Monday, July 26, 2010

Primary Election Day in Oklahoma, July 27, 2010

Tomorrow is the day we elect our candidates to represent the Republicans in the November 2nd general election. Congresswoman Mary Fallin is expected to win going away for the Republican nominee for Governor. Mary has the experience and the energy we need as Governor of Oklahoma.

Help Republicans take the first step of taking back the Governor's Mansion by casting your vote tomorrow for Mary Fallin for Governor and Todd Lamb for Lt Governor.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who is the Biggest Threat to Obama in 2012? Strategist says Jeb Bush!

Last night in emails, several groups were saying that the media pushed frontrunners for the Republicans in 2012 are not going to get the nomination as people are tired of those who ran in 2008. They have overexposed themselves and frankly this Romney/Palin cat fight is getting irritating from both camps.

The 2010 election is so important to Republicans the last thing we need is egos involved in trying to position themselves to run in 2012. Every last penny of both Romney and Palin PACs should be going to help fund our candidates for the 2010 election. Not one person should donate to either of their PACs until after the 2010 election. Donate directly to today's candidates running for 2010 and forget 2012.

That said, we thought we would have a little fun this morning with this article. Former Governor Jeb Bush along with former Senator George Allen have been two of our favorites for a long time. That team we think would be unbeatable.

Jeb has always been very popular in Florida and every place he goes. He is not Ivy League educated but got his degree from the University of Texas. This Sooner has forgiven him for that over the years. In reality, his education is Middle America all the way, he has a ton of Common Sense plus he is one of the most intelligent politicians we have in the GOP.

All you have to do is remember how he handled all those hurricanes that hit Florida one after the other to know that he can handle crises unlike the current occupant of the White House.

Jeb, as Governor, was a much different than his brother when it came to governing. Something people have to remember when they look at Jeb that he is his own person and not even close to being the compassionate conservative of his brother.
With the Terry Shiavo tragedy, Jeb lived his pro-life beliefs. Jeb and his family have faced some of the problems that many Americans have faced with one of their children and became stronger as a family.

Jeb is a rock solid conservative who believes in smaller government, less taxes, strong defense, and strict constructionists judges. His belief that lower taxes are the way to America's prosperty is the foundation of the Republican Party.

Thought this article was extremely interesting. Will Jeb run? We have no idea, but if he does, we will be 100% behind him.

Strategist: Jeb Bush Biggest Threat to Obama in 2012

Leading Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg remains confident about President Barack Obama’s chances for re-election in 2012, but admits there is one potential Republican candidate who scares him: former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Sinking poll numbers and policy setbacks “have done little to dissuade” the rosy predictions of Rosenberg, who has said Obama’s election gave Democrats a chance for a 30-to-40-year era of dominance, Sam Stein notes on the Huffington Post website, adding, “There’s only one thing that makes Rosenberg nervous: another Bush.”

At a recent lunch at the headquarters of the New Democrat Network, a non-profit group founded by Rosenberg, the former Bill Clinton adviser said, "Jeb is married to a Latina, is fluent in Spanish, speaks on Univision as a commentator — his Spanish is that good.

"And if you look at the electoral map in 2012, you have to assume that Obama is going to have a very hard time in holding North Carolina and Virginia. The industrial Midwest, where the auto decline has been huge, has weakened Obama's numbers . . . a great deal. So Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin become a bit more wobbly.

“So if you're Barack Obama, the firewall is the Latin belt from Florida to southwestern California. And there is only one Republican who can break through that firewall. And it is Jeb."

Following the George W. Bush presidency, the vast majority of voters yearn for someone other than a Bush, said Democratic strategist Donna Brazille. But she acknowledged: “Jeb has the talent, the experience, and the ability to rebuild the GOP’s tent.”

And longtime Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg told Stein: "I believe Jeb Bush could run. He is more of a genuine conservative than [Mitt] Romney. Bush is a big hangover, but not impossible."

Bush was elected governor in 1998 and served two terms during a period of great economic growth in Florida, keeping taxes low and holding down spending. He won high praise for handling natural disasters — six major hurricanes struck Florida’s coastlines during his tenure — and he also spearheaded reforms that have led to improvements in the state’s education system.

Today, Bush is in private business and works with several charities and foundations. But he has not kept out of the public eye, becoming a vocal critic of the Obama administration. He told Newsmax in an exclusive interview that the administration is charting a “dangerous course” as it pushes for a dramatic expansion of government that “imperils our future.”

Longtime Republican consultant John Feehery told Stein: “I think that Bushism is still alive. There is, however, an anti-Bushism in the party associated with the Rand Paul crowd. They don't like neocons and government. And Sarah Palin could be seen as part of that group.

“What people like about Jeb Bush is that he is smart and conservative and well-liked by the base . . . If there is going to be a Bush revival, Jeb is going to be the leader of that revival.”


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cong Mike Pence Introduction Video -- Right on the Mark!

This Cong Pence video to welcome you to his campaign website is one of the best we have ever seen. When we get down about Obama and the Dems, this intro gets replayed as we realize that we have people like Mike Pence fighting for all of us. When the numbers of Democrats swamped the Republicans in 2008, the Republicans could have laid down and done little as it was going to be hard to stop the Dem agenda. Not this group of Republicans as they chose to stand and fight for all of us day after day against all odds.

Since Obama was sworn in, the House has only cast nine votes with the Democrats on major issues -- one on Obamacare and 8 on Cap and Trade. That is remarkable how the Republican House Conference has stuck together and is a tribute to the kind of conservatives we have sent to Congress and the leadership of the Republicans in the House led by Congressmen John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Mike Pence.

