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Crisis Manager Bobby Jindal is on the job

Governor Bobby Jindal has been one impressive Governor during this Gulf Oil crises. The thought occurs how different New Orleans and the Louisiana Gulf Coast would have reacted to Katrina if Jindal was the Governor. He doesn't take "NO" for an answer from the Feds and keeps on right on going to protect his State.

Jindal continues to lead while the Washington bureaucrats continue talk with little to no action on their part except hollow words. Bottom line is that Jindal is telling the Feds to help or get out of the way.

While Jindal's response to Obama's speech to Congress was fairly weak, his response today is as strong as we have seen from a Governor. Goes to show that one speech does not define someone but what they do when faced with a crises is the defining moment. This article from shows how Jindal is leading on a daily basis:

Crisis Manager Bobby Jindal is on the job

By Stephanie Grace, The Times-Picayune
May 30, 2010, 7:28AM

It turns out that Gov. Bobby Jindal won't be heading out on a book tour this summer after all, now that he's delayed the publication of his political tome while he contends with the BP oil spill.
Rusty Costanza/The Times-PicayuneGov. Bobby Jindal discusses the response to the oil spill last week, as Grand Isle Mayor David Camardelle, center, looks on. Jindal is better off staying close to home these days anyway.

Had he gone ahead and released "On Solid Ground: Returning to America's Core Values" in July, as planned, Jindal surely would have been slammed for tending to his personal ambitions while Louisiana remained in crisis.

Besides, the governor's angrily aggressive response to the catastrophe is already doing more to boost his image than any author interview could.

At home, Jindal's constant presence at the scene of the disaster has suggested vigilance and reconnected him to his constituents on an emotional level for perhaps the first time since Hurricane Gustav. His full-throated demand that the federal government allow the state to build a chain of sand berms to try to prevent oil from coming ashore has tapped directly into the public's deep frustration and desire for immediate action. As lagniappe, it's also given Jindal a little distance from the messy money battles unfolding in Baton Rouge.

Nationally, the spill has offered Jindal a rare second chance to make a good impression on the big stage, a year and half after his dreadful debut prompted many out-of-towners to write him off for good.

And make a good impression is what he seems to have done, according to press reports. One Beltway publication, "The New Republic," directly contrasted Jindal's before-and-after personas in a story headlined "Kenneth the Page Becomes a Man." Kenneth, of course, is the goofily overeager character from "30 Rock" to whom Jindal was compared after his response to President Barack Obama's first congressional address. Among other things, "The New Republic" lauded Jindal for casting aside the anti-government rhetoric of that speech to simply advocate for his state's great needs.

To those who have followed Jindal's career, none of this should come as a surprise. Crisis Manager Bobby has always been more appealing than Talking Point Bobby. Crisis Manager Bobby is actually the guy who won the gubernatorial election in 2007 pretty much by acclamation, with strong support from Democrats as well as Republicans. He did it by casting himself not as an ideologue, but as the guy you'd want in charge when things go wrong -- the guy, frankly, that many wished had been in charge when Hurricane Katrina struck two years earlier.

There's another side to Jindal we're seeing for the first time in a while: Political Mastermind Bobby.

On the fight over the berms, for example, Jindal has played an impressive hand. In insisting that the Army Corps of Engineers approve his request to build a chain of temporary islands, and calling the agency out for going through time-consuming reviews, he came across as far more action-oriented than the feds.

Jindal overstated things when he said "We know that it works." Nobody knows, and some experts have raised concerns over unintended side effects.

Yet he correctly realized that people are eager to give anything that might minimize damage a try. Even if the feds are right to be cautious, Jindal succeeded in putting them on the defensive and probably forced last week's approval of a portion of the plan.

Delaying the book accomplishes one more thing: It gives him new material, and a chance to recalibrate the tone. To the extent that Jindal had already intended to blast inflexible federal bureaucracy, one of his favorite themes, he's now got even more ammunition. And if he had planned to decry government regulation, as his previous rhetorical forays have suggested he would, he can take into account the shift in public mood after such a spectacular failure of oversight.

For Jindal, that's yet another opportunity to emerge from crisis.
Stephanie Grace is a staff writer. She can be reached at or 504.826.3383.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

NRSC "Never Again": Obama and the BP Oil Spill

NOTE: This video with the facts about Obama and the Oil Spill is one of the best if not the best videos from the NRSC. Congratulations for a great job in putting this video together.

NJ Teacher who complained to Gov Chris Christie she deserved $83k actually makes $86k

What a horrible example this union teacher is to students as she lied to the Governor about how much salary she made to score points against his wanting to freeze teacher salaries. Shame on her for using the forum of talking to the Governor to push the union lie freezing teacher salaries "is the greateast assault on public education in the history of the state."

Sounds to us that the greatest assault on public education are the teachers who lie for the union when they should know better because salaries are public record.

