Monday, October 11, 2010

West Virginia Senate Race:

John Raese, Republican nominee for West Virginia's US Senate seat, has pulled ahead in this Senate race because of the facts that Manchin doesn't want to see the light of day.  Manchin prefers the spin and flip flopping like John Kerry and Charlie Crist to try and pull a fast one on the people of West Virginia.  Believe the term is 'bait and switch' or 'say one thing, get elected, and do a 180' and hope the citizens don't notice.   This ad is a perfect example of why current Governor Manchin needs defeated by the voters of West Virginia:

If you would have told me a month ago that the popular Governor of West Virginia, Joe Manchin, would be behind in this race to replace Robert Byrd who died earlier this year, I would have said 'no way!' I happily admit that I was wrong. John Raese has pulled ahead in the polls and is increasing his lead as West Virginians don't want to send an Obama supporter to DC who would represent Obama not them. All you have to do is take a look at what Machin is saying about Obamacare today compared to last spring to know he cannot be trusted.

In fact, Manchin who is a big supporter of Obama has now called for repeal of Obamacare if it cannot be fixed this past weekend. If anyone in WV thinks this is more than a political stunt and he is being truthful, there is some swamp land for sale in Arizona.

Joe Manchin Lies About His Position on Obamacare
September 24th, 2010

BY John McCormack

The NRSC is highlighting West Virginia governor Joe Manchin’s recent claim to West Virginia Gazette reporter Alison Knezevich that he wouldn’t have voted for Obamacare:

“I wouldn’t have voted for the final version of that thing with the way that it came out.”

The NRSC points out a YouTube clip of Manchin saying he was “totally behind health care reform.” But that was from September 2009. Manchin, now the Democratic candidate for Robert Byrd’s vacant Senate seat, could have easily changed his mind between then and the vote on the “final verion” of “that thing” in March 2010.

But he didn’t:

During a March 15, 2010 panel on health care at the National Governors Association in Washington, Manchin said that he would vote for the health care bill if he were a congressman. The panel’s moderator, journalist Karen Tumulty, asked Manchin and other governors on the panel, “If you were a House member … and you’ve got your choice: vote up on the Senate bill or vote down on the Senate bill, how do you vote?”

“I’d be for it,” Manchin replied. “You have to move this ball forward. … I have never, since I’ve been in the legislative process, and since I have been governor, I have never got a perfect bill.”
Here is the YouTube clip of what Manchin says in his own words about Obama and Obamacare when speaking with Democrats which should be a sure sign he will vote against the wishes of West Virginia constituents if he went to DC:

West Virginians need to send John Raese to the United States Senate to vote for real repeal of Obamacare and against Cap and Trade which if passed would do a lot of harm to the West Virginia Coal Industry.  John Raese IS the right candidate for West Virginia:

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