Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tulsa World: Fallin’s Lead Over Askins Stretches in Governor's Race -- Oklahoma Update of Statewide Races

This is actually pretty funny as Askins in an article in the Oklahoman on Tuesday said she was gaining on Mary and down to single digits. OOPS! Tulsa World comes out the next morning with results from Sooner with Mary ahead byd 18 points. Democrats were also bragging about how much Askins raised but she gave herself $500,000 this quarter so how is that beating Mary's donations? Former OU Coach Barry Switzer is out with an ad for Askins. His enthusiasm for Askins doesn't show in his ads like it does when he really likes a candidate. His ad is not going to work this time.

Switzer is all over the place in this election with choosing Republican Scott Pruitt for Attorney General and even hosting a fundraiser in his home for Scott.

Right now the new polling numbers just out show Republicans Mary Fallin (Governor), Todd Lamb (Lt Governor), Scott Pruit (Attorney General), Mark Costello (Labor Commissioner), Ken Miller (Treasurer), Gary Jones (Auditor) and Janet Barresi (School Superintendent) all with leads from 6-18 points. In the race for Insurance Commissioner John Doak is losing to Kim Holland by two points well within the margin of error.

Democrats who love to tout the 'party of the poor' mantra are anything but that here in Oklahoma. In the Auditor's race, Burrage the Democrat is pretty much self funding his race giving his race $480,000 which gave him a 10-1 edge over Gary Jones. Burrage has run one of the nastiest campaigns we have ever seen in the state which says a lot. It isn't working because in the respected Sooner just released Gary Jones is winning. Cannot think of a better person to be the State Auditor than Gary Jones. With his election, maybe we can get the Auditor's office cleaned up once and for all and patronage with Abstract Companies stopped.

Going to be a fun evening in Oklahoma on Tuesday night as the new Sooner shows Republicans ahead in all but one statewide race and in that one for Insurance Commissioner Doak only trails Holland by two points. Here in Oklahoma we still have the straight voting where you can draw the arrow for Republican for each set of races. That could hurt Holland in the end.

We have to give the nod to the funniest campaign commercials in this state to Mark Costello for Labor Commissioner over Lloyd Fields who stole a guitar from one of the bull riders at the rodeo and ended up in the drunk tank in 2008. We will cover Costello's ad in a separate post as it is really funny.

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Tulsa World: Fallin’s Lead Over Askins Stretches in Governor's Race

Republican gubernatorial nominee Mary Fallin maintains a comfortable lead over Democrat Jari Askins heading into the final week of the campaign, according to the latest Oklahoma Poll.

In a statewide survey of 753 Oklahomans with a history of voting in previous elections, 56 percent said they plan to vote for Fallin, while 38 percent said they'll vote for Askins.

Six percent were undecided.

The survey was conducted by of Oklahoma City.

A similar poll in July separated the two candidates by just six points.

Fallin's support has grown since, while Askins' appears to have slipped slightly. …

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