Score: Gov Christie: 1 -- Union Teacher: 0

NJ Teacher who complained to Gov. Chris Christie she deserved $83k actually makes $86k

By: Mark HemingwayCommentary Staff Writer

05/26/10 3:48 PM EDT

Yesterday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had a little dust-up with teacher Rita Wilson. Upset over Christie’s education budget, Wilson complained that she wasn’t paid enough and got sharp rebuke from the governor:

But borough teacher Rita Wilson, a Kearny resident, argued that if she were paid $3 an hour for the 30 children in her class, she’d be earning $83,000, and she makes nothing near that.

“You’re getting more than that if you include the cost of your benefits,” Christie interrupted.

When Wilson, who has a master’s degree, said she was not being compensated for her education and experience, Christie said:

“Well, you know then that you don’t have to do it.” Some in the audience applauded.
Christie said he would not have had to impose cuts to education if the teachers union had agreed to his call for a one-year salary freeze and a 1.5 percent increase in employee benefit contributions.

“Your union said that is the greatest assault on public education in the history of the state,” Christie said. “That’s why the union has no credibility, stupid statements like that.”

Surrounded by reporters after she spoke, Wilson said she was shaking from the encounter, and worried she might get in trouble for speaking out.

Hmm. Well, based on this PDF from the Rutherford, New Jersey Board of Education — it looks like Ms. Wilson makes a salary of $86,389.

Read more at the Washington Examiner

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Senator John McCain Speaks Out on the Misstatements by JD Hayworth

We are so happy to see Senator McCain take off his gloves and tell the truth about J.D. Hayworth who never met pork or an earmark he didn't like.

We are frankly astounded at so-called conservative sites that support Hayworth. When is taking money from tribal entities as part of the Abramoff scandal being a fiscal conservative. On top of that he refused to return the contributions and then wondered why he lost his race.

So why is Hayworth running?

Best guess is that he saw an opportunity to get in thick with the conservative websites with his stand on immigration and figured they would not bother to check out his background or if he was telling the truth which has turned out to be the case. He was counting on them donating money to him so he could retire his debt from his 2006 campaign and he was right. How long would it have taken for anyone on the internet to discover all they need to know about why Hayworth would be bad for the Senate?

No one who is a serious candidate misrepresents their opponent like he has done to Senator McCain or gets history facts like the US didn't issue a formal declaration of war against Germany in WWII so wrong. Then he tries to spin what he meant to say. Sounds more like a Democrat everyday as he spins when caught.

Hayworth has one slight problem -- people of Arizona who vote know him well. The people of Arizona need to send Senator McCain back to the Senate to continue the fight with Sen Tom Coburn (R-OK) and others against pork and earmarks. Last thing the Republicans in the US Senate needs is a Senator who loves pork and earmarks.

Excerpts from Senator McCain's own words from his email today:

Unfortunately, instead of finding solutions to our state and nation's many challenges, my primary opponent, former Congressman J.D. Hayworth, would rather spend his time misrepresenting both my record and now, history itself. Congressman Hayworth can't seem to get his facts straight lately. Not only has he launched false attacks on me, but he recently erroneously stated the United States never declared war on Nazi Germany during World War II. We simply cannot afford to send someone to the U.S. Senate who plays loosely with the facts. The American people deserve better.

And we certainly cannot afford to send a failed former Congressman who supported thousands of earmarks worth billions of dollars before voters kicked him out of office. Let me just give you three examples of his outrageous earmark votes when he was in Congress: $5.8 million for Vermont snowmobile trail, $250,000 to control Maui seaweed, and we all remember the infamous $223 million "Bridge to Nowhere."

The Obama Administration and Congressional Democratic leaders have pushed our country farther to the left than anyone could have imagined. We need strong and committed fiscal conservatives to stand up and oppose their out of control spending. I have a record of fighting against pork barrel spending and am not afraid to confront President Obama or any Member of Congress who supports wasting taxpayer funds. Arizona and the nation can't afford JD Hayworth.

I am committed to our shared conservative values and pledge to continue representing and fighting for these if reelected. So I ask you to please renew your commitment to my campaign today with a generous donation of any amount.

Pence Encourages America to Speak Out

Washington, DC - U.S. Congressman Mike Pence, Chairman of the House Republican Conference, gave the following statement today on the House floor addressing House Republicans' new governing agenda, America Speaking Out:

"Well, after years of being shut out of the debates here on Capitol Hill, seeing runaway federal spending, bailouts and takeovers built behind closed doors, the American people finally have a way in. An unambiguous seat at the table. It's called

"Since the outset of this Congress, Republicans have been offering positive solutions to the challenges facing this country in building a governing agenda for this Congress. Republicans have been listening to the American people and is a continuation of that process.

"Now let me say, this is not a listening tour. House Republicans are not a party in search of our principles. We know what we believe. We're committed to the principles of economic growth, fiscal discipline, a strong defense and traditional American values. But we simply believe that the best ideas in America come from the American people. That's why we launched

"So I urge all Hoosiers and frankly all my countrymen, whatever your politics, whatever your philosophy, join us at House Republicans are listening."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

House Republicans Launch "America Speaking Out"

UPDATE: The website "America Speaking Out" is now on-line with an intro from Chief Deputy Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) who is in charge of the website. Please visit the website to give your opinions on what agenda items Republicans should concentrate. This is a chance for the American people to be heard by our Representatives in Washington.

