Thursday, October 7, 2010

Marco Rubio wins the Debate last night -- Today he launches a bus tour of Florida!

This morning we decided to do a wrap up of the debate and what has been going on with Marco Rubio this week which is turning into an AWESOME week for Rubio and his supporters. First Rubio raised over $5M for his campaign in the 3rd quarter. More than 95,000 donors from across America who love what they see in Marco Rubio have donated to his campaign.

This morning was remembering back to the beginning of Rubio's campaign when he decided to take on Charlie Crist with the help of the Florida grassroots. At that time was on opposite sides with a very good friend on who to support. Rubio was down over 30 points, but something was telling me he could win -- he knows who he is and what he believes which was a 180 from Charlie Crist. Our site, Democrats for Sale (DfS), started supporting Rubio against Crist from the beginning. Once we launched this site, we moved the positive information on Rubio here and continued to go after Crist at DfS. Eventually my good friend and I were on the same page for Rubio.

There is not a harder working candidate in America than Marco Rubio. He took a 30 point deficit and turned it into a 30 point lead forcing Charlie Crist to go No Party rather than lose. Crist is still the big loser in all of this as he has sacrificed any principles he once had to win votes, but he is still going to lose because voters have no idea what he believes today because of all his flip flops. Although he was good for a laugh when he told a member of the media that he was going to leave the Republican Party even if he won the Republican primary. Yeah right! Crist is turning into a bigger flip flopper than John Kerry which speaks volumes.

Today launches the bus tour across Florida by Marco Rubio. One of these years we expect to see him launch a bus tour across America.

10/7/10: Rubio Launches “Road To Reclaim America” Bus Tour In Jacksonville

Surrounded by family and supporters from across the state like Rep. Ander Crenshaw and Senator George LeMieux, Marco officially kicked off his “Road to Reclaim America” bus tour this morning in Jacksonville. In total, Marco will hit eleven stops over the next three days. The “Road to Reclaim America” bus is now on the way to New Smyrna Beach for a Reclaim America Economy Townhall meeting.


From the debate last night between Florida Senate candidates Marco Rubio (R), Kendrick Meek (D), and Charlie Crist (NP):

Statement From Senator Connie Mack, Sr., On Charlie Crist’s False Social Security Attacks

Miami, FL – This morning, former Crist campaign chairman Senator Connie Mack, Sr., issued the following statement on Charlie Crist’s false Social Security attacks:

“It is disappointing that Charlie Crist has resorted to false attacks and scare tactics, all simply to try to win an election. Plain and simple, Charlie’s ad is not true and Florida voters deserve better. What is truly disappointing to me is that I know that Charlie knows that too.”

Crist: “I would work to make sure that I stand with people who will help the people of my state and my country. I am a pragmatic, common-sense conservative, always have been. My political mentor was a guy named Connie Mack, a great United States senator.” (Fox News Sunday Debate, 3/28/10)

Channel 7, Miami Fox, report declares Rubion the winner of the debate last night :



WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: About Marco’s Win At Last Night’s Debate

Miami, FL – At last night’s ABC Affiliates debate, U.S. Senate Republican nominee Marco Rubio won by focusing on the challenges facing our country and the issues important to Floridians. Check out what they’re saying about Marco’s winning debate below:

Rubio Was The Clear Winner:

Miami Fox: Rubio Wins The Debate. “Overall, our expert felt that Meek stood his ground on some unpopular issues. And he felt Crist lost as he needed to clarify more positions. Leaving Rubio, who he says took charge and won this debate.” (Miami Fox, 10/6/10)

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos: “Rubio Helped Himself The Most.” “To my eyes Marco Rubio helped himself the most because neither Gov. Charlie Crist nor Rep. Kendrick Meek were able to draw enough blood to change the dynamic of the race.” (ABC News, 10/7/10)

ABC News: “Neither Gov. Charlie Crist (I) Nor Rep. Kendrick Meek (D) Was Able To Knock Frontrunner Marco Rubio (R) Off His Game.” “The ABC News’ ‘Vote 2010’ midterm debate series kicked-off tonight in Orlando, Florida with a feisty and aggressive debate between the three candidates running for Senate in Florida. While the debate produced fireworks and some great one-liners, in the end, neither Gov. Charlie Crist (I) nor Rep. Kendrick Meek (D) was able to knock frontrunner Marco Rubio (R) off his game.” (ABC News, 10/6/10)

The Washington Post: Rubio Was “Smooth And Calm” In The Debate. “Rubio’s objective, meanwhile, was to weather the criticisms, to show he could take a punch and to avoid making any major mistakes. On all counts, he succeeded, remaining smooth and calm.” (The Washington Post, 10/7/10)

10.06.10 | Marco Rubio Wins Debate By Focusing On Ideas As An Alternative To Washington

Orlando, FL – Following today’s U.S. Senate debate on ABC 9 in Orlando, Rubio for Senate spokesman Alex Burgos released the following statement:

“There are over 1 million Floridians who are out of work, but all Kendrick Meek and Charlie Crist offered tonight were false attacks, partisan name-calling or calls to continue on the current path of higher taxes, more debt and bigger government. Over the course of 60 minutes, Marco once again made clear what more Floridians have been learning over the past 20 months – that he’s the only candidate in this race who will go to Washington, stand up to politicians in both parties who have taken our country in the wrong direction, and offer a clear alternative based on ideas and principles.

“Kendrick Meek wants to continue on America’s current direction while Charlie Crist could care less what direction we go in so long as he can be a senator. But Floridians know we simply can’t afford the next two years to be like the past two years. It’s clear that the current agenda being pursued in Washington stands in sharp contrast with the mainstream ideas Marco Rubio supports to promote job creation, tackle our dangerous debt and ensure our country remains the strongest nation on earth.”

10.06.10 | Marco Rubio Sets Fundraising Record With More Than $5 Million Raised In 3rd Quarter
Campaign Heads Into Final Stretch With More Than $5.5 Million Cash On Hand


In making this announcement, Rubio Senior Strategist Todd Harris issued the following statement:

“This campaign started at the grassroots, was fueled by the grassroots, and when we win on Election Day it’s going to be because of the grassroots, the best candidate and the best message. While we still fully expect this final report to show us trailing Crist in cash on hand, we are confident we will have the resources to meet or exceed whatever our opponents are spending on television during October. With close to 100,000 donors, the size and enthusiasm of our donor base gives us a virtually unlimited pool of support we can return to again and again over the final stretch of this campaign.

“We will need our grassroots support over the next four weeks more than ever before. As we have already seen, Charlie Crist is desperate. He will say and do anything to win this election. He will run millions in false attack ads to smear Marco. And he is sitting on more than $6 million dollars which will allow him to keep up his shameless attacks.

“But with the help of our grassroots base of support, and the strength of Marco’s leadership and message, we are confident of victory come Election Day.”

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