing one job-killing bill after another and adding trillions to the nation’s debt despite overwhelming opposition from the American people. Here are just a few of the Democrats’ most significant, if dubious, “accomplishments”:

Defying the Will of the American People by Ramming Through ObamaCare. In March, Democrats passed the job-killing government takeover of health care amid promises that it would lower costs and improve access for millions of Americans....

Enacting a Trillion-Dollar ‘Stimulus’ That Has Failed to Live Up to its Own Job-Creation Promises. At the time the President signed the trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ into law, he claimed it would “create or save 3.5 million jobs over the next two years.”...

Adjourning Congress Without Voting to Stop All the Tax Hikes on Families and Small Businesses. Before Congress adjourned for the fall, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) called for immediate enactment of the Pledge to America, including specific proposals to cut spending and stop all the looming tax hikes that are making it impossible for small businesses to create jobs....

Enacting a Massive Financial Regulation Bill That Doesn’t Address the Core of the Financial Crisis. In July, President Obama signed into law a massive financial regulation bill that failed to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-backed mortgage companies at the heart of the financial crisis....

Institutionalizing Taxpayer-Funded Bailouts. In testimony given before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke confirmed that “a too-big-to-fail company undergoing the government’s new resolution process could still receive money from the Treasury,” making it clear that government bailouts are here to stay under the Democrats’ 2,300 page financial regulation bill....

Passing a Job-Killing National Energy Tax. Last year, House Democrats rammed a job-killing, 1,500 page national energy tax bill through the House that will raise electricity prices, increase gasoline prices, and ship American jobs overseas to countries like China and India....
Excerpt: Read More at GOP
Would venture to guess that the majority of Americans know someone who has become unemployed since Obama took office in January 2009. There are a lot of companies who have scaled back their workforce and now don't intend to hire because of the uncertainty about what faces them with the much higher costs of Obamacare. If Obamacare is allowed to stand unchanged, the unemployment rates will rise even more and current employees will have to pay more for health insurance.

Obamacare needs repealed because it is a bad bill that wasn't read before it was rammed through the Congress, but we expect Obama to block any repeal efforts veto. What Congress can do is not fund Obamacare at all to bring it to a halt while repealing sections one at a time.

Obama/Reid/Pelosi have managed to put this Country on its back with their spending more and more dollars that we don't have in less than two years. What do they do? Print more money like it does 'grow on trees' which puts the US more in debt to where today it is over a $13.6T deficit and growing every minute. Jobs are getting harder to find which in turns hurts the sale of big ticket items like cars and homes. Professional people who have become unemployed are having to take lesser paying jobs if they can find them which still will pay more than unemployment, but in many cases has made their mortgage or car payments unaffordable.

We think it is time for a CHANGE and throw out on November 2nd the progressive Democrats and their idea of what the Country should look like which is a 180 from the vast majority of Americans who are center right.   We are all for the idea of locking up the Halls of Congress until Republicans take over on 3 January 2011.  Won't happen but it would sure be better than the lameduck sessions which Obama/Pelosi Democrats have planned.  Since Obama calls Congressional Republicans the Party of "NO," Republicans need to live up to that name in the lameduck session.

Where are the JOBS?


With the Pledge to America, Republicans are Offering a Better Way to Create Jobs, End Economic Uncertainty

Eighteen months. That's how long Ohio middle-class families and small businesses have suffered from double-digit unemployment according to the most recent jobs report released last week.

Sadly, this report looks like too many we've seen since President Obama signed the $787 billion "stimulus" into law. Thousands more Ohioans lost their jobs. Unemployment remains painfully high.

With the Pledge to America, Republicans are offering a new and better way to address the people’s priorities, starting with a plan to create jobs and end economic uncertainty. This governing blueprint, which was built by listening to the people, starts with stopping all the looming tax hikes and ending Washington’s out-of-control spending spree. Make no mistake, our economy will ultimately recover, but it will do so because of the hard work and entrepreneurship of the American people, not more of the same wasteful Washington spending and job-killing tax hikes and mandates.
One video more than any other video describes Pelosi and her liberal agenda:

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Rubio leading in battle of the ed boards

Happy to read this tonight from Tampa Bay OnLine Blog about the editorial boards endorsing in the Senate race. Almost fainted when I saw the Miami Herald endorsed Rubio and now seeing the TBO call it 'one suprising announcement' made me smile. Thought it was a major endorsement and sure enough it was. Orlando Sentinel we think is a key endorsement along with Tampa Tribune (we expected that one).

Won't be long and we will be saying Senator Elect Marco Rubio. One week from tomorrow is election day across America. GOTV by Republicans is in process to win as many seats as we can in the House, Senate, and Governor's races.

Rubio leading in battle of the ed boards
Posted Oct 25, 2010 by William March
Updated Oct 25, 2010 at 05:32 PM

With the help of at least one surprising endorsement, and some from newspapers that endorsed Charlie Crist for governor in 2006, Marco Rubio is leading the battle for endorsements of major newspaper editorial boards in Florida.

Probably the most surprising endorsement for Rubio came from his hometown paper, the Miami Herald, usually liberal or Democratic-leaning in its endorsements and editorial policies. But Rubio has also received backing from the editorial boards of of The Tampa Tribune, Fort Myers News-Press, Florida Times-Union, South Florida Sun-Sentinel and the Orlando Sentinel.

Crist is close behind with backing from his hometown paper, the St. Petersburg Times, plus The Tallahassee Democrat, Florida Today, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and the Naples Daily News.

In 2006, Crist was endorsed for governor by at least three papers now backing Rubio—the Tampa Tribune, Orlando Sentinel and Florida Times-Union.

The Lakeland Ledger has gone for Kendrick Meek, and the Palm Beach Post, also usually considered liberal or Democratic in its editorial orientation, hasn’t yet published an endorsement.

Source: TBO

Why Did Bobby Bright Vote For Nancy Pelosi?

Democrat Bobby Bright is being opposed by Republican Martha Roby in a Congressional District that is heavily Republican. Bright was elected to the seat in 2008 as a Democrat who was very conservative BUT when he got to the House, first thing he did was vote for Pelosi for Speaker. He voted against the Republican alternative to Obamacare but did vote against the final Obamacare bill as one of the people Pelosi said could vote against the bill. If the bill would have been tied, would he have still voted against the bill or would he have voted with Pelosi to pass?

Bright has a 72% voting record on conservative issues which means over 25% of the time he votes with Pelosi and the Democrats. Voters of Alabama's 2nd District need to turn that seat back RED and not have to worry if their member of Congress is going to vote for or against them.