This new project being announced today by House Republicans is asking Americans to give input into the agenda the Republicans should be pursuing by engaging the American public. This will be similar to the Contract with America with one huge difference -- the American people will have their say. Republicans are fortunate to have the leadership we have in the House led by Congressmen John Boehner (R-OH), Eric Cantor (R-VA), and Mike Pence (R-IN) along with Chief Deputy Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) who is heading America Speaking Out. Added to this group are some of the most articulate members of the House we have ever seen like Steve King (R-IA), Paul Ryan (R-WI), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), and Michelle Balkman (R-MN) along many other House Republicans who are not afraid to speak out with facts and get their message across to the American people.

We are looking forward to the final document which will be released after Labor Day so the American voter will know what the Republicans agenda will be in the next session of Congress when the Democrats will no longer hold commanding majorities. In fact, we think there is a good chance that the America Speaking Out campaign will form the basis of the agenda of the new leadership in the House.

Time for everyone to express their ideas in a meaningful way not just expressing anger. We believe Republicans, Independents, and a few disgruntled Democrats will come through with some great ideas while we expect some of the Obama Democrats to spam the site when they realize that this idea will work. SEIU will most likely be out in force with trying to take down the site or spam it with outlandish ideas. That's how this group of Democrats have worked for a long time.

GOP plans 'America Speaking Out' event
By Molly K. Hooper - 05/24/10 03:54 PM ET

House GOP leaders have planned a high-profile event at Washington D.C.'s Newseum Tuesday morning to launch the start of their “America Speaking Out” project.

Chief Deputy Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is in charge of the initiative to result in the release of a set of policy items that Republicans would pursue if they won back control of the House in November.

According to officials involved in the effort, "America Speaking Out" will focus on gathering feedback from Americans on what items that lawmakers should be focusing on in the future.

GOP Conference Chairman Mike Pence (Ind.) said on Monday “it’s part of a process of engaging Americans.”

Pence added that the project was not a product of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

“'America Speaking Out' is not a project of the political” campaign arm, Pence said. He refrained from going into further detail.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) tasked McCarthy with heading the effort to produce a list of policy changes similar to the successful “Contract with America” that Republicans used in 1994 to win control of the House and the Senate.

Boehner and other GOP lawmakers involved in the project have said the final agenda would not be ready until after Labor Day.

Source:The Hill
This article from the Washington Times gives more details about the project. One thing they have correct is that the American people in large numbers are fed up with the agenda out of the White House and Democrat controlled Congress. That is probably the understatement of the year. This President and his Administration along with his followers in the House and Senate are taking this Country in a far left direction when the vast majority of Americans are center right.

It is time on November 2nd, 2010, to send a message to the socialist leaning Democrats that this Country is not going any farther left and will be brought back to the center leaning right which is what the majority of Americans want. When Obama ran on Hope and Change a good portion of his supporters did not expect him to lunge far left as they believed his rhetoric that he would govern more from the middle. Obvious that he didn't mean what he said on the campaign trail -- it was smoke and mirrors because from day one he set out to move America to socialism.

GOP begins seeking ideas from public
Cites voter frustration

By Sean Lengell

America, House Republicans want your help.

In an effort to shed its image as a "party of no" with few original ideas to challenge the Democrat-controlled Congress and White House, House Republicans on Tuesday will begin a campaign to ask the general public for input in drafting their next agenda.

The nationwide "America Speaking Out" campaign seeks to capitalize on growing voter frustration of the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress. Organizers say they welcome ideas from all voters, regardless of party affiliation.

"American Speaking Out is an effort to open the back rooms and closed doors that have defined Congress and allow Americans to be a part of drafting a governing agenda from the start," the outline says.

"Congressional Republicans have offered positive alternatives to the misguided policies pursued by Washington Democrats. But we recognize the American people are in charge, and constructing a governing agenda must begin with the people."

The campaign will solicit public input via an online forum at,and town hall meetings, according to an outline obtained from a senior House Republican aide.

"We expect it will generate a great deal of interest, a great deal of participation around the country," said House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence of Indiana. Mr. Pence, a project organizer, declined to discuss details until the campaign is officially unveiled at the Newseum in Washington.

Excerpt: Read More at Washington Times

Sunday, May 23, 2010

GOP Takes House Seat in Obama's Home District

Outstanding News -- now we have to see if the Congressman-elect can transfer this into a full term on Nov 2nd. With the Democrats still fighting and his positive message of lower taxes and smaller government, it could happen!

GOP Takes House Seat in Obama's Home District
Herbert A. Sample
May 23, 2010


HONOLULU (May 23) -- Republicans scored a midterm election victory Saturday when Honolulu City Councilman Charles Djou won a Democratic-held House seat in Hawaii in the district where President Barack Obama grew up - the latest triumph for the GOP as it looks to take back control of Congress.

Djou's victory was a blow to Obama and other Democrats who could not rally around a candidate and find away to win a congressional race that should have been a cakewalk. The seat had been held by a Democrat for nearly 20 years and is located where Obama was born and spent most of his childhood.

