Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rob Portman (R) Continues to Dominate Fisher in Ohio Senate Race

Portman Continues to Dominate Fisher in Ohio
Tuesday, October 12, 2010 @ 11:10 AM

And in Ohio, a new Fox News survey shows Rob Portman continuing to dominate failed jobs czar Lee Fisher:

Ohio Republicans continue to dominate Buckeye State politics this year amid widespread dissatisfaction with Obama. GOP Senate candidate Rob Portman, a former Cincinnati-area congressman and budget boss to President George W. Bush, maintained a 17-point lead for a second week over Democratic Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher in a new Fox News battleground state poll of likely voters. Portman has led for five straight weeks, starting with a 7-point edge in mid-September. Portman holds a huge fundraising advantage and has been endorsed by newspapers across the state. Portman now takes 52 percent of the vote compared to 35 percent for Fisher

Source: NRSC from Fox News

Still have a hard time believing in 2006 that Ohioians elected Strickland/Fisher as Governor/Lt Governor. Wonder what those voters think now. Remember in 2008 some Republicans even said Strickland was not that bad which made us question their viewpoints. Today, those same people are down on Obama and Strickland/Fisher. Ohio is turning back Red in 2010 which is great news from our home state!

Ohio is going to be sending a Conservative from SW Ohio which is the heart of conservatism in Ohio to replace the current Republican Voinivich from Cleveland. Rob Portman will represent Ohio well in the United States Senate as he did as Congressman before being appointed by President Bush in 2005 as the U.S. Trade Representative and served one year as  Director of the Office of Management and Budget before leaving the White House team in June 2007.   Portman was actually our pick for McCain's Vice President in 2008 but now are happy he did not choose him and ruin his chances to be the next Senator from Ohio.

Here is the latest ad against Fisher as Portman is fighting to the end in this race and leaving nother to chance:

On November 2nd, Ohioians will be sending Strickland/Fisher to the unemployment line.  Putting Fisher in charge of jobs in Ohio was like allowing the wolf in the hen house.  If it is not union jobs, Ohio Democrats don't seem to care about creating jobs. 

Going to be great to see Rob Portman in the United States Senate. 

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