Now we learn that Bright who has trashed Pelosi and said he won't vote for her for Speaker has asked for help as he was out fund raised 3-1 by Roby. Who does Bright call in after the Pelosi Democrats have spent almost $1M in his race? A front for labor unions:

Top contributors to “Citizens for Strength and Security” include some of the largest and most powerful liberal unions in the nation, including the controversial Services Employees International Union, the Teamsters Union, and the United Food & Commercial Workers Union.

The well-publicized agendas for these and other contributors are squarely in-line with the liberal positions taken by President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Advancing an agenda that includes government takeover of health care, job-killing card check legislation, and amnesty for illegal immigrants is a central part of the mission of these unions.

“The fact that union front groups are spending money in Alabama’s Second District deeply undercuts Democrat Bobby Bright’s claim to be independent,” said Mike Hamilton, campaign manager for Martha Roby. “These unions are spending money in Alabama for one reason: they know a vote for Bobby Bright is a vote to keep Nancy Pelosi in power.”
This from Bright who is claims to be a conservative, independent, and anti-Pelosi? It is becoming clearer and clearer that once again Democrats are trying to run as Conservatives.  We believe voters have learned their lesson and are not buying into this mantra of 'conservative' Democrats as the facts speak for themselves with his voting over 25% of the time with Pelosi. By definition that is not conservative.

Voters of the Alabama's 2nd Congressional District have a choice -- they can send Bright back to the Congress and ensure that Pelosi has a voice or they can elect Conservative Republican Martha Roby and make sure their voices are heard.   That is an easy choice -- Martha Roby needs to be elected from the 2nd district of Alabama on November 2nd!

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Rick Berg (R) leads Earl Pomeroy by 10 points in North Dakota House Race (Oct 21st poll)

Republicans are leading by impressive numbers in the North Dakota Senate and House seat races. Current Republican Governor John Hoeven is leading the Senate race by a large margin while Rick Berg leads in the House race by 10 points. Defeating long time House Member Pomeroy is going to give North Dakota voters a representative who will listen to them. Residents of North Dakota are not going to know how to act to have a Senator and their Representative actually represent them not the liberal Democrats Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.

STOP THE PRESSES: Miami Herald Endorses Marco Rubio for Senate

It is TRUE!  The Miami Herald has endorsed a Republican for the Florida Senate which is shocking.  If someone would have told us 18 months ago that we would be reading an endorsement of Marco Rubio by the Miami Herald, we would have have laughed.  This is absolutely amazing and shows that even in editor's offices across America the editorial boards of major newspapers are not liking what they are seeing out of the Democrats in DC and the way they govern with ramming things through Congress.  Never thought I would see this day after the way the media acted in 2008 carrying Obama's water. 

This is a good start by the Miami Herald editorial board and one that needs to be part of their policy -- endorse the best candidate who can do the best job for the citizens of Florida.  Here is their endorsement:

For U.S. Senate, The Miami Herald recommends Marco Rubio

In one of the most unusual and hard-fought Senate races in many years, Florida voters have a choice among three capable candidates with distinctly different views on how to fix what’s wrong with the economy and the country.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio,  left,
talks to reporters as David Rivera, Republican
candidate for Congress, right, looks on in Miami,
Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010. Alan Diaz / AP
Don’t look for a "local favorite’’ in this race. U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek and former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio are native sons of South Florida. Gov. Charlie Crist is well known to local voters and now has a part-time home on Fisher Island.
Don’t look for an "outsider," either. All three have impressive records of public service. In a year when career politicians are everyone’s whipping boy, these three candidates understand how government works and what ‘‘constituent service’’ means.

What sets them apart from each other are sharp differences on issues and distinctively different claims for the allegiance of the electorate.

Mr. Meek, 44, is an unabashed Democratic standard-bearer, a dependable supporter of the Obama administration whose message is aimed squarely at everyday voters who fear the erosion of their living standards. Mr. Meek’s involvement with indicted developer Dennis Stackhouse is a stain on an otherwise good record, but it raises fair questions about his judgment and management of his staff.

Gov. Crist, 54, a lifelong Republican turned independent, says he will refuse to toe anyone’s party line. Mr. Crist’s political pragmatism is sometimes too elastic, and his loyalty to former Republican Party of Florida chief Jim Greer, who is battling fraud charges, raises questions about Mr. Crist’s judgment, even when GOP donors pleaded with him to take action.

Mr. Crist is running as an independent because he was elbowed out of the GOP primary by Mr. Rubio, who has captured many Florida voters’ attention with his straight talk about attacking the stratospheric federal budget deficit. An articulate defender of belt-tightening, Mr. Rubio’s energetic campaign and insurgent candidacy capitalized on voters’ anti-Washington mood and changed the race’s political dynamics.

His lead in the polls rests in part on a decidedly conservative agenda -- anti-choice, anti-taxes. His life story as a son of Cuban exiles strikes a sympathetic chord with many voters.

Mr. Rubio is not a flawless candidate. He has refused to release all records involving a Republican Party credit card, which he used at times for personal expenses when he was House leader.

Nevertheless, at 39, Mr. Rubio has the potential to be the kind of statesman Floridians can be proud to call a native son -- much like another conservative, former Sen. Connie Mack, who became a defender of Haitian immigrants’ rights and led bipartisan initiatives that doubled federal spending on bio-medical research.

Like a lot of voters, we’ve struggled with the choices in this race, and our pick may surprise some readers. We do not agree with many of Mr. Rubio’s positions -- certainly not the far-right stance he has taken on immigration or his position against healthcare reform.

Yet his persistence in taking on a popular governor 18 months ago to run for the U.S. Senate says something about Mr. Rubio’s passion to fix what’s wrong in Washington. At this critical juncture in the nation’s economy, Mr. Rubio offers a welcome dose of fiscal restraint. He has exhibited common sense on Social Security, where he proposes raising the retirement age as a way of keeping the program solvent. Neither Mr. Crist nor Mr. Meek has dared to make take such a clear stand.

Mr. Rubio has been the driving force in this race. His leadership skills were evident as House Speaker, but in Washington he will need to work across the aisle -- a virtue not abundant in Tallahassee. Smart and committed, Mr. Rubio can grow into a consensus-seeker in the Senate, benefiting all Floridians.

For U.S. Senate, The Miami Herald recommends MARCO RUBIO.

Read more:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rubio's words the same as underdog to frontrunner

As I read this article, I remembered back to last year when I was intrigued about Marco Rubio for Florida Senator from the time I heard he was running. He started out down over 30 points -- had a slight disagreement with a good friend on whether he could win. He was convinced that Charlie Crist was going to win hands down, but I wasn't so sure and started touting Rubio on my blog. The more I heard of him, the better I liked him and thought he was the type of Senator we needed from Florida.