"This is a momentous day. We have sent a message to the United States Congress. We have sent a message to the national Democrats. We have sent a message to the machine," Djou said. "The congressional seat is not owned by one political party. This congressional seat is owned by the people."

But Democrats believe the success in Hawaii will be short-lived. Djou will only serve through the remainder of 2010, and another election will be held in November for the next term.

Djou received 67,610 votes, or 39.4 percent. He was trailed by state Senate President Colleen Hanabusa, a Democrat who received 52,802 votes, or 30.8 percent. The other leading Democrat, former U.S. Rep. Ed Case, received 47,391 votes, or 27.6 percent.

Republicans see the victory as a powerful statement about their momentum heading into November. They already sent a Republican to the U.S. Senate to replace the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts - a place that was once thought to be the most hostile of territories for the GOP. Now Republicans can say they won a congressional seat in the former backyard of the president and in a state that gave Obama 72 percent of the vote two years ago.

"Charles' victory is evidence his conservative message of lowering the tax burden, job creation and government accountability knows no party lines. It is a message Americans want to hear from candidates across the country," said Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele.


Djou will be the first Republican to represent Hawaii in Congress since Rep. Pat Saiki left office in 1991.

The election was being conducted entirely by mail. Eleven other candidates were on the ballot, but none of them had a serious chance of contending.

Final results showed that 54 percent, or 171,417, of the 317,337 ballots that were sent to voters were returned. It was a strong turnout compared to the 2002 special election to fill a vacancy in the 2nd Congressional District, when only 13 percent cast their votes.

Excerpt: Read More at AOL News

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Senator David Vitter (R-LA) Weekly Address on Oil Spill in the Gulf

This is a very good analysis of what needs to be done and how the Democrat politicos are reacting in DC -- basically the Administration is MIA!

This comment from You Tube sums up the feelings of people in Louisiana:

I'm living in Louisiana, and he's right! We have seen minimal federal government presence! We have seen BP working tirelessly with our state government to fix this problem. It looks to US in LOUISIANA that the FEDS want to let the problem PROGRESS for political gain. Sitting on their hands as the situation escalates so that, come bill writing day, they can use it to destroy the oil industry completely (an industry that is the lifeblood of this state.)
flobrew 15 hours ago

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cong Mary Fallin -- Protecting Oklahoma Values

Cong Mary Fallin we believe will become one of the best Oklahoma Governors once she is elected on November 2, 2010, and takes office in January 2011. She is exactly what Oklahoma needs after eight years of Democrat Brad Henry who supported Obama. Can anyone tell us what he has done for Oklahoma except veto bills that make common sense? He was MIA when we had the fires several years ago. Took the Obama Administration over six months to grant an emergency declaration after an ice storm -- what was he doing while Obama forgot about Oklahoma? He has a reputation for sleeping in so meetings have to be later in the day which does give him less time to veto bills. Henry has just kind of occupied the seat with little to show for his eight years.

There is only one choice for Oklahoma Governor and that is Mary Fallin who was the best Lt Governor this State has ever had. Today's Lt Governor Askins seems to be MIA along with the Governor.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jeb Bush Endorses Marco Rubio at Reagan Day Dinner in Pasco County!

This election on November 2, 2010, is going to be huge for this Nation and our children and grandchildren's futures -- Jeb Bush is absolutely correct. Jeb Bush as Governor is what all residents of states should expect out of their Governor -- he has set the bar high for future Florida Governors and current NO PARTY (NP) Governor X has not come close to Jeb's outstanding performance as Governor. Jeb always put the people of Florida first while NP X puts himself first.

When I put my Marco Rubio bumperstrip on my car this week, I figured I was going to be asked why I had that on my car as I drove around Oklahoma. I pulled into the grocery parking lot this morning and the first person that commented wanted to know where they could get a bumperstrip for Rubio as "Rubio has to beat that lowlife Obama lover Crist" -- that is from an Oklahoman so I cannot fathom what Florida Republicans are saying about their NP Governor. I just laughed and told him where to go on line to get one. Several people commented they loved the Rubio bumperstrip, and he is going to win as they have family in Florida all supporting Rubio.

It hit me talking to these people that the American people are getting scared about what they are seeing from this Administration and Democrat Congress. They want to support candidates like Marco Rubio from Florida because he is a conservative with principles. Our two Senators Inhofe and Coburn need help to fight the waste and runaway spending of the Democrats. Right now we have not heard of anyone running against Sen Coburn so it is not going to be a major player and probably little money from the Democrats in the race. Soros millions couldn't defeat Sen Inhofe in 2008.

That leaves Oklahomans looking at other Senate seats like Rubio in Florida, Toomey in Pennsylvania, Portman in Ohio, Coats in Indiana, and Kirk in Illinois who are all newcomers to the Senate races. One thing we can all do from other states is to donate to these candidates -- $15, $20 or more every month can make a difference if enough of us donate. We can elect the people we need to stop the runaway spending of the Democrats and send reinforcements to the Republican Senators who have been putting up such a good fight.

Having Jeb Bush give this type of endorsement has to be one of the highlights of any campaign. We believe that Marco Rubio will make us all proud as a United States Senator from the Great State of Florida.