Watch this video of Cong Pence and ask yourself if it doesn't bring a smile to your face knowing that Mike Pence is fighting for Conservative Republican values --

Step into the Ring from Harbinger International on Vimeo.

Note: Please hit play twice to get it to play.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Michigan Teamsters endorse Pete Hoekstra in GOP race for governor

This is the second candidate from Michigan we are spotlighting today. Rick Snyder was our first one who is a Michigan businessman.

Cong Pete Hoekstra has a 90.84% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union after 17 years in Congress. Michigan may not be a conservative state, but Cong Hoekstra sure is. Looks like the Republican candidate who wins the primary in a 5-way race has a great chance to win in November. After the primary all candidates and their supporters need to get behind the winner. Great to see Conservative Republican candidates running for the Michigan Governor.

When Obama was in Holland, MI, this week, he dissed Cong Hoekstra who attended the event because it was a Presidential visit. Once again Obama showed no class to a Republican which is SOP out of Obama today.

We remember when the Teamsters endorsed President Ronald Reagan in 1980 and set off a firestorm within the labor unions. Now the Teamsters in Michigan are endorsing in the Republican and Democrat primaries for Governor. Should be an interesting fall in Michigan leading up to the general election.

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Michigan Teamsters endorse Pete Hoekstra in GOP race for governor
By Associated Press

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Pete Hoekstra has been endorsed by Michigan Teamsters Joint Council 43.The labor group has more than 90,000 active and retired members in Michigan. It made its endorsement Friday, three weeks after it endorsed House Speaker Andy Dillon in the Democratic race.

Hoekstra also was endorsed Friday by the Michigan Agri-Business Association.

In other endorsements, Gun Owners of America gave its backing to Republican Attorney General Mike Cox.

The Michigan chapter of Republicans for Environmental Protection endorsed Ann Arbor businessman Rick Snyder.

Democrat Virg Bernero picked up endorsements from the Democratic parties in the 6th Congressional district and Muskegon County. And Michigan Democrats for Education Reform endorsed Dillon.

Rick Snyder for Michigan Governor

Today we want to introduce you to Rick Snyder who is running in the Republican primary on August 3rd for Michigan Governor. Rick is not a politician but a businessman which is what Michigan needs. Rick in his own words:

What sets Rick Snyder apart from other candidates? We believe it is his 10-point plan for Michigan which is needed desperately in a state which has lost so many jobs in the Obama economy. This is why we believe that Rick Snyder is the perfect candidate to lead Michigan into becoming a vibrant state once again.

Read his 10-point plan and see if you don't agree this is the way to right the ship in Michigan. In fact, Rick's plan could be used in most of our states because it is a good common sense approach not more Government control approach which does not work. Substitute the name of your state and see if Rick's 10-Point Plan doesn't work in your State as well. A few states like Texas have already adopted a similar approach which is working.

Rick’s 10-Point Plan to Reinvent Michigan is what Rick believes we need to focus on in order to save our state. Each of these items are important to Rick and his effort to create an era of innovation in Michigan. For each of the ten points, there are detailed reform proposals that you can read at Policy Central.

Throughout this campaign, Rick will continue to build upon his 10-Point Plan by offering additional reforms and solutions for the challenges our state faces. He also wants to hear your ideas, so please visit Michigan Talks and send your feedback to the campaign.

Reinvent Michigan: The Top 10 Plan

1. Create More and Better Jobs

Rick believes that Michigan needs to cultivate a thriving and globally competitive economy with a diverse business base, enabling job growth and prosperity. His entrepreneurial experience, management over the growth of Gateway and leadership in economic development programs, such as Ann Arbor SPARK and the MEDC, make him uniquely qualified and positioned to lead this state in creating more and better jobs.
[Read about Rick, The Job Creator]
[Read details about MEDC Reform]
[Read details about regulatory reform]

2. Reform Michigan's Tax System

Rick believes that we need to reduce the tax burden on families and businesses in Michigan. Rather than advocate for short-term solutions – Rick wants to reform Michigan's tax system so that it facilitates economic growth by being simple, fair, competitive and efficient.
[Read details about eliminating the MBT]

3. Fix Michigan's Broken Government
It's time we reinvent state government so that it runs efficiently and serves its citizens as customers. Rick wants to restore ethics, accountability and transparency to state and local government. Rick believes we need a new approach to governing that is not politically motivated, but solution oriented. Rick wants to replace an antiquated bureaucracy with a government that gives taxpayers results for their tax dollars.
[Read details about Value for Money Budgeting]
[Read Rick's plan to reform ethics in Lansing]
[Read details about government efficiency & transparency]

4. Create An Environment That Will Keep Our Youth – Our Future – In Michigan
Rick believes that we need to create opportunities, networks, programs, and environments across Michigan that will cause our young people to want to stay in this state. His experience as an entrepreneur and mentor has given him an understanding of how Michigan can retain and attract young talent.
[Read details]

5. Restore Cities and Control Urban Sprawl
In order for Michigan to truly reinvent itself, its cities and communities must become more vibrant. Rick will work to improve the state's city centers and create attractive living and working environments for its citizens. Rick believes infrastructure and transportation funding must be prioritized and also supports the establishment of a proper mass transit backbone in the state.
[Read details]

6. Enhance Michigan's National and International Image
Rick believes Michigan can become a global comeback story. He believes the state must encourage and support tourism, create a culture of entrepreneurship, invest in the arts, and protect and improve the quality of life for its citizens.
[Read Details]

7. Protect Michigan's Environment

As a native Michigander, Rick knows that Michigan's awe inspiring lakes, landscapes and natural resources are some of its most valuable assets. Rick has served on the Nature Conservancy and believes that protecting the environment and growing the economy can be done simultaneously. Michigan needs to be a leader in the innovative movement towards alternative and cleaner energy.
[Read Rick's plan to preserve Michigan's environment]
[Read Rick's plan to protect Michigan from invasive species]