In the Florida Governor's primary in 2006 was a supporter of Tom Gallagher so was never really a full blown Crist fan although supported him for Governor. More and more conservative websites started supporting Rubio. Then what I consider the straw that broke the camels back with support Crist happened -- he called all the County Chairs and longtime activists in Florida asking for their recommendations as to who they would like to see finishe the term of then Senator Martinez who was retiring from the Senate. Crist had a former member of Congress Rep Bilarakis fill out a questionnaire about who he was which most thought was odd.

When it was announced that he had chosen his long time friend LeMieux to be the Senator, it sent shock waves around the State in Republican circles as most people had him on the bottom of their list (he has turned out to be a very good Senator). From that point on the tide turned on Crist by the activists and his numbers started going down while Rubio's went up. Next thing we know the race was tied and then Rubio was climbing in the polls while Crist started tanking. All of a sudden the Obama/Crist hug started showing up on websites all across the Country. It was the most remarkable turnaround we have witnessed in Republican politics with Crist leaving the GOP and becoming NO PARTY rather than lose to Rubio in the primary.

On the evening of November 2nd after the polls have closed and ballots are counted, we will be saying Senator-Elect Rubio. His journey to be the next Senator from Florida which started as an idea along with some grassroots supporters will have culminated in his election to the United States Senate.

Rubio's words the same as underdog to frontrunner
October 22, 2010 12:05 AM

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate
Marco Rubio speaks to supporters
at a rally at American Aero in New
Smyrna Beach, Thursday,
October 7,  2010. (N-J

David Massey)

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Marco Rubio speaks to supporters at a rally at American Aero in New Smyrna Beach, Thursday, October 7, 2010. (N-J | David Massey)

MIAMI (AP) -- Marco Rubio was at a Panhandle truck stop refueling during a trip from Pensacola to Tallahassee when a truck driver startled him.

"Hey Rubio!" the man shouted from the doorway of the restaurant. As Rubio turned around with a "who me?" look. The man added, "You got my vote" and then quickly popped back inside.

Rubio, caught offguard, asked his volunteers what he should do. They encouraged him to go inside and thank the man. Rubio did, telling the only reporter covering his trip to wait outside because he didn't want to look like he was using the opportunity to gain attention.

That was 15 months ago. That was when the Republican establishment said he was crazy and laughed at the idea that the former state House speaker could topple political giant Gov. Charlie Crist. That's when Rubio only had three campaign staffers and couldn't afford to bring any on trips. It's when he was down 21 points in the polls and a good day was when he could speak before a crowd of 80 people and raise $1,000.

A lot has changed since then. Rubio, 39, drove Crist from the primary, he's set and reset fundraising records and he's become a national darling of the conservative movement. The same people who laughed at him stand firmly behind him. The only thing that hasn't changed is his message.

"People forget that there were many in the Republican Party that were saying that in order to be successful in the future, Republicans were going to have to become more like Democrats and I never bought into that notion," Rubio said recently. "Ultimately the support we're now getting from folks that are in the establishment are people who are buying into our agenda, we're not buying into theirs."

Whether it was before a few dozen people at the start of his campaign, the 3,000 he addressed as the keynote speaker at the American Conservative Union Foundation's Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, or during the Senate debates televised nationally, Rubio has been consistent with his message.

It boils down to this: America under President Barack Obama is heading in a new direction that's not good. The number one issue for him is government spending and debt. He says his children risk being part of the first generation of Americans who are worse off than the generation before.

He calls the $787 billion federal stimulus and the health care overhaul disastrous policies that will contribute to the country's bankruptcy. That problem will be worse if significant changes aren't made to entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare, he argues.

Unlike most politicians -- especially in a state like Florida with 2.5 million retirees -- he isn't afraid to talk about changes to Social Security. He wants to gradually raise the age of eligibility to 70 and restructure the formula that determines retirees' initial benefits. He would leave anyone now 55 or older exempt from the changes.

While Crist and Democrat Kendrick Meek criticize him for wanting to tinker with Social Security, Rubio says something needs to be done or the financial consequences will damage the country.

"I'm the only one with a plan to save Social Security. I'm the only one with a plan to reduce the national debt. I'm the only one with a plan of what government's role should be to grow the economy," Rubio said. "I'm the only one running for U.S. Senate that has any idea about how serious our debt is and where it's taking our country."

It's a message that first resonated with tea party activists. While Crist was raising millions of dollars and acting as if he didn't have any primary competition, Rubio was driving around the state talking to any group that would listen. Tea partiers began raving about him and his momentum began to build.

Maryellen Winkel, a 46-year-old engineer from New Port Richey, didn't consider herself politically active until this election cycle. Sure, she read up on candidates and voted, but the Republican didn't go to rallies or events. But last February, she drove about three hours to Fort Myers to hear Rubio speak at a tea party rally that marked one year since Crist and Obama stood together to promote the stimulus.

"I had heard a few things about him and wanted to see if he was as real as he seems," she said. "I'm very impressed at his values and his morals and where he wants the country to go with less spending. When I look at the other candidates he wins me over even more."

She has heard the attacks, that Rubio put personal expenses on his Republican Party credit card (which Rubio says he reimbursed at the time they occurred), that he's not as fiscally conservative as he makes himself out to be, that he is really just another politician that is remaking himself to reflect the current political atmosphere.

"I just see it as politics as usual," Winkel said, adding Rubio's message rises above the attacks. "It just has to do with the environment around us and the insane spending and the entitlement attitude."

And it's not just the message, but the way he delivers it. He is an excellent, charismatic public speaker that fires up conservative audiences. He sprinkles the right touch of humor into his discussion of America going down the wrong path.

When crowds chant "Marco! Marco!" he jokes that he's afraid someone will reply "Polo!" When star-struck supporters ask if he'll run for president, he says maybe for president of a condo association. In a shot at Obama, he jokes that he is running for Senate because he wants to win a Nobel Prize, then adds that he would have to be in Senate for two years to achieve that.

He has a feel-good story about being raised by Cuban immigrants who worked hard to give their children opportunities they never had. His family moved to Las Vegas when he was a teenager and his mother worked as a hotel maid and his father as a casino bartender. He says his success is part of the American dream, a story that can't be duplicated anywhere else.

Rep. David Rivera, a longtime friend and former roommate of Rubio's when they were both in the House, said Rubio has always had the ability to engage a crowd, pointing back 15 years ago when they both worked for Bob Dole's presidential campaign.

"He would energize the room and energize the volunteers and right from that moment I knew he would go very far in public life," said Rivera, who is running for Congress. "Even before then, you could detect that he was someone with great optimism, someone who was very concerned about the community."

While it sounds like political cliche, Rubio often mentions his children as a driving factor in his run for Senate. His wife, Jeanette, a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, said Rubio often takes breaks to spend time with their four children, ages 3 through 10. That includes giving up a chance to meet with newspaper editors from around the country less than two weeks from the election so he could join one of his sons on a school field trip.

