Friday, July 9, 2010

While Randy Brogdon Unveils His Misleading Ad on TV, Mary's Positive Campaign on the Issues Gains Momentum

This email below was received from the Mary Fallin campaign after Randy Brogdon aired one of the most divisive and misleading ads on TV we have seen to date in this campaign. We are finding it hard to believe that Brogdon as a Republican would run such a misleading ad against a fellow Republican. He is way back in the polls and will lose more support after airing this ad as more and more people continue to support Mary. As we stated yesterday in our endorsement of Mary Fallin, Brogdon has been going after Mary in the debates much more than he has any Democrat.

Mary is probably one of the best known political figures in Oklahoma and has a proven track record of how much she has done for this state. Mary was Oklahoma's first Republican as well as Female Lt Governor when she took office in 1995. This November she has the opportunity to become the first female Governor of Oklahoma. From State House, to the Lt Governor, to Congress and now running for Governor, Mary has always put what is best for Oklahoma first. We have no better Ambassador for Oklahoma than Mary Fallin.

People in Oklahoma will never forget during the Right to Work debate in the Senate when she took over the Chair as Lt Governor and the Democrats turned out the lights, turned off the power, and Mary stood her ground getting Right to Work on the ballot which was then passed by the citizens of Oklahoma and started the process which we believe has led to Republicans controlling the House and Senate here in Oklahoma. Without Mary's action, we don't believe the Democrats would have allowed that bill on the ballot that fall.
There is only one choice for the Republican nomination for Oklahoma Governor and that is Cong Mary Fallin. We hope to see Randy Brogdon campaigning for Mary after the primary as Republicans unite behind Mary to take back the Governor's Mansion.

Email from the Fallin for Governor campaign:

While Randy Brogdon Unveils His Misleading Ad on TV, Mary's Positive Campaign on the Issues Gains Momentum

Dear Friend,

Yesterday State Senator Randy Brogdon went on the air with a misleading attack ad smearing Mary's character and her record. In the last 24 hours, we have received a number of calls and emails from conservatives who are upset with Senator Brogdon's negative campaigning and his divisive politics.

I'm writing now to assure you that Mary will continue to run a clean, positive campaign--and focus on our conservative values and the issues facing Oklahoma. Oklahoma needs a strong, conservative governor who can get this state back on track, create jobs and end the budget crisis. With the future of Oklahoma and our country at stake, we don't need mudslinging, misleading ads, or politics as usual.

We think Mary's positive message on her conservative record and focus on the future of Oklahoma is the reason for her success. With just 18 days to go before the primary election on July 27th, the Fallin for Governor campaign is continuing to talk about the issues and her vision for our state.

In the last several days we have received the endorsement of conservative stalwarts like Sarah Palin, who called Mary a "strong, smart conservative" with "political backbone", Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who signed that state's tough immigration bill into law and knows Mary will fight to stop illegal immigration, and Minnesota's conservative Governor Tim Pawlenty. All these leaders have given their support to Mary because they know she will fight for our values and provide principled, conservative leadership from the governor's office.

In the next several weeks you can expect to see our campaign continue to build momentum and ramp up our campaign activities. What you won't see is negative campaigning or dirty political attacks. We think it's important to focus on the issues voters care about and the problems facing working Oklahomans, not to smear other conservatives. I think you'll agree!


Denise Northrup
Campaign Manager
Fallin for Governor

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