8. Reform Michigan's Educational System
Rick believes that a child's progress from pre-kindergarten through college and advanced degrees is the cycle on which the state's efforts should be focused and coordinated. Rick believes that schools, teachers and parents must renew their commitment to ensuring that each child is given the best possible preparation and education for life which is critical for future generations to be competitive and innovative.
[Read details about Rick's plan to reform Michigan's education system]

9. Reform Michigan's Health Care System
Every citizen should have access to affordable and quality healthcare. Rick strongly believes in prevention, wellness and personal responsibility. He wants to move Michigan to a more patient-centered model to achieve large cost savings, promote wellness, and improve overall service quality.
[Read details]

10. Bring "Winning" Back To Michigan
Rick believes that it is time for this state to create a hopeful, positive culture and attitude where personal responsibility and collective determination introduce us to a new era. Rick also believes in the importance of embracing our racial, social and geographic diversity to reach common goals for the state.
[Read Details]
Please visit to read more about Rick Snyder, volunteer your time, or donate whatever you can - $10, $20 or more will help Michigan elect a leader who is interested in growing the state with ideas not Government handouts from the Obama stimulus that sometimes equal $500,000 per job.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pence Take on White House Stimulus Jobs Numbers.... "Really?"

Congressman Pence gives more facts in his one-minute speech than anyone we have seen in recent years. He reminds many Republicans of Cong Charles Halleck from Indiana who teamed with Senator Everett Dirkson of Illinois for a weekly press briefing by minority Republicans called the "Ev and Charlie Show" back in the early 60's. A little about Cong Halleck:

He was a strong opponent of the liberal social proposals of Democrats John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, but supported the Vietnam War and was one of the strongest advocates for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Along with Senator Everett Dirksen he was the face of the Republican Party during most of the 1960s, and made frequent appearances on television news and talk programs. The press jocularly nicknamed his joint appearances with Mr. Dirksen the "Ev and Charlie Show."
Once again the State of Indiana has sent a Congressman to DC who is not afraid to take a stand -- Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN-6th) who is one of the best Chairs of the Republican Conference we have seen in a long time.

Pence Take on White House Stimulus Jobs Numbers.. "Really?"
“Enough with the talk. The stimulus bill has failed. It's time for new ideas.”

Washington, DC - U.S. Congressman Mike Pence, Chairman of the House Republican Conference delivered the following remarks on the House floor today:

“In the worst economy in a quarter of a century, American families are hurting, businesses are struggling in the city and on the farm. And that's obvious to almost everyone in this country except the Obama Administration.

“Remarkably, yesterday, the White House issued a report saying that the stimulus bill that passed a year and a half ago, had ‘saved or created 2.5 to 3.6 million jobs.’ As my three teenagers might say to me in like circumstances, ‘Really?’ Two point five to 3.6 million jobs? Unemployment was 7.5 percent when the stimulus was passed, it's 9.5 percent today.

“It's important the American people know that the report, issued by the administration yesterday, isn't even based on actual numbers. It comes from what economists say is a highly-inflated projection of how much economic growth is created for every government dollar that's spent. The facts come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They speak for themselves.

“Since the stimulus was enacted, more than 3 million jobs have been lost in this country. A net job loss of 2.4 million jobs. Enough with the talk. The stimulus bill has failed. It's time for new ideas. Across the board tax relief and fiscal discipline now.”

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cong Paul Ryan's Road Map for America's Future - A Plan for Prosperity

Congressman Paul Ryan's Road Map for America's Future should be mandatory reading by every voter before they go to the polls on November 2nd. Unlike the current Democrat leadership of Obama/Reid/Pelosi, the Congressman from Wisconsin has come up with a detailed plan to put America back on sound financial footing. Cong Ryan asked the CBO to do an analysis of his plan earlier this year:
CBO analyzed A Roadmap for America’s Future (H.R. 4529) and produced a detailed 50-page review of the plan and its impact on the long-term budget and economic outlook. According to CBO, A Roadmap for America’s Future provides reforms that make possible a growing and prosperous U.S. economy. It ensures the Medicare program does not go bankrupt and makes Social Security permanently solvent. It does so without changing benefits for those who are currently 55 and older. It balances the budget and pays off the debt. In short, CBO concludes that the Roadmap would put the budget and economy on sustainable path compared to current policies that will bankrupt America.
A Plan for Prosperity

Rep. Paul Ryan details his plan for prosperity at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, June 24, 2010:

Click here to view PowerPoint Presentation

Please visit Congressman Paul Ryan's website Road Map for America's Future to learn more about his plan.

Today Paul Ryan is the Ranking Republican on the Budget Committee but we need him as Chairman. In order to achieve that goal every Republican needs to to be working to elect Republicans to take over leadership of the House on November 2nd. With Republican control of the House, Paul Ryan will become the Budget Committee Chairman in January 2011, and his plan for our future has the opportunity to be enacted into law. It is obvious with the Democrats not passing a real budget but 'deeming' one passed that the Budget Committee needs new leadership with a new approach to solving our economic crises. Paul Ryan is just the person to get the job done as Chairman.

The following is an excerpt from the article by Fred Barnes on the Paul Ryan Road Map:

Republicans should embrace Paul Ryan's Road Map
By: Fred Barnes Weekly Standard
July 12, 2010

The road map is the solution. That's a pretty good message.