"On Sundays, he makes it a point not to do anything to be with his kids and the family and we all do things together. Especially at the beginning of the campaign he would go out of his way to make sure that even though he was driving, if he had to come home at 1 o'clock to wake up in the morning to take the kids to school, he would do it," she said. "His family is what grounds him and what makes him able to see the things that he feels that are wrong."

Source: Daytona Beach News Journal

NRCC Ad against Chet Edwards (D-TX) an Example of a Rejuvenated NRCC

The ads coming out of the NRCC this year are really good and hard hitting. Cong Pete Sessions (D-TX) has done an outstanding job as Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee after he was elected following the debacle in 2008. When he took over he changed the environment at the NRCC from one of protecting seats of incumbents to one of going on the offensive.

With the help of Cong Eric Cantor (R-VA), Paul Ryan (R-WI), and Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) who are in charge of the Young Guns program, the number of seats targeted by NRCC has kept growing. These three Congressman have recruited some of the best and brightest candidates that we have seen across the board. The Young Guns program has been a shot in the arm to the NRCC recruitment and ability to support good candidates to Take Back the House.

This ad against Chet Edwards in Texas is an example of terrific ads that NRCC has been turning out. Starting out, never gave it a thought that Edwards could be beat and here we are on the verge of that happening.

It is unknown how many seats Republicans will pick up in the House, but we predict it will be more than enough to Take Back the House and return 'Common Sense' to the House of Representatives where House members actually read the bills before voting on them. Republican Leader's plan to make sure that the American people also know what is in the bill is a good plan. The difference between Boehner and Pelosi on transparency is that John Boehner means every word he says.

Too early to celebrate as Get Out the Vote (GOTV) continues, but we want to thank Pete Sessions, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and Kevin McCarthy, along with the team at NRCC for putting so many seats in play.

Coats Holds 8-to-1 Cash Advantage Over Ellsworth -- Can You Say Senator Dan Coats

This will be our last report on the Indiana Senate Race. Not only does former Senator Dan Coats hold a fundraising lead on Brad Ellworth, but he also holds a commanding and we believe insurmountable lead in the polls going into November 2nd. We hated to see him retire from the Senate but are extremely happy to see him return as Senator Dan Coats (R-IN).

This site was an early supporter of Dan Coats returning to the Senate from the day we heard he might run. His opponent in the primary, State Sen. Marlin Stutzman who is now running for Congress, was a very good candidate but we felt in today's environment in DC that someone with a lot of experience was needed to fill the Senate seat. Former Senator Dan Coats has that foreign policy experience that is desperately needed in the Senate along with 'Common Sense' and fiscal conservatism. Coats will not need any OJT, but will hit the ground running on January 3rd!

Coats Holds 8-to-1 Cash Advantage Over Ellsworth

Friday, October 22, 2010 @ 11:10 AM

And in Indiana, the Associated Press reports that Republican Dan Coats holds an 8-to-1 cash advantage over liberal Democrat Brad Ellsworth:
Indiana Republican U.S. Senate nominee Dan Coats reports going into the last weeks of the campaign with more than eight times as much in available money as Democrat Brad Ellsworth. Campaign reports released Thursday show Coats had about $1 million on hand heading toward the Nov. 2 election. Ellsworth had about $119,000 at the Oct. 13 report period deadline.

Latest Ad from the Dan Coats Campaign:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dino Rossi versus Patty Murray in the Washington Senate Race

“I’m running for the US Senate because our country and our economy are in trouble because of too much spending, debt & government.” — Dino Rossi

When those words are the first thing you see on Dino Rossi's site, you know when elected, the people of Washington State will be well represented in the Senate. That will be a welcome change to have someone who understands what they are voting on and will represent ALL the people of Washington not just the special interest groups.

Dino Rossi's new ad 'Who Changed' says it all about Patty Murray who is one of the biggest tax and spenders in the Senate. Murray also never met an earmark she doesn't like.

While on Rossi's website, we found another ad that was released this week which discusses Patty Murray's claim she helped write Obamacare:

Bellevue, WA— U.S. Senate candidate Dino Rossi released a new statewide TV ad on Tuesday entitled ‘Who Wrote the Bill?’ The full script follows:

Voiceover: “Patty Murray on the health care bill.”

Sen. Murray: ”Not only did I read it, but I helped to write it.”

Voiceover: “Did she write in the $700 fine for not buying the government’s plan?

“The $500 billion cut in Medicare that hurts seniors?

“The huge premium increases?

“The job-killing half trillion dollar tax hike?”

Sen. Murray: “Not only did I read it, but I helped to write it.”

Voiceover: “Maybe she should read it again.”

Dino Rossi: “I’m Dino Rossi and I approved this message.”

Don't know who is running the Democrat campaigns this year, but the political savvy they showed with Clinton and his people involved in campaigns has flown out the window. Were Democrats so arrogant after Obama was elected that they said whatever they felt like? A lot of their statements are coming back to haunt them in their campaigns. Don't think most candidates now would be bragging about helping write Obamacare which may be one of the worst bills ever after the details keep seeing the light of day. Hard to believe she read and actually comprehended what was in the bill -- chances of that happening are slim to none.

Dino Rossi representing Washington State would be a breath of fresh air! Turnout is the key -- Republicans and Independents along with some Democrats are eager to vote for Rossi and oust Patty Murray as their Senator. An incumbent in a virtual tie in polling this close to the election could spell problems for Murray. Get Out The Vote (GOTV) is so important to put Dino Rossi over the top to send a fiscal conservative to the Senate to replace the tax and spend Murray.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Johnson Launches 'Penny Pincher' and '14 Trillion' Ads Against Feingold in Wisconsin Senate Race

In all of the websites that we have been visiting this year, we found one that is unique when it comes to meeting the candidate -- Ron Johnson for Senator from Wisconsin who is taking on Russ Feingold who has been in the Senate for 18 years. Check it out at Ron Johnson for Senate which will give you a very good feel for the man who stands a good chance to win the Senate race in WI.

Johnson has been a hard worker with results his whole life and will make a great addition to the US Senate alongside people like Senators Inhofe and Coburn from Oklahoma.

These two ads sum up the career of Russ Feingold:

Johnson Campaign Launches New TV Ad: Penny PincherPosted October 20, 2010
[Oshkosh, WI] Oshkosh manufacturer and U.S. Senate Candidate Ron Johnson’s campaign launched a new television ad, titled “Penny Pincher.” The ad, which began running statewide on Tuesday, centers around Senator Feingold’s broken promises to reduce our national debt which now stands at nearly $14 trillion.