May 20, 2010

Dear Sharon,

Recently, I had the opportunity to campaign with Marco Rubio at the Pasco County Reagan Day Dinner. It was great to see a room so full of energy and excitement about the Republican resurgence we’re seeing today. And Marco Rubio’s message embodies that excitement, as he is a man who is so passionate about his foundational beliefs.

For those of you who couldn’t join us in Pasco, watch the event here

I have spent a lifetime in the Republican Party and had the honor of serving as Florida's Governor for eight years. I can tell you one thing that must always come first to succeed as a leader and as a party, and that is we must put our principles first and put our big, bold ideas on the table.

Today, with our country facing a crossroads, we must elect leaders like Marco Rubio. Stand with me today to help elect Marco Rubio.

Washington is broken and Marco Rubio is the only candidate in this race that I trust to help fix it. He is a bright, passionate and principled leader who approaches public service with a servant's heart and a reformer’s detail for policy. Reforming Washington will not be easy and will require leaders who stay true to their principles even when the odds are stacked against them. The last thing the Senate needs is another politician who has to take a poll to make a decision.
With Marco, what you see is what you get. You can trust him to look you in the eye and tell you where he stands. And most of all, you can trust that his principles will not change every time the political winds shift direction.

This White House and this Congress are taking our nation in the wrong direction. I hope all Floridians will ask themselves whether they want their next Senator to be a rubber stamp for the Obama agenda or to stand up to it and offer a clear, conservative alternative. I want to elect people who aren’t just against things but are for changing what is wrong with the current system so that our children and grandchildren have a fighting chance to be able to pursue their dreams as we have.

I urge you to support candidates who are conservative, bold and courageous.

Marco Rubio is that bold, courageous candidate and we need to do all we can to support him. Join me today and do what you can to support Marco’s campaign.

Donate what you can. Forward this email to your friends and ask them to join us or share this with your networks.

Together, we can take our country back by restoring conservative principles and limited government.

Proud to stand,

Jeb Bush

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Indiana's Mark Souder Resigns After Admitting Affair -- Replacement on the General Ballot Recommendation: Marlin Stutzman

The logical choice for Indiana's 3rd District nominee for the general election to replace Souder is the popular State Senator Marlin Stutzman who came in 2nd in the Senate primary won by Dan Coats. When we first heard what happened we knew he would make the perfect choice as he lives in the 3rd District of Indiana. In fact, we thought he should run against Souder in the primary for the Congressional seat and position himself for another run for Senate in the future. We believe Indiana 3rd District Republicans unlike the PA GOP Chair will choose the best man to win in November and in the opinion of many that is Marlin Stutzman.

Unlike the Democrats, Republican Leader Boehner didn't waste any time showing Souder the door after learning of the affair. It took Pelosi and her leadership months to oust the Democrat Massa who kept making gay advances towards aides and others but they looked the other way.

Souder never should have run this time with all the rumors swirling that have now been confirmed. Democrats were lying in wait to spring this out in the open during the general but their plans are dashed as a aide outed Souder. Having Marlin Stutzman as the nominee will make this seat an unlikely pickup for the Democrats. In fact we would put their chances at less than 5% if that to pick up the seat if Stutzman is chosen. We also expect the Stutzman choice to keep Democrat Congressional Committee money out of the race.

Washington Post -- Indiana Rep. Mark Souder resigns after admitting affair

The Christian faith is predicated on an understanding of man’s imperfection. But still so many Christians brag about their own virtue.

By modern standards, Souder’s scandal is Squaresville. He carried on an affair with a consenting adult woman who was a booster in his northwest Indiana district and a part-time staffer. But because Souder was such a holy roller, crusading against sex and drugs (I assume he had some reservations about rock ‘n roll), his moral blowout provides a rich vein of hypocrisy to be mined.
By talking so often of morality in his 16-year career in Congress, Souder made it almost inevitable that he would eventually do damage to the cause he went to Washington to serve. Pride goeth and all that.

It took House Minority Leader John Boehner took about 30 seconds to tell Souder to get out. A staffer got wise to Souder, confronted the congressman and then went to Boehner. Unlike Republicans who tried to stall on the creepy antics of Rep. Mark Foley in 2006 and the willful ignorance of Democrats about tickle-fan Eric Massa this year, Boehner didn’t dawdle.

Souder is so strange-looking that he might be commended under different circumstances for finding not one but two women who would have constituent relations with him. But as it is, he will quit Congress on Friday, setting up a scramble in his staunchly Republican district. Gov. Mitch Daniels can’t call a special election in less than two months, and might be inclined to just push the special until November to be held concurrently with the vote for the next full term.
GOP leaders will pick Souder’s replacement on the ballot and Democrats have even less hope that nominee Tom Hayhurst can win with Souder, a posterboy for incumbency disease even before his affair was exposed, will be able to win.

Writers Carol Leonning and Mary Ann Akers explain:

“One possible replacement is state Sen. Marlin Stutzman of Howe, who finished second to former senator Dan Coats in this month's GOP primary for the U.S. Senate.
Stutzman has a connection to Jackson's husband: Brad Jackson is a friend and pilot who sometimes flew Stutzman around the state for his Senate campaign.”