For now, the road map has a relatively small but growing cheering section. A dozen House members have endorsed it. Sen. Jim DeMint praised it in his book "Saving Freedom." Jeb Bush likes it. On CNN last week, economic historian Niall Ferguson called Ryan "a serious thinker on the Republican right who's prepared to grapple with these issues of fiscal sustainability and come up with a plan."

The plan would give everyone a refundable tax credit to buy health insurance, allow individual investment accounts to be carved out of Social Security, reduce the six income tax rates to two (10 and 25 percent), and replace the corporate tax (35 percent) with a business consumption tax (8.5 percent). And that's not the half of it.

As ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee, Ryan was able to get the Congressional Budget Office to run the numbers in his plan. CBO concluded the plan would "make the Social Security and Medicare programs permanently solvent [and] lift the growing debt burden on future generations, and hold federal taxes to no higher than 19 percent of GDP." Pretty impressive results, I'd say.

The road map does one more thing. It would give Republicans an agenda if they gain control of the House or Senate in the midterm election -- or a mandate if they win both. "What's the point of winning an election if you don't have a mandate?" Ryan asks.

He doesn't expect a mandate in 2010. "I need to make sure these ideas survive this election," he says, and set the stage for "the most ideological, sea-changing election in our lifetime" in 2012. Merely survive in 2010? The road map can do better than that. How about thrive?

Fred Barnes is executive editor of the Weekly Standard, from which this is adapted.

Read more at the Washington Examiner

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekly Republican Address 7/10/10: Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA)

Ken Buck for US Senator in Colorado

This race has been tightening in Colorado the same thing that happened in the Tom Coburn race in 2004 when we, the grassroots, showed the establishment that when we set our minds to it, we can win races against all odds. We sent Dr. Tom to the US Senate in 2004 and we are sending him back in November to continue his fight against pork, earmarks, Obamacare, wasteful spending, and the Democrat socialist agenda. We need Ken Buck elected from Colorado to join Dr. Tom in the Senate to help him continue his fight.

On June 20th, the Denver Post released their new polling on the Colorado Senate race:
Buck, the Weld County prosecutor buoyed by outside TV buys and Tea Party sentiment, leads former Lt. Gov. Norton 53 percent to 37 percent among likely Republican primary voters, according to poll results.
Ken Buck also now has the fundraising lead over his Republican opponent. With momentum switching to Buck from all across the State, now he needs that momentum transferred into votes on August 10th when Colorado voters go to the polls to select their nominees.

Listen to what Ken Buck has to say in this video from his Denver rally and ask yourself if he is not the type of candidate we need all across America to join Dr. Coburn and Senator DeMint in fighting for our freedoms and fiscal conservatism in DC.

"Ken Buck's passion and authenticity are resonating with voters across the state, and the tide has turned in his favor," according to Senator DeMint (R-SC) who attended this rally with Ken Buck in Denver and had these words to say about Ken Buck and what is happening in DC:

We agree 100% with Sen DeMint about some of the Republican leadership in DC starting with Trent Lott and Denny Hastert when Pres Bush was first elected. Hastert turned out to be a nice guy but not someone who would say NO to more spending. In 2004, we sent Dr. Coburn to the US Senate with one thought in mind -- cut spending including earmarks and pork. He joined Senator DeMint and Senator McCain along with some others like George Allen (R-VA) but leadership was pretty silent on their ideas to cut waste from Government.

Colorado Republicans have a chance on August 10th to send a clear message when they elect Ken Buck as their nominee that voters are fed up and want people in office who will listen to them. This prosecutor from Greeley, Colorado, is not someone you are going to be able to push around in DC, but he will continue to stand up for the citizens of Colorado not special interest groups.

All you need to do is to check the voting record of Bennett (D-CO) to realize with his '8' conservative voting record he is a lapdog for Reid/Obama. The one vote the presumed Democrat nominee Bennett, an Obama liberal, made that the American Conservative Union considered conservative was to add more money for 'Cash for Clunker' which we don't think was very conservative. Bennett was appointed by the Colorado Governor to replace Ken Salazar after he resigned to join the Obama Administration as Interior Secretary in early 2009. Salazar is turning out to be one of the worst Interior Secretaries we have had to date with his handling of the Gulf Oil crises where he seems to be wanting to tank the Gulf economy with his moratorium on oil drilling for six months. We would bet he is following Obama's orders on this, but he is now ignoring a Federal Judge ruling which was against the moratorium.

When Ken Buck faces Bennett in the general election, it will give voters a clear choice between candidates. On one side you have the Democrat Bennett who, by his own voting record, is a lapdog Senator for Obama and Reid. When they say "jump," Bennett asks "how high?" On the flip side is Ken Buck who when he goes to DC and raises his hand to take the oath to support the Constitution means just that. Buck will represent the people of Colorado and listen to what his constituents have to say. He will make his determination on how to vote on what is best for Colorado and the Nation not on what is best for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) or leadership.

We have opposed most of the choices of the NRSC over the years when they choose to get involved in open seat races in the primary and Colorado is no different. Florida is probably the best example when Sen Cornyn and his Committee chose to endorse Governor Charlie Crist against Marco Rubio. Then some Republican Senators maxed out their contribution to Crist. How did he pay them back? He became the NO PARTY candidate and stiffed them all on their contributions once he saw he could not beat Rubio in the primary. We would question their endorsement in Colorado as more of the same where they should have stayed out of the race. Oklahomans had experience with that in 2004 when the establishment endorsed Dr. Coburn's opponent.

It takes a lot to win a statewide race -- money for a campaign is vital but there is one intangible in running a grassroots campaign against an establishment candidate -- enthusiastic grassroots volunteers who will work every spare moment for a candidate they believe is the best candidate. All the establishment support in the world (Dr. Coburn's opponent had Pres Bush's support) cannot get out the voters like the grassroots can deliver.