“Senator Feingold once told voters that his number one priority is to reduce the national debt, but in Washington his voting record has contributed to a nearly $14 trillion deficit,” Ron Johnson for Senate Campaign spokeswoman Sara Sendek said. “Senator Feingold may claim to be a deficit hawk and a maverick, but his voting record tells a different story. Wisconsin voters know that Senator Feingold is only part of the problem.”

Johnson Campaign Launches New TV Ad: 14 TrillionOctober 20, 2010
[Oshkosh, WI] Oshkosh manufacturer and U.S. Senate Candidate Ron Johnson launched a new television ad today, titled “14 Trillion.” The ad, which will run statewide, once again features Ron in front of a whiteboard discussing Senator Feingold’s record that has led to a nearly $14 trillion deficit for our nation.

“Senator Feingold likes to call himself a deficit hawk, but his Washington spending policies have raised our debt to nearly $14 trillion,” Ron Johnson for Senate Campaign spokeswoman Sara Sendek said. “Wisconsin workers and families are hurting, and Senator Feingold’s job-killing policies have raised our debt to unsustainable levels and done nothing to create jobs.”

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mary Fallin Wins the Governor's Debate Hands Down

Tonight was the Oklahoma Governor's Debate which was carried live on the radio from University of Central Oklahoma. It is also was replayed on our local NBC affiliate which just concluded. Decided to watch the debate to see the reaction of the candidates to the questions.

The first thing that struck me was that Mary Fallin is filled with enthusiasm about the chance to lead this State and what can be accomplished by everyone working together. Did not sense that same type of enthusiasm from Jari Askins. Maybe it comes from the fact Mary is a conservative and doesn't have to pretend to be something she is not to get elected.

Mannerisms can say a lot about a candidate -- Mary looked at the audience during her closing remarks but Jari zeroed in on one area.  Looks on TV like Askins was talking to the moderator and then she periodically looks up at the ceiling, but never looks out at the audience. It was annoying to watch as she kept looking to the side.

One thing that has bothered me about this race in addition to Askins saying she is conservative was Askins attacks about Fallin's donations saying she is funded by out of state money which isn't true.  Some of the donations come from people in DC but as a Congresswoman for four years, Fallin has met a lot of people who support her bid for Oklahoma Governor not just in DC but around the Country. Askins conveniently never mentions that people from all 77 Oklahoma counties have given to Mary Fallin for Governor and the vast majority of Fallin's contributions have come from within Oklahoma. As Fallin pointed out tonight, she doesn't have the money to loan her campaign.

Recently Askins loaned her campaign another $1M. That grates on my last nerve that Askins criticizes Fallin's donations when she is mostly self financing her campaign -- did it in the primary and now in the general. Her self financing allows Democrats to spend their money elsewhere.  Guess Askins forgets the financing opposing Right to Work by the Democrats came mostly from out of state.  That was for a Democrat sponsored agenda so it is okay to accept out of state money in that case. 

So happy that Mary is leading handily in the polls and after her performance tonight, that lead should be solidified.  Cannot feature having Askins as Governor who seems to be short on ideas and has an unwillingness to stand up to the Obama agenda on behalf of Oklahomans.  Knew before the debate that Mary speaks from the heart as a conservative while Jari is a new 'conservative' only because that is where the votes are.  That showed tonight and why Mary Fallin with be our next Oklahoma Governor.

Fallin Focuses on Economy and Jobs in Strong Debate Performance

Oklahoma City – Republican gubernatorial candidate Mary Fallin delivered a strong performance in tonight’s candidate debate, continuing to focus on policies to build a stronger, more prosperous Oklahoma.

Campaign manager Denise Northrup said that Fallin successfully focused on the issues that Oklahomans care about and continued to drive her message of economic growth and smaller and smarter government.

“We’ve been campaigning on the idea that Mary is the only candidate with a real plan to create jobs, grow the economy and fight wasteful spending. She’s also the only candidate who is ready to stand up to Washington and President Obama when they try to force their liberal agenda on Oklahoma. That message came across loud and clear tonight, and you can tell it’s really resonating with voters of all political stripes.”

Fallin agreed, saying the campaign has continued to draw support from Republicans, independents and Democrats.

“People all over Oklahoma are tired of partisanship and ‘politics as usual,’” said Fallin. “They’re looking for a governor who is going to roll up their shirtsleeves and really solve the serious problems we have in this state. That’s why I’m running for governor, and that’s what I told our audience tonight. I know that when we all work together, we can build a better, brighter future in Oklahoma.”

Mary Fallin is the Conservative Running for OK Governor; Jari Askins is the Pretend Conservative in 2010

You always hear that copying someone is the highest form of flattery, but in this case it is a fraud on the part of Jari Askins. She is not conservative and never has been. An Obama supporter pretending to be conservative shows that being a liberal in a State like Oklahoma doesn't fly. She can pretend all she wants but there is only ONE Conservative in the race and that is Congresswoman Mary Fallin.

On issue after issue there is a huge divide in philosophy and how to make things work between Fallin and Askins.  The difference is stark which makes Askins pretending to be conservative even more ludicrous.  Education comes to mind as a perfect example.

Mary's new ad on her Plan for Education is 'common sense' which will work because throwing more money at education like Askins and the liberal Democrats want to keep doing does not work.  Our State needs high academic standards and schools held accountable including parental involvement in order to have good schools. It is past time that Oklahoma students were able to find good paying jobs right here in Oklahoma and not have to move out state. When Mary was Lt Governor she was about selling Oklahoma as a place for business' to relocate. As our Governor, Mary will be the best spokesman for Oklahoma we could have as she is better than any Chamber of Commerce in promoting Oklahoma as a place to live and do business.

On November 2nd, Oklahomans have a chance to elect the ONLY Conservative in the race, Mary Fallin, and send the liberal Jari Askins Home from the Capitol. Looking forward to January and ending eight long years of a Democrat Governor in this bright Red State.

Monday, October 18, 2010

EDITORIAL: Conservatives Heading Towards Consistent Raese

If someone would have told us after Sen Byrd died that a Republican had a great chance to pick up that West Virginia Senate seat, we would have laughed. For years West Virginia has been a conservative state in Presidential politics but at the Senate level they have kept sending back the same two liberals although we have to admit that we respected Robert Byrd in his younger days a lot more then we ever have Rockefeller. Have to believe if he was younger, he would have been fighting alongside Republicans against Obama.

That said Manchin is no Robert Byrd. In fact he is an Obama supporter who we believe would mirror Rockefeller with his votes. People of Virginia are beginning to see through Manchin as a typical Democrat with no core values who will say anything to get elected.

Oct. 18, 2010

EDITORIAL: Conservatives Heading Towards Consistent Raese
Over and over again, West Virginians have seen Governor Manchin on our TV screens, defending every extreme measure the Obama Administration has put forward over the past two years. Many asked: "Is the Governor's conservatism so shallow that he is willing to trade it for Obama's favor? Does he have no sincere convictions, other than being a political player?"

