Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mary Fallin is the Conservative Running for OK Governor; Jari Askins is the Pretend Conservative in 2010

You always hear that copying someone is the highest form of flattery, but in this case it is a fraud on the part of Jari Askins. She is not conservative and never has been. An Obama supporter pretending to be conservative shows that being a liberal in a State like Oklahoma doesn't fly. She can pretend all she wants but there is only ONE Conservative in the race and that is Congresswoman Mary Fallin.

On issue after issue there is a huge divide in philosophy and how to make things work between Fallin and Askins.  The difference is stark which makes Askins pretending to be conservative even more ludicrous.  Education comes to mind as a perfect example.

Mary's new ad on her Plan for Education is 'common sense' which will work because throwing more money at education like Askins and the liberal Democrats want to keep doing does not work.  Our State needs high academic standards and schools held accountable including parental involvement in order to have good schools. It is past time that Oklahoma students were able to find good paying jobs right here in Oklahoma and not have to move out state. When Mary was Lt Governor she was about selling Oklahoma as a place for business' to relocate. As our Governor, Mary will be the best spokesman for Oklahoma we could have as she is better than any Chamber of Commerce in promoting Oklahoma as a place to live and do business.

On November 2nd, Oklahomans have a chance to elect the ONLY Conservative in the race, Mary Fallin, and send the liberal Jari Askins Home from the Capitol. Looking forward to January and ending eight long years of a Democrat Governor in this bright Red State.

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