Senator DeMint has some advice on how those of the grassroots around the Country can join forces with those in Colorado to help Ken Buck become the Republican nominee for Senate on August 10th:

Support Ken Buck's Senate Campaign

Time is running short. Most of the votes in the Colorado Republican primary will be cast by mail-in ballots. Those ballots will be mailed to voters on July 19. We must give Ken Buck the support he needs right now or it could be too late.

Here's what you can do:

1. Pray. Ken, his wife, Perry, his son, Cody, and his daughter, Kaitlin, are under a great deal of pressure. Having run in some bruising races myself, I can tell you that it's hardest on the family. Please pray that each of them will have strength and courage in the final weeks of this campaign. Ken Buck is a man of integrity and he's working hard to run a positive and honorable campaign. Please pray that he has wisdom to make sound decisions.

2. Make calls from home. Many of you have already made calls for other candidates. It can be intimidating if you have never done it before but it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Personal calls from real people are extremely powerful. They will raise Ken's name awareness and strengthen his image with targeted voters. You can make these calls using your phone and a computer, which allows Buck's campaign to keep track of the results. Email and ask for a link and password to make phone calls. Please make sure to include your name, address, and telephone number so they know where you live and how to contact you.

3. Contribute. I know money is tight and there are a lot of candidates who need support. But this race is one of the most important in the country. It gives conservatives a real chance to replace President Obama's hand-picked senator in Colorado with a true conservative. Each dollar you contribute will go directly to Ken Buck's campaign and will power his TV and radio ads down the stretch.

4. Spread the word. If you know anyone in Colorado, contact them and urge them to support Ken Buck in the Republican primary. And if you know people who share your love of country and the principles of freedom, tell them about the Senate Conservatives Fund. The more people we have on our team, the more resources we will have to elect true conservatives.

/s/ Jim DeMint

Friday, July 9, 2010

While Randy Brogdon Unveils His Misleading Ad on TV, Mary's Positive Campaign on the Issues Gains Momentum

This email below was received from the Mary Fallin campaign after Randy Brogdon aired one of the most divisive and misleading ads on TV we have seen to date in this campaign. We are finding it hard to believe that Brogdon as a Republican would run such a misleading ad against a fellow Republican. He is way back in the polls and will lose more support after airing this ad as more and more people continue to support Mary. As we stated yesterday in our endorsement of Mary Fallin, Brogdon has been going after Mary in the debates much more than he has any Democrat.

Mary is probably one of the best known political figures in Oklahoma and has a proven track record of how much she has done for this state. Mary was Oklahoma's first Republican as well as Female Lt Governor when she took office in 1995. This November she has the opportunity to become the first female Governor of Oklahoma. From State House, to the Lt Governor, to Congress and now running for Governor, Mary has always put what is best for Oklahoma first. We have no better Ambassador for Oklahoma than Mary Fallin.

People in Oklahoma will never forget during the Right to Work debate in the Senate when she took over the Chair as Lt Governor and the Democrats turned out the lights, turned off the power, and Mary stood her ground getting Right to Work on the ballot which was then passed by the citizens of Oklahoma and started the process which we believe has led to Republicans controlling the House and Senate here in Oklahoma. Without Mary's action, we don't believe the Democrats would have allowed that bill on the ballot that fall.
There is only one choice for the Republican nomination for Oklahoma Governor and that is Cong Mary Fallin. We hope to see Randy Brogdon campaigning for Mary after the primary as Republicans unite behind Mary to take back the Governor's Mansion.

Email from the Fallin for Governor campaign:

While Randy Brogdon Unveils His Misleading Ad on TV, Mary's Positive Campaign on the Issues Gains Momentum

Dear Friend,

Yesterday State Senator Randy Brogdon went on the air with a misleading attack ad smearing Mary's character and her record. In the last 24 hours, we have received a number of calls and emails from conservatives who are upset with Senator Brogdon's negative campaigning and his divisive politics.

I'm writing now to assure you that Mary will continue to run a clean, positive campaign--and focus on our conservative values and the issues facing Oklahoma. Oklahoma needs a strong, conservative governor who can get this state back on track, create jobs and end the budget crisis. With the future of Oklahoma and our country at stake, we don't need mudslinging, misleading ads, or politics as usual.

We think Mary's positive message on her conservative record and focus on the future of Oklahoma is the reason for her success. With just 18 days to go before the primary election on July 27th, the Fallin for Governor campaign is continuing to talk about the issues and her vision for our state.

In the last several days we have received the endorsement of conservative stalwarts like Sarah Palin, who called Mary a "strong, smart conservative" with "political backbone", Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who signed that state's tough immigration bill into law and knows Mary will fight to stop illegal immigration, and Minnesota's conservative Governor Tim Pawlenty. All these leaders have given their support to Mary because they know she will fight for our values and provide principled, conservative leadership from the governor's office.

In the next several weeks you can expect to see our campaign continue to build momentum and ramp up our campaign activities. What you won't see is negative campaigning or dirty political attacks. We think it's important to focus on the issues voters care about and the problems facing working Oklahomans, not to smear other conservatives. I think you'll agree!


Denise Northrup
Campaign Manager
Fallin for Governor

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oklahoma Primary Race, July 27th for Oklahoma Governor and other Statewide races


The Governor's race to replace the Democrat Governor Henry after eight long years is looking more and more like it will be Congresswoman Mary Fallin against Attorney General Drew Edmondson which would give Oklahomans a clear cut difference. Edmondson is the Attorney General who took this Bush Red State in with Gore in 2000, went against the Boy Scouts in CT, and recently refused to file against Obamacare.