On the other side of the political aisle, John Raese may not be as slick at politics as Governor Manchin. But Raese has consistently shown one characteristic that Manchin has shown this year that he clearly lacks: bedrock conservative convictions.

Anyone who has watched Raese over the years knows that he has always advocated strong conservative beliefs on everything from less taxes, less government, a strong military, the right to life, and a better job-creating climate for nearly three decades now. John Raese doesn't change his views back and forth like a politician might.

But Raese does listen to the public and works their views into his approach to decision-making. This was as evidenced by his impressive barnstorming campaign this year, travelling the whole state, every day, with his wife, Elizabeth. They have almost become folk heroes, the Bonnie and Clyde of this year's election, popping up everywhere in their white campaign van.

Only the Raeses aren't holding up banks like Bonnie and Clyde did; rather, they're holding up the state's establishment and bringing power back to the people. It's about time.

John Raese listens to us because he is a businessman, one who is constantly gathering needed information to make the tough decisions for his family limestone business every day. We deserve that kind of depth and judgment in a U.S. Senator in these pressing times.

So Raese has years of training for this kind of job and is capable, as evidenced by the growth of his family business on his watch. Let's see what he can do for us in Washington. At least we'll know where he stands, which is more than we can get out of Manchin these days.

Source: Editor, Huntington

Crist Coming Under Fire for His Flip-Flopping and Hypocritical Attacks

Looks like the 'real' Charlie Crist is now standing up with his 'no' core values and say anything he thinks will work to get elected. He is quickly becoming unglued with some of his remarks. Bet Charlie finds it hard to believe that Obama didn't dump Meeks for him. Obama might have dumped Meeks if he was white instead of black because he has about as much loyalty as Crist -- not much. Both Crist and Obama look out for #1 and could care less about anyone else unless it benefits them.

What would be the best outcome on November 2nd would be for Meeks to come in 2nd and Crist 3rd to put the final nail in Crist's political future. Wonder if Crist will move rather than have Rubio represent him in the Senate and have Scott for a Governor?

Crist Coming Under Fire for His Flip-Flopping and Hypocritical Attacks

Monday, October 18, 2010 @ 11:10 AM

In Florida, political opportunist Charlie Crist is coming under fire for his perpetual flip-flopping “for political gain” and his hypocritical attacks against Marco Rubio. National Journal’s “Hotline On Call” reports:

Gov. Charlie Crist (I) is up with a new ad in the Florida Senate race attacking Republican Marco Rubio for his "extremist" agenda on issues like Roe v. Wade. There's only one problem: Crist's checkered past on abortion. He has been pro-choice and pro-life in various stages of his political career - changing his positions for political gain.

Meanwhile, Rubio was joined on the campaign trail by popular former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. The Herald Tribune reports:

Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio told a Sarasota crowd Saturday he would protect and build the strength of the United States if sent to Washington, D.C. From defense to the national debt, Rubio said he will stand up to to the Democratic agenda and offer a clear plan to maintain America's legacy as the "greatest nation in human history." Rubio was joined by Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and 2008 GOP presidential primary contender, at the morning rally in Island Park at the Sarasota bayfront.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Colo. Senate hopeful (Ken Buck) stands his ground on 'tea-party' issues

For weeks we have been trying to put all the media hype about the Tea Party including being racist in perspective. It is beginning to look more and more that a lot of the hype is media driven. Individuals belong in what the Tea Party stands for but in most cases are not that organized.

The volunteers working the campaigns as was pointed out earlier are from the grassroots if the Republicans. Sharron Angle comes from that grassroots sitting on her GOP County Committee for 20 years. These are not what the media likes to classified as "Tea Party" candidates. These people like Buck and Angle are longtime Republicans both holding office as Republicans, yet they are counted the Tea Party candidates by the media?

The media has been in a full court press to tie these two people to the Tea Party which tells us there has been polling showing a negative connotation in the general election in some areas.  The media pushes the Tea Party but yet the people volunteering are the long time Republican grassroots which they love to ignore.  We will have more on all of this after the election.  

Colo. Senate hopeful stands his ground on 'tea-party' issuesBy Joseph Weber

The Washington Times
1:11 p.m., Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ken Buck, the Republican candidate for a Colorado U.S. Senate seat, was forced early in a nationally televised debate Sunday to defend criticism that he was abandoning the "tea party" and the outsider stances that helped him win the GOP nomination.

He didn't need to, standing his ground on homosexuality, the war in Afghanistan and other key election issues during a debate with incumbent Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Mr. Buck said he believes homosexuality is a choice because "you can choose who your partner is." However, he also acknowledged that sexual preference is determined at birth, "like alcoholism and some other things."

His statement was in sharp contrast to President Obama's comment last week during a town-hall-style meeting.

"I don't think it's a choice," the president said. "I think people are born with a certain makeup."

Mr. Bennet and Mr. Buck, Weld County district attorney, are locked in one of the closest, high-profile Senate races of the midterm elections. A Rasmussen Reports poll last week showed Mr. Buck falling several percentage points but still holding a lead of 47 percent to 45 percent.

The roughly 20-minute debate was remarkably civil, considering the candidates have been attacked by critics for past statements, highlighted in million of dollars worth of negative TV ads.

Both agreed on several issues, including that the tea-party movement is not infiltrated with racist members.

"I haven't seen it in Colorado," said Mr. Buck, who hardly exchanged glances with his rival. "Folks who hold those views are asked to leave."

Said Mr. Bennet, "I haven't see a lot of that, either."

Excerpt: Read More at the Washington Times

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lloyd Fields Ain't Got The Oklahoman's Support (OK Labor Commissioner)

This is a race for Labor Commissioner of Oklahoma which is a down ticket race but not often you see the State's Major paper write an editorial dissing a candidate like the Oklahoman has Lloyd Fields. They could have actually said maybe evn a little more how bad he is but you would have to hear this guy to believe that there is anyone like him today.

Problem was in 2006 we had some Republicans get their noses out of joint and support Fields over the Republican in the race. One of the state reps who did a robocall had an axe to grind and helped give us four years of one of the worst elected officials I have ever seen in action or heard speak.

Enjoy this non-endorsement -- the Oklahoman made no bones about why Fields should not win election. Would bet he doesn't have to worry either.

Lloyd Fields Ain't Got The Oklahoman's Support

Editorial/The Oklahoman ~ The date was Nov. 7, 2006. Three-term incumbent Republican Labor Commissioner Brenda Reneau lost to Democrat Lloyd L. Fields by a margin of just 0.3 percent. It was Fields' second try for the office.

On Nov. 2, 2010, Fields will face voters a third time. We hope they'll make him a date with the unemployment office.