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Part of the Problem" -- Earmarks

We have been waiting for Senator McCain to take his gloves off because he has always fought against earmarks and pork. We also knew that Hayworth never met an earmark or pork he didn't like. We cannot afford earmarks or pork for 'nice to have' projects that waste money like the Bridge to Nowhere which Hayworth supported with his vote.

There was an interstate bridge west of San Antonio on SR 90 that was built but had no connecting roads as the road money wasn't appropriated back in the 90's. It was in the middle of nowhere with little traffic so it never would have been necessary to have the bridge but Cong Bustamante, the Democrat crook who ended up in jail, also never met pork he didn't like. First time we saw it, we were asking what it was doing out in the middle of nowhere. Then we discovered that it was pork of Bustamante.

We agree there should be a ban on earmarks and pork added to legislation this year but frankly we think it should be extended permanently. The US Government cannot afford earmarks and pork which are attached to bills that have nothing to do with the earmark and/or pork. If an appropriation cannot stand alone, then it should not be approved.

Time the Federal Government went on a 'Pork and Earmark Free Budget! Actually it is past time!

Cong Souder, (R-IN) Resigning due to an Affair -- Who will Replace him on the general election ballot?

Someone will have to peruse Indiana’s state laws to see if the Republicans can select a replacement candidate for the November ballot
Today as this news broke, we kept seeing the above on websites that someone would have to look up Indiana law to see what needs to be done. Why wasn't it done while writing the article? It took exactly 3 1/2 minutes to search, find the law, and read how Indiana goes about replacing candidates. It is short, to the point, and very easy to understand.

Indiana Code 3-13-1-4: A candidate vacancy for United States Representative shall be filled by a caucus comprised by the precinct committeemen of the political party whose precincts are within the congressional district.
This affair was brought out during the primary but Souder deflected the charges -- now this Representative who touted his 'family values' is resigning due to having the affair. We are hoping that Marlin Stutzman who placed second to Dan Coats in the Senate race will step forward as he lives in this District. We thought when Dan Coats decided to run for Senate that Stuzman should have considered taking on Souder at that time because rumors were rampant about Souder's affair. The old addage where there is smoke there is fire was true.

Now Indiana has a chance to get Marlin Stutzman as their Congressman.

We are getting a little bit sick and tired of hearing candidates say they are the family values candidate when it looks to be just be hollow words. Souder is not the first and won't be the last. Some states have had that problem in their State Legislature.

Candidates need to run on integrity, honesty, and ethics and then they won't have to worry about saying they are the family values candidate because they live it every day.

Just two weeks after he won a hard-fought Republican primary in Indiana to keep his seat, Rep. Mark Souder will resign his office. Fox News reports that an affair with a staffer has become publicly known, and Souder will exit rather than face an Ethics Committee investigation (via Dave Weigel):

Eight-term Rep. Mark Souder will announce his resignation Tuesday after it came to light that he was conducting an affair with a female staffer who worked in his district office, Fox News has learned.

Multiple senior House sources indicated that the extent of the affair would have landed Souder before the House Ethics Committee.

Elected as a family values conservative as part of the Republican revolution in 1994, Souder survived a tough re-election challenge in 2008 and survived a contested primary two weeks ago.

Say, wouldn’t it have been a good idea to make this decision three weeks ago?

Souder’s abrupt exit puts the GOP in a tough position. Someone will have to peruse Indiana’s state laws to see if the Republicans can select a replacement candidate for the November ballot, and what the process might be. Bob Thomas came in second to Souder, about 11,000 votes behind him and 15,000 ahead of Phil Troyer. If the GOP can make a ballot switch, the logical choice would be Thomas, but that’s a big if. They may have to go with a write-in campaign.

Excerpt: Read More at Hot Air

Monday, May 17, 2010

Encore? Giuliani sets stage for 4th act

Encore? Giuliani sets stage for 4th act


He was on political life support after his disastrous 2008 presidential run, but Rudy Giuliani has positioned himself in a critical year as a potent Republican fundraiser and the party’s star surrogate for hammering the White House on terror.

After deciding against a run for governor after a prolonged flirtation with a bid, the former New York City mayor has upped his political and paid-speaking travel schedule. In June, he’ll make his first public visit to New Hampshire since the single-digit, fourth-place finish there in the January 2008 Republican presidential primary that triggered his fast fall from front-runner to also-ran.

His high-profile reemergence, coinciding with the return of terror to the national headlines and numerous Sunday shows appearances bashing the president on the issue, leaves little doubt that he wants to be in the national mix. What’s less clear is what Giuliani is looking for in his next act.

"He wants to be part of the game in 2012," said Fred Siegel, a former adviser to the mayor and author of "The Prince of the City," a history of his time in office, who still talks to him periodically.

Giuliani, Siegel said, is trying to keep his options open for the future by being part of "the game," but isn’t necessarily angling to run for office again.