We do not see Senator Randy Brogdon gaining much ground on Fallin in the next few weeks and frankly after the nasty reaction on Facebook by Brogdon supporters to the endorsement of Mary Fallin by Sarah Palin, we believe a lot more people have been turned off to the Brogdon's candidacy.

Brogdon has some good supporters who will get behind Mary in her race against the Democrat, but we expect some to keep right on sniping as they have been doing against good candidates over the years when their candidate loses in the primary. That has been something I will never understand since moving to Oklahoma and getting involved in politics here. We have lost races to Democrats because after the primary supporters of the candidate who lost will refuse to get behind the winner or even vote.

Senator Brogdon will be missed in the Oklahoma Senate, but the way he has run his campaign against Mary has left some of us wondering about his choice to go so negative at every turn and in every debate when both are in attendance. We sincerely hope when the primary is over we will see Randy Brogdon out supporting Mary Fallin for Governor against the Democrat.


We have been supporting Todd Lamb since he announced for Lt Governor and believe he will a great spokesman to sell Oklahoma. Fallin and Lamb will made a great team for Oklahoma as they both are great Ambassadors for our state.


Some might ask why we rank this one so high, but Gary Jones, our recent State GOP Chair, should have won this race in 2006 but lost in a close race to a Democrat sitting Auditor who is now in prison with his wife. Gary was right in 2006 and now in 2010 he deserves to win the primary against a former Democrat turned Republican and win on November 2nd. The Auditor's office needs cleaned up and Gary is the person to do just that.


Oklahoma has two strong Republican candidates running who both have their strengths -- Scott Pruitt and Ryan Leonard.

Happen to know Scott Pruitt a lot better from his race for Lt Governor and also for being Mike Huckabee's person in Oklahoma. Had the privilege of being at a debate where Scott represented Huckabee and I represented Rudy and along with two others who represented Fred Thompson and Ron Paul. Scott is always the gentleman and my respect for him grew after that debate. One of Scott's areas of expertise is Constitutional Law and he also in business as a co-owner of the Oklahoma Redhawks baseball team. He knows what it is like to have to deal with the laws on the books affecting business owners and would make an outstanding Attorney General.

Ryan Leonard served as a state prosecutor in Canadian County. Now as an attorney in private practice, he specializes in small businesses and defending the rights of individuals, including representing pro bono children in the state’s foster system. Ryan previously served for four years as a senior legislative aide for U.S. Senator Don Nickles in Washington, D.C. who we have always admired as a United States Senator. He has experience in litigation which would also make him an outstanding Attorney General.

Oklahomans cannot go wrong in nominating either one of these men to be our Republican candidate for Attorney General. We will wholeheardedly support the winner of the race.


We support Janet Barresi for the nomination and think she would make an outstanding State School Superintendent. We found the following endorsement to be extraordinary and one more reason why we have chosen to support Barresi:

"Janet Barresi took her passion as a parent and turned it into 14 years of leadership in the education reform movement in Oklahoma," said Bush. "I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy and her message of greater academic rigor, data-driven accountability, and ensuring that good teachers are rewarded. She has improved the lives of hundreds of children, and I know she will continue her unifying, positive mission as State Superintendent."

We support Dana Murphy who is filling the remainder of the term of Denise Bode hands down for Corporation Commissioner. She may be the best and the hardest working Corporation Commissioner this state has seen. She came to the Corporation with a lot of knowledge which has only grown with her time in office because of her hard work and dedication.

For Treasurer, Insurance Commissioner, and Labor Commissioner we don't have a favorite and will support the Republican nominee. The only thing we have to say is that Labor Commissioner race by Republicans is another race which has turned fairly nasty, and we hope everyone gets on the same page after the primary.


We support Dr. Tom Coburn 100% to return him to the US Senate. Neither candidate running against him has a chance.


We feel the same way about Cong Tom Cole as we do about Dr. Coburn and support him 100% in his primary race.

We are not taking a stand in any local county races or OK Legislature races at this time.

We encourage all Republicans to get out to vote on July 27th for the candidate of your choice and after the primary let's all get behind the winners and take back the Executive Branch of Oklahoma!

Rasmussen Reports: Florida Senate: Rubio 36%, Crist 34%, Meek 15%

The separation in polls between Marco Rubio and Crist should grow even more after Labor Day as people in Florida take a real interest in this race. We would like to know when the Black Democrat Caucus in Congress is going to get up in arms with Harry Reid and Obama for ignoring the Democrat Meeks and supporting Crist behind the scenes. The most interesting part of this in the end will be between Crist and Meeks as they fight for the Democrat votes. Do Democrats trust Crist after the last few months?

Rubio keeps getting crowds to his events as word is spreading throughout Florida about what a great candidate he is for the Florida Senate seat this year. Contrast that to the smaller numbers coming out to see the other two. Who are the unions going to support -- the official Dem candidate Meeks or the NO Party candidate Crist? Would you trust Crist not to flip flop some more if you were a Democrat before this over? Crist has no core values left as he now panders to Democrat trial attorneys and unions. Crist is nothing more than someone who puts their finger in the wind to see which way it is blowing and if it blows the other direction the next day he will flip flop again. His flip flops make Kerry's seem small in comparison.

Anyone who knows Rubio or hears him speak knows he is a conservative and where he stands on issues.

There is only one principled candidate for the Florida Senate seat and that is Marco Rubio who this site is proud to support 100%.

Florida Senate: Rubio 36%, Crist 34%, Meek 15%
Thursday, July 08, 2010 Email to a Friend ShareThisAdvertisement
Florida’s Senate race remains all about Republican-turned-independent Charlie Crist and likely GOP nominee Marco Rubio.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Florida finds the two candidates neck-and-neck again this month, with Rubio earning 36% support and Crist, the state’s current Republican governor, capturing 34% of the vote. Prospective Democratic candidate Kendrick Meek remains a distant third, picking up 15%. Fourteen percent (14%) of the state’s voters remain undecided.