Fields is a prototype of the Little Dixie Democrat from, say, the 1930s. But this is 2010. And here are some other dates to remember about Fields:

On Feb. 16, 2008, the commissioner was transported to Oklahoma City's drunk tank after a party during which he "borrowed" a guitar in the possession of a professional bull rider.

On July 3, 2009, The Oklahoman reported that taxpayers shelled out $200,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging that Fields retaliated against an employee who had backed Reneau.

On July 22, 2010, The Oklahoman reported that Fields stormed into a state employee union's offices and tore up a candidate survey form he had filled out, in apparent anger over the union's contribution to a Republican challenger.

On Oct. 6, 2010, the newspaper reported that campaign signs for Democratic candidates are displayed on the walls of an office building leased for the Labor Department's headquarters.

Fields said he didn't hang the signs and "I'm not going to tell nobody what to do. It ain't my job."

We feel it is our job to tell voters that giving Fields more taxpayer-funded dates with destiny ain't a good idea.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meet Governor John Hoevan of South Dakota Soon to be Senator John Hoevan

John Hoeven has served as Governor since 2000. As the longest-serving Governor in the nation, Hoeven has worked to build North Dakota's future by focusing on six pillars of growth: education, economic development, agriculture, energy, technology and quality of life.

Under his leadership, North Dakota has expanded and diversified its economy and gained nearly 40,000 new jobs. North Dakota's wages and personal incomes continue to grow faster than the national average, and in recent years, the state led the nation in export growth. While much of the nation is struggling through a recession and budget deficits, North Dakota has balanced its budget, set aside a $700 million reserve for the future, cut taxes, and invested in priorities like education, health care, strong law enforcement, and quality infrastructure.


When North Dakota Democrat Senator Dorgan announced his retirement from the Senate, speculation began immediately to have John Hoeven the current Governor run. After he announced he would run for Senate, everything has gone according to plan. This popular Governor will be Senator Hoevan come January. On September 25th, Rasmussen put up his final poll of the race which left no doubt who is going to be the next Senator from North Dakota -- John Hoevan:

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state finds Hoeven leading his Democratic challenger, Tracy Potter, by nearly a three-to-one margin, 68% to 25%. Two percent (2%) favor some other candidate, while five percent (5%) are not sure.
All we found on his site were positive ads which is a clear indication he will be the next North Dakota Senator to join Democrat Kent Conrad.  Wonder what Conrad is thinking now?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rob Portman (R) Continues to Dominate Fisher in Ohio Senate Race

Portman Continues to Dominate Fisher in Ohio
Tuesday, October 12, 2010 @ 11:10 AM

And in Ohio, a new Fox News survey shows Rob Portman continuing to dominate failed jobs czar Lee Fisher:

Ohio Republicans continue to dominate Buckeye State politics this year amid widespread dissatisfaction with Obama. GOP Senate candidate Rob Portman, a former Cincinnati-area congressman and budget boss to President George W. Bush, maintained a 17-point lead for a second week over Democratic Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher in a new Fox News battleground state poll of likely voters. Portman has led for five straight weeks, starting with a 7-point edge in mid-September. Portman holds a huge fundraising advantage and has been endorsed by newspapers across the state. Portman now takes 52 percent of the vote compared to 35 percent for Fisher

Source: NRSC from Fox News

Still have a hard time believing in 2006 that Ohioians elected Strickland/Fisher as Governor/Lt Governor. Wonder what those voters think now. Remember in 2008 some Republicans even said Strickland was not that bad which made us question their viewpoints. Today, those same people are down on Obama and Strickland/Fisher. Ohio is turning back Red in 2010 which is great news from our home state!

Ohio is going to be sending a Conservative from SW Ohio which is the heart of conservatism in Ohio to replace the current Republican Voinivich from Cleveland. Rob Portman will represent Ohio well in the United States Senate as he did as Congressman before being appointed by President Bush in 2005 as the U.S. Trade Representative and served one year as  Director of the Office of Management and Budget before leaving the White House team in June 2007.   Portman was actually our pick for McCain's Vice President in 2008 but now are happy he did not choose him and ruin his chances to be the next Senator from Ohio.

Here is the latest ad against Fisher as Portman is fighting to the end in this race and leaving nother to chance:

On November 2nd, Ohioians will be sending Strickland/Fisher to the unemployment line.  Putting Fisher in charge of jobs in Ohio was like allowing the wolf in the hen house.  If it is not union jobs, Ohio Democrats don't seem to care about creating jobs. 

Going to be great to see Rob Portman in the United States Senate. 

Knoxville Republican Mayor Bill Haslam holds a near 2-1 lead over Democrat McWherter in Tennessee Governor's Race

The very first time we learned about Bill Haslam, we knew he was not only going to be elected Tennessee Governor on November 2nd, but will make an outstanding Governor.  He has a proven record at Knoxville Mayor that he will bring to the Governor's Office along with his experience as a businessman. 
Election 2010: Tennessee Governor

Tennessee Governor:  Haslam (R) Earns Highest Support Yet Against McWherter (D)

Monday, October 11, 2010
Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam now holds a near two-to-one lead over businessman Mike McWherter in Tennessee’s gubernatorial election.

The latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Voters shows Haslam picking up 59% support, while McWherter, the son of a former governor, picks up 31%. Two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate, and seven percent (7%) are undecided.

Source:  Rasmussen

Monday, October 11, 2010

DCCC cancels Driehaus ads against Steve Chabot, the next Congressman from Ohio's 1st District

This is the latest ad from Steve Chabot and why constituents of the 1st District are saying 'NO' to Dreihaus, the current Representative and are going to return Steve Chabot to Congress:

The Cincinnati Enquirer blog released that the DNCC was canceling Driehaus ad buy which doesn't shock us as Steve Chabot has pulled ahead and keeps gaining in this race for Ohio District 1. What it does tell us that the National Democrat fundraising arm is not doing all that well with money to pull $275,000 for ads out of this race to send elsewhere.  Looks like to most people the Democrats have thrown in the towel on Driehaus no matter how much they try to spin.

The reason is that Democrats need more money is they now have to defend seats they never thought would be a problem like Barney Frank's race in MA, Sanchez sisters in CA, Charles Rangel in NY, and others who are facing real challenges for the first time in years.

You can reliably chalk up Ohio's Congressional District 1 as a win for Republican Steve Chabot on November 2nd as Cincinnati returns to 'Red' status and sends Chabot back to Congress who will vote for the people of Cincinnati not for Obama/Pelosi!

DCCC cancels Driehaus ads

Posted by cweiser October 11th, 2010, 12:50 pm

Both Hotline and the Rothenberg Political Report are reporting today that the national Democratic party is pulling the plug on ads for Rep. Steve Driehaus in his nationally watched battle against former Rep. Steve Chabot.