"As a presidential candidate? Not necessarily," Siegel said, suggesting that Giuliani could instead try to make himself a cabinet appointee or try for something else with national influence. The last New York mayor elected to any higher office, he noted, was John T. Hoffman – in 1869.

"But there is a strong, and I think justified, sense that there's a reasonable chance that (President Obama could) be a one-term president…It seems to me it's all in play."

That, of course, remains to be seen. Giuliani will find out the mood of voters in New Hampshire in June, when he heads north to help the Republican state senate there fundraise, tend to some business for his private firms, and be honored by the New Hampshire Political Library, whose mission is preserving the state’s first-in-the-nation primary.

Giuliani’s political obituary has been written repeatedly, only for him to spring back to life each time.

It happened when he won office in 1993 after his first run for mayor in 1989 fell short in a racially charged campaign, and again when the response to the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks catapulted him from unpopular lame duck to “America’s mayor,” and yet again when he emerged as a front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination after President Bush’s nomination of his former Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik fell apart amid scandal.

But after $56 million spent on a 2008 “Florida strategy” that garnered just one Republican delegate nationwide, the mayor may be in search of one more revival: A fourth act.

Even with the memory of 9/11 fading – and with the dings he took from now-Vice President Joe Biden in the 2008 race about “a noun, a verb and 9/11” – Giuliani is still regarded as the best Republican spokesman on the national security issue. And the party’s governor-dominated roster of likely 2012 candidate lacks anyone with his anti-terror bona fides, an issue increasingly seen as a sore point for the White House.

Despite the sense among opinion-makers and insiders that a second national run in a Republican primary would be a heavy lift for a social moderate who governed a left-leaning city, never held statewide office, and whose personal life has repeatedly come under scrutiny – the wide-open Republican field and the riled-up electorate make it impossible to rule out.

A close Giuliani ally, though, insisted another presidential run is the least likely path, saying he’s more interested in being part of the discussion nationally, including on the deficit.

“I don’t know if that means trying to be a surrogate, or maybe trying for a cabinet appointment,” the ally said. A future run in New York seems pretty unlikely, that person said, and not necessarily something he’d want. Albany is a long ways from the klieg lights of Manhattan, and the governor’s powers relative to the intractable state legislature pale compared to the dominance over the City Council he enjoyed as mayor.

While his presidential run both demonstrated and added to Giuliani’s sustained national celebrity, it didn’t translate into votes. Rather than wage a second campaign more than a decade after leaving office, Giuliani could remain an uber-surrogate for Republicans on specific issues, which would allow him to continue making money at his law firm, which is doing well, and at his consulting practice, which was heavily pared down after his last run. Being in the public eye as a surrogate augments the business without exposing that business to the scrutiny a national race would draw.

Giuliani has been making appearances in Texas, especially on behalf of Rick Perry, and has been increasing his speechifying for “Get Motivated,” which pay him well while allowing him to reach big crowds across the nation.

At age 66 and despite a brand that took a substantial hit after 2008, he still manages to capture public fascination and admiration.

Giuliani was one of the few surrogates brought in to help Scott Brown in his come-from-nowhere Massachusetts Senate run, which became a loud signal of fear for incumbents everywhere. And he campaigned for New Jersey’s new Republican governor, Chris Christie, who’s widely seen as basing his efforts in office on the “Giuliani 1993” governing playbook.

Another point that could make Giuliani relevant now nationally is the austerity he prided himself on in his first mayoral term well before 9/11, which was a major factor in making him a national star, the transformative figure who fixed the rotten Big Apple.

Excerpt: Read more at Politico

NOTE: After reading this, we started asking ourselves if he would run for President again and frankly we don't think a "Presidential" run is in the cards. That said we would not be shocked or surprised to see him end up as a Vice Presidential candidate. One of our Republican Governors has been saying he is not interested in getting in the race but deep down is that true? Rudy would be the perfect match for him as his Vice President as he brings all kinds of national security background on terrorism to the ticket. Something to think about and keep an eye on for now.

Tampa was awarded the 2012 Republican National Convention last week and now plans are underway to start getting ready. In 2012 security is going to be a main focus of the Convention organizers.

Rudy was so well received by the delegations in 2008 that it made you wonder what the voters in those first states were thinking with their support for other candidates treating 2008 like the threat of terrorism didn't exist. Some people were lulled into complacency because not terrorist acts had happened on American soil.

Social conservatives in 2008 wanted the perfect candidate that would put social issues first and that mentality helped defeat the GOP. Most Americans are pro-life but they don't want that as the major focus of campaigns. It is time that National Security, Fiscal Conservatism, and Pledge to Appoint Strict Constructionist Judges ruled the day as qualifications to run for President on the Republican ticket for President.

National Security in today's dangerous environment takes on a whole different meaning after almost 18 months of Obama -- we need Border Security, strong military, and a President who will stand up to Heads of State who sponsor acts of terrorism. Our current Attorney General won't even use the words "radical Islam

The people yelling the loudest on Obama's Supreme Court and other judicial appointments are the ones who put a litmus test on our 2008 candidates. Elections have consequences, and we are hoping that this Administration has woken up some Republicans to the Ronald Reagan 80% of agreement factor. No more social litmus test as the primary qualification or we could lose again. Social issues were not part of the 1994 Contract with America and that is how it should have stayed.