A month ago, Rubio, former speaker of the Florida House, and Crist were tied at 37% apiece. Meek, an African-American congressman from the North Miami area, again was at 15%.

Read more at: Rasmussen

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Marco Rubio on Neil Cavuto

Marco Rubio: Why Tackling The Debt Can’t Wait Until Next Year”

Obviously the House Democrats are convinced it can wait until next year when they deemed the budget passed with no hearings. It is obvious the Democrats in both Houses of Congress and in the White House don't want the American people to know how large the deficit will become with their FY2011 budget which tells us it is going to be much bigger than we can imagine.

Democrats have no desire to cut spending even though tax revenue is down due to layoffs.

Marco Rubio is correct that the debt cannot wait until next year but Democrats don't seem to care about doing anything about cutting the deficit until after the election.

Why Tackling The Debt Can’t Wait Until Next Year”
By Marco Rubio
Sunshine State News
July 7, 2010

“Next year when I start presenting some very difficult choices to the country, I hope some of these folks who are hollering about deficits step up. Because I’m calling their bluff.” – President Obama, June 27, 2010

For a devoted Chicago White Sox fan, President Obama has sure sounded like more of a Cubs fan lately when talking about America’s debt crisis – it’s all about “next year.” In doing so, he has encapsulated the fundamental problem with Washington and our political system today – it’s always about “next year.” Or “after the election.” Or “when the time is right.”

This is precisely how once manageable problems grow into full-blown crises – because Washington has too many politicians who won’t tackle the hard issues today. Instead, they postpone them so that others have to deal with them at a future date. Those other people, in turn, repeat the vicious cycle, which has brought us to this critical juncture in American history with regards to our debt.

Today, the Congressional Budget Office says the “federal budget is on an unsustainable path.” European countries are scolding and mocking us about our out-of-control spending. It may be a laughing matter for those who resent America’s strength or, worse, for our enemies who wish for a full-blown American debt crisis as much as they do about another September 11th. But a $13 trillion debt is no laughing matter – not for me and not for my childrens’ generation.

Won't Tell -- Charlie Crist won’t tell Florida voters who he will vote with if elected to the US Senate, but his liberal friends already know

Obvious from the first day that Crist contacted the Senator Reid and the White House to ask Obama to support Crist which party Crist intended to caucus with. Frankly Republicans wouldn't have wanted Crist after he refused to refund their donations when he left the Republican Party. The chances of Crist winning in November no matter what the polls say is slim to none.

Wonder what the Black Caucus thinks of Obama and Reid throwing Meeks under the bus in favor of Crist? They should be very mad at their candidate being dissed by Reid and Obama.

Marco Rubio will be the next Senator from Florida and Crist can go fishing on the island with his wife.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Obama Administration Challenges Arizona Immigration Law

Obama ordered the Attorney General to file suit against Arizona for protecting their own borders when the Federal Government won't do the job. The Arizona Law mirrors federal law so what is the problem with Obama? What did he promise the Mexican President who pays more attention to than our Governors.

Obvious to us like Obama favors illegals over American citizens with the challenge to this bill. Americans are supposed to sit down and do what he says in granting amnesty to those who break our laws. It is not going to work this time as the vast majority of the American people support the Arizona Immigration Law.

It cost all of our states hundreds of thousands of dollars and into the millions in some states to fund people who are here illegally but we are supposed to not want action taken? No amnesty -- no path to citizenship for anyone here in the United States illegally. Why should Americans be responsible for anyone who broke the law to come into this Country for whatever reason? If we snuck into Mexico, we would be arrested for being in the Country which is fine with us. Yet their President wants to join in a lawsuit against Arizona for enforcing the law. Double standard. Every state needs to pass a law like AZ and what will Obama do then?

Los Angeles Times July 6, 2010 11:32 a.m.

White House challenges Arizona immigration law

The federal government filed a lawsuit today to block SB 1070, an effort by Arizona to curb illegal immigration in the state. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says the law is necessary because the federal government has failed to secure the U.S. border with Mexico.

The legislation would require Arizona law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of people they stop, detain or arrest whom they suspect are in the country illegally.

President Obama had said immigration is a federal, not state, responsibility and expressed concern that SB 1070 could lead to racial discrimination. The law is scheduled to take effect July 29, unless its implementation is blocked by a judge.

More soon at

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July 2010

God Bless the United States and our troops around the world who protect us 24/7. On this Independence Day pledge as part of We the People to Take Back our Nation from those who ignore The Declaration of Independence, Our Constitution, and the Rule Law. When the House Democrats 'deemed' a budget was passed, they broke ranks with the patriots who founded this Country and the many men and women who died for our freedoms by ignoring the Rule of Law.

It time to show the World that America's best days are ahead not behind and our allies that once again we will stand with them not enemies. Vote on November 2, 2010, for those candidates who will stand up for all of us and our Freedoms by honoring The Declaration of Independence, Our Constitution, and the Rule of Law.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

NRCC adds 16 top targets to Young Guns

The addition of 16 new top targets brings to 39 the total number of "Young Guns" who are promising House candidates being supported in every way possible by the NRCC and members of the House Republican Republican Conference. This program was started in 2008 by Representatives Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Paul Ryan (R-WI), and Eric Cantor (R-VA)who are three of the best we have in the House.