“ …It is difficult to read the cancellations as anything other than the Committee’s decision to write off the Driehaus race,” writes Stu Rothenberg. “The DCCC could reverse course and re-purchase the time, of course, but it would then pay a higher rate.”

According to Rothenberg, this means at least $275,000 in local ads for Driehaus won’t get aired.

Ryan Rudominer of the DCCC tells reporter Malia Rulon that the party cancelled some TV ad purchases in Ohio’s 1st District, but said that it doesn’t mean they are pulling out of the race, which they still see as extremely competitive. He said it’s common practice for the DCCC to schedule TV time early so that they can lock in lower rates. The decision to cancel time in Greater Cincinnati is just one of many adjustments the party is making nationwide, he said.

Driehaus spokesman Tim Mulvey said: “We understand that the DCCC made this move after the NRCC did the same in this race. The DCCC continues to support our estimable field operation.”

NRCC spokesman Tory Mazzola said there is no truth to the claim that the Republicans have cancelled TV ad time in Greater Cincinnati.

“At the end of the day, Democrats see that Steve Driehaus has little chance of winning, if any, and that’s why they have pulled out of the race,” he said, explaining that that voters are not happy with Driehaus’ record of higher taxes and supporting President Barack Obama’s health care plan.

“No amount of political spending from Washington can spin that into a positive record,” he said.

Chabot said the fact that the DCCC has cancelled TV spots in Greater Cincinnati is good news.

“It clearly is a sign that they are kind of acknowledging that Mr. Driehaus is history,” he said, adding: “We’re not going to run our race any differently though. We’re not taking anything for granted.”

West Virginia Senate Race:

John Raese, Republican nominee for West Virginia's US Senate seat, has pulled ahead in this Senate race because of the facts that Manchin doesn't want to see the light of day.  Manchin prefers the spin and flip flopping like John Kerry and Charlie Crist to try and pull a fast one on the people of West Virginia.  Believe the term is 'bait and switch' or 'say one thing, get elected, and do a 180' and hope the citizens don't notice.   This ad is a perfect example of why current Governor Manchin needs defeated by the voters of West Virginia:

If you would have told me a month ago that the popular Governor of West Virginia, Joe Manchin, would be behind in this race to replace Robert Byrd who died earlier this year, I would have said 'no way!' I happily admit that I was wrong. John Raese has pulled ahead in the polls and is increasing his lead as West Virginians don't want to send an Obama supporter to DC who would represent Obama not them. All you have to do is take a look at what Machin is saying about Obamacare today compared to last spring to know he cannot be trusted.

In fact, Manchin who is a big supporter of Obama has now called for repeal of Obamacare if it cannot be fixed this past weekend. If anyone in WV thinks this is more than a political stunt and he is being truthful, there is some swamp land for sale in Arizona.

Joe Manchin Lies About His Position on Obamacare
September 24th, 2010

BY John McCormack

The NRSC is highlighting West Virginia governor Joe Manchin’s recent claim to West Virginia Gazette reporter Alison Knezevich that he wouldn’t have voted for Obamacare:

“I wouldn’t have voted for the final version of that thing with the way that it came out.”

The NRSC points out a YouTube clip of Manchin saying he was “totally behind health care reform.” But that was from September 2009. Manchin, now the Democratic candidate for Robert Byrd’s vacant Senate seat, could have easily changed his mind between then and the vote on the “final verion” of “that thing” in March 2010.

But he didn’t:

During a March 15, 2010 panel on health care at the National Governors Association in Washington, Manchin said that he would vote for the health care bill if he were a congressman. The panel’s moderator, journalist Karen Tumulty, asked Manchin and other governors on the panel, “If you were a House member … and you’ve got your choice: vote up on the Senate bill or vote down on the Senate bill, how do you vote?”

“I’d be for it,” Manchin replied. “You have to move this ball forward. … I have never, since I’ve been in the legislative process, and since I have been governor, I have never got a perfect bill.”
Here is the YouTube clip of what Manchin says in his own words about Obama and Obamacare when speaking with Democrats which should be a sure sign he will vote against the wishes of West Virginia constituents if he went to DC:

West Virginians need to send John Raese to the United States Senate to vote for real repeal of Obamacare and against Cap and Trade which if passed would do a lot of harm to the West Virginia Coal Industry.  John Raese IS the right candidate for West Virginia:

Friday, October 8, 2010

Rubio for Senate TV Ad: Backwards

Several sites have rumors swirling that Charlie Crist is going to get Kendrick Meeks to drop out of the race and endorse him. First of all the ballots have already been printed so Meeks name will be on the ballot.  What we see happening is that blacks will stay home in Florida and elsewhere if Obama pulls this off. We are not sure that Meeks would listen to Obama and his people since he is allied with the Clinton/Gore side of the house. This stunt by Crist and Obama if it happens would send a clear message to Democrats across America that Obama favors flip floppers who keep flipping over a longtime Democrat and member of the Black Caucus. Does Obama want to send that message?

Here is the video from Fox News about the race and if you mute Crist who is annoying you will get to the part where Al Gore is campaigning for Meeks and it is actually funny as he goes after Crist.

Any split Republicans have cannot compare to the Clinton/Obama split which is growing more by the day. Then you have Biden who is campaigning for Democrats and doesn't seem happy at all with the crowds or lack thereof he is talking as they have ZERO enthusiasm.   With Emanuel leaving the White House, this is now Obama's Administration that surrounds him as Emanuel came from the Clinton camp. Will Hillary leave the Secretary of State in January?   Obama the 'great communicator and uniter' has done the opposite in his less than two years in office --
Mondale goes after him for using a teleprompter because he cannot speak without one  

Obama has managed to split the Democrats as much as we have ever seen in our lifetime not to mention the absolute disgust a lot of us have on the right and in the middle for his agenda.

We believe that Marco Rubio is going to win this election with or without Meeks formally in the race. We still cannot get over that Charlie Crist is using Republican donor money to run as he is refusing to return any of it except to his handpicked GOP Chair Greer who was fired.

Republican Senators who were so fast to go to Crist side are now watching him use their $10,000 a piece donations to stick it to them. Hopefully Senators and NRSC have learned a lesson not to get involved in an open seat primary like they have been doing this year. Level the playing field in open seats and let the states decide the nominee and then jump in to support the winner.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ken Buck (R) for Colorado Senate Seat New Ad

Great to see this positive ad with the facts not some hit piece we have been seeing out of the Democrats throughout the south. We would expect no less from one of the most honorable men we have running for Senate. Unlike his opponent, Bennet, Ken Buck will stand up for the citizens of Colorado in the Senate against the Obama extreme liberal agenda.

Grassroots across America are working hard to send these fine leaders to DC. Please join the effort in these last few weeks -- candidates can always use more help or donations.