If Republicans want to win in 2012, they need to lose the "RINO" label against some of our candidates that keeps getting plastered on them because they are not 100% conservative. They still vote for the Speaker and Majority Leader. When an office holder votes how their state wants them to vote, then they are doing their job. It might not be what an Oklahoma Senator might vote for or against but then we are a conservative state so we should expect our Senators to vote Conservative.

Anyone who stays home in a snit and doesn't vote because they don't like the candidate is the true "Republican in Name Only" -- have never figured out who made this group of conservative Republicans (if they are Republican) judge and jury over who is a "RINO" because none of us have all the answers. If we have incumbents who are lazy and just occupy a seat, they need to be gone but they don't need labeled like they are a Democrat with a ZERO conservative voting record. Base your opinions of elected officials on how they represent the constituents of their states not on how as a conservative you want them to vote.

We need to come together as a Party to nominate the very best candidate possible and anyone not liking the candidate and vowing to stay home and not vote are the ones who need kicked out of the Party. If you don't vote, then your voice should not be heard.

Friday, May 14, 2010

In His Own Words -- Challenges to Young Family -- Marco Rubio

In this video, Marco discusses the challenges he faces as a father of four- Amanda, Daniella, Anthony, and Dominic. It's obvious that the perspective Marco brings to the campaign trail comes from his being first and foremost a father and a husband. His convictions are based on the realities of the tough decisions everyday families have to make in these difficult economic times. These are real convictions and priorities to Marco. Not simply rhetoric that some politicians are willing to abandon when the going gets tough.

NOTE: We need more candidates running for office who face the every day challenges of having a young family, and working to earn a living while also running for office like Marco Rubio. There is no silver spoon -- he has worked hard to achieve what he has to become a lawyer, Speaker of the Florida House (former), and candidate for the United State Senate. He is the perfect person to be the next Senator from Florida who will take the values he has learned throughout his life to DC.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

State planes to call Norman skies home

This is a local Oklahoma story but it shows how much can be saved if you compete. Imagine if the Federal Government did that across the board instead of always giving the same people the contracts, but then they don't have President Boren who heads The University of Oklahoma involved with negotiations.

If every agency of Government at all levels did what the Oklahoma Department of Safety has done to negotiate a new lease for space, our tax dollars would be better spent across the board. Even the fact they are consolidating State Resources for air at one location so fuel can be bought in bulk will save money.

This should be an example of what can be done with some ingenuity on the part of the State Legislatures and the Executive branch agencies across the Country and into the Federal Government:
May 13, 2010

State planes to call Norman skies home
By Nanette Light
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — OU’s Max Westheimer Airport will be the new headquarters for the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety’s Troop O, clearing runways for four fixed-wing planes — including the governor’s aircraft — and three helicopters to the Norman airport beginning July 1, state officials announced Wednesday.

The move of the troop, which oversees the agency’s planes and helicopters, is expected to save the state more than $1 million in rent and fuel costs over a span of 10 years and further launch Westheimer’s role in state aviation to the skies.

Officials said the governor’s King Air (The Spirit of Oklahoma), another six-seat plane, three helicopters and two traffic planes will be based on the airport’s eastern edge near U.S. 77.

“Even as this move saves taxpayer dollars, it also adds to the prestige and stature of Westheimer Airport,” said state Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, who chairs the House appropriations subcommittee on public safety. “The governor’s flagship aircraft, the Spirit of Oklahoma, will now be based in Norman. And that’s a big deal.”

State Sen. Jonathan Nichols, R-Norman, the ranking member of the appropriations subcommittee on public safety, said compared to the agency’s current holdings at Wiley Post Airport in Oklahoma City, Westheimer’s public facilities include more space for less money.

According to a news release, the rent for 10,000 square feet of hangar space — along with 5,000 square feet of office, barracks and parts room space — at the Westheimer Airport facility will be approximately $4,000 per month.

The agency is paying $15,300 per month in rent at Wiley Post Airport.

Nichols said the savings from this move could be invested in crime-fighting and law enforcement.

“If you want an excellent way to improve efficiency, reduce waste and save taxpayer dollars, this plan has it all. It’s a great addition for Norman, and a much better use of our limited public resources,” Nichols said.

In addition, fuel costs to the agency are expected to nose-dive after the move. The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics already operates at Westheimer and OU’s flight school is based at the facility. The move means fuel can be bought in bulk, reducing costs, since the relocation streamlines the lift-off and landing headquarters of these state agencies.

“It makes sense to locate all of these state law-enforcement, public-safety assets in one central location,” said Sen. Anthony Sykes, R-Moore, who chairs the Senate appropriations subcommittee on public safety. “The greater efficiency and savings that will be achieved is significant.”

Terrill said OU officials were supporters of Troop O’s move and helped with negotiations for a smooth take-off in the relocation.

“I believe that the location of Troop O at Westheimer Airport will be both beneficial to the state and the university. It should also provide cost savings for the taxpayers of Oklahoma,