If you would like to become involved in the Young Guns program of the NRCC, please visit their website at Young Guns to sign up to support these promising House candidates. The Young Guns Program began as a Member driven organization of House Republicans dedicated to identifying, recruiting, and mobilizing a new generation of conservative leaders.

Here are the current candidates with full Young Guns status:

Martha Roby (AL-2nd)
Rick Crawford (AR-1)
Tim Griffin (AR-2nd)
David Harmer (CA-11)
Cory Gardner (CO-4th)
Dennis Ross (FL-12th)
Allen West (FL-22)
David Rivera (FL-25)
Bob Dold (IL-10)
Adam Kinzinger (IL-11)
Todd Young (IN-9)
Randy Hultgren (IL-14)
Larry Bucshon (IN-8)
Jackie Walorski (IN-2)
Andy Barr (KY-6)
Andy Harris (MD-1)
Alan Nunnelee (MS-1)
Jon Barela (NM-1)
Steve Pearce (NM-2)
Joe Heck (NV-3rd)
Richard Hanna (NY-24)
Tom Reed (NY-29)
Rick Berg (ND)
Steve Chabot (OH-1)
Steve Stivers (OH-15)
Jim Renacci (OH-16)
Pat Meehan (PA-7)
Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8)
Lou Barletta (PA-11)
Mick Mulvaney (SC-5)
Kristi Noem (SD)
Stephen Fincher (TN-8)
Bill Flores (TX-17)
Scott Rigell (VA-2nd)
Robert Hurt (VA-5)
Morgan Griffith (VA-8th)
Keith Fimian (VA-11)
David McKinley (WV-1)
Sean Duffy (WI-7th)
Over the coming weeks as we start to head into the general election, we will be spotlighting these candidates and their races in addition to those added after their state primaries are complete. These Young Guns are the future of the Republicans in the House and our Party.

Please support the candidates by clicking on their names above to go to their websites. We need to help all of these candidates out in their races as they are willing to put themselves in the target of the Democrats.

NRCC adds 16 top targets

Alexander Burns
Jun 30, 2010

The National Republican Congressional Committee has picked 16 new candidates for the top tier of its “Young Guns” program, an initiative that aids promising House challengers with fundraising and infrastructure support and strategic advice.

The fresh additions to the NRCC’s list provide the most specific look yet at the House GOP’s highest-priority targets for the 2010 cycle. With the 16 additional names included, the “Young Guns” list includes a total of 39 candidates – exactly the number of seats Republicans would need to take back control of the House this November.

The new list includes many of the Republican Party’s top recruits to emerge from competitive primary fights, as well as one promising challenger locked in a competitive battle for his party’s nomination. The thickest concentration of new “Young Guns” is in Illinois, where candidates Bob Dold, in the 10th Congressional District; Adam Kinzinger, in the 11th; and Randy Hultgren, in the 14th, all made the cut.

Other blue-state Republicans – including former Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick, running for his old seat in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District; Corning Mayor Tom Reed, running for former Rep. Eric Massa’s vacant New York 29th District seat; and David Harmer, challenging Rep. Jerry McNerney in California’s 11th Congressional District — also won new backing from the committee.

Elsewhere, the NRCC rewarded some of its top recruits who are challenging well funded Democratic incumbents. In South Dakota, the committee elevated state Rep. Kristi Noem, who’s challenging Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin; former Nevada state Sen. Joe Heck, challenging Rep. Dina Titus, got the same treatment. West Virginia House candidate David McKinley, who escaped a bitter primary to run for outgoing Democratic Rep. Alan Mollohan’s seat, and Virginia state Sen. Robert Hurt, the party recruit who won the GOP nomination in Rep. Tom Perriello’s district going away, were locked and loaded into the “Young Guns” list.

The sole candidate added to the top level of the program who hasn’t yet been nominated by Republican primary voters is Tennessee's Stephen Fincher, the farmer and gospel singer running in a costly primary for retiring Democratic Rep. John Tanner’s open seat. While Fincher has already received support from national Republicans – NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions addressed a fundraiser for his campaign – he must contend with two well financed primary opponents, physician Ron Kirkland and Shelby County Commissioner George Flinn Jr.

A Republican official explained the decision to put Fincher on the list: “No one forgets that Fincher got into the race against Tanner when nobody else would run.” Other candidates drew attention based on their strong fundraising performances and polling data – both public and internal – showing them strongly competitive with or even leading Democratic incumbents.

Also making the NRCC’s latest cut are Todd Young, the challenger for Indiana Rep. Baron Hill; Andy Barr, the GOP nominee in Kentucky Rep. Ben Chandler’s distict; farm broadcaster Rick Crawford, running for outgoing Arkansas Rep. Marion Berry’s seat; home inspection business owner Keith Fimian, running against Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly; and South Carolina state Sen. and John Spratt challenger Mick Mulvaney.
The “Young Guns” program is just one election cycle old: House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan launched it during the 2008 campaign. McCarthy is now the lawmaker charged with taking point on recruitment for the NRCC.

Notably, while there are now 39 candidates receiving full “Young Guns” support, not all of them are in districts currently held by Democrats. Bob Dold, one of the new additions, as well as Florida’s David Rivera, who was already enrolled, are competing to retain open seats already in GOP hands. That means the party would have to win all of the “Young Guns” seats, plus a few more, in order to flip Congress’s lower chamber.

Several Republicans competing for vulnerable seats did not get the “Young Guns” promotion. North Carolina House candidate Harold Johnson, for example, whom House Republican leaders backed in a primary for Democratic Rep. Larry Kissell’s seat, has not cleared the bar yet. Neither has Idaho state Rep. Raul Labrador, who won an upset victory in a primary for freshman Democrat Walt Minnick’s seat over an opponent favored by the NRCC.

Click here to read the full story.