Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who is the Biggest Threat to Obama in 2012? Strategist says Jeb Bush!

Last night in emails, several groups were saying that the media pushed frontrunners for the Republicans in 2012 are not going to get the nomination as people are tired of those who ran in 2008. They have overexposed themselves and frankly this Romney/Palin cat fight is getting irritating from both camps.

The 2010 election is so important to Republicans the last thing we need is egos involved in trying to position themselves to run in 2012. Every last penny of both Romney and Palin PACs should be going to help fund our candidates for the 2010 election. Not one person should donate to either of their PACs until after the 2010 election. Donate directly to today's candidates running for 2010 and forget 2012.

That said, we thought we would have a little fun this morning with this article. Former Governor Jeb Bush along with former Senator George Allen have been two of our favorites for a long time. That team we think would be unbeatable.

Jeb has always been very popular in Florida and every place he goes. He is not Ivy League educated but got his degree from the University of Texas. This Sooner has forgiven him for that over the years. In reality, his education is Middle America all the way, he has a ton of Common Sense plus he is one of the most intelligent politicians we have in the GOP.

All you have to do is remember how he handled all those hurricanes that hit Florida one after the other to know that he can handle crises unlike the current occupant of the White House.

Jeb, as Governor, was a much different than his brother when it came to governing. Something people have to remember when they look at Jeb that he is his own person and not even close to being the compassionate conservative of his brother.
With the Terry Shiavo tragedy, Jeb lived his pro-life beliefs. Jeb and his family have faced some of the problems that many Americans have faced with one of their children and became stronger as a family.

Jeb is a rock solid conservative who believes in smaller government, less taxes, strong defense, and strict constructionists judges. His belief that lower taxes are the way to America's prosperty is the foundation of the Republican Party.

Thought this article was extremely interesting. Will Jeb run? We have no idea, but if he does, we will be 100% behind him.

Strategist: Jeb Bush Biggest Threat to Obama in 2012

Leading Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg remains confident about President Barack Obama’s chances for re-election in 2012, but admits there is one potential Republican candidate who scares him: former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Sinking poll numbers and policy setbacks “have done little to dissuade” the rosy predictions of Rosenberg, who has said Obama’s election gave Democrats a chance for a 30-to-40-year era of dominance, Sam Stein notes on the Huffington Post website, adding, “There’s only one thing that makes Rosenberg nervous: another Bush.”

At a recent lunch at the headquarters of the New Democrat Network, a non-profit group founded by Rosenberg, the former Bill Clinton adviser said, "Jeb is married to a Latina, is fluent in Spanish, speaks on Univision as a commentator — his Spanish is that good.

"And if you look at the electoral map in 2012, you have to assume that Obama is going to have a very hard time in holding North Carolina and Virginia. The industrial Midwest, where the auto decline has been huge, has weakened Obama's numbers . . . a great deal. So Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin become a bit more wobbly.

“So if you're Barack Obama, the firewall is the Latin belt from Florida to southwestern California. And there is only one Republican who can break through that firewall. And it is Jeb."

Following the George W. Bush presidency, the vast majority of voters yearn for someone other than a Bush, said Democratic strategist Donna Brazille. But she acknowledged: “Jeb has the talent, the experience, and the ability to rebuild the GOP’s tent.”

And longtime Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg told Stein: "I believe Jeb Bush could run. He is more of a genuine conservative than [Mitt] Romney. Bush is a big hangover, but not impossible."

Bush was elected governor in 1998 and served two terms during a period of great economic growth in Florida, keeping taxes low and holding down spending. He won high praise for handling natural disasters — six major hurricanes struck Florida’s coastlines during his tenure — and he also spearheaded reforms that have led to improvements in the state’s education system.

Today, Bush is in private business and works with several charities and foundations. But he has not kept out of the public eye, becoming a vocal critic of the Obama administration. He told Newsmax in an exclusive interview that the administration is charting a “dangerous course” as it pushes for a dramatic expansion of government that “imperils our future.”

Longtime Republican consultant John Feehery told Stein: “I think that Bushism is still alive. There is, however, an anti-Bushism in the party associated with the Rand Paul crowd. They don't like neocons and government. And Sarah Palin could be seen as part of that group.

“What people like about Jeb Bush is that he is smart and conservative and well-liked by the base . . . If there is going to be a Bush revival, Jeb is going to be the leader of that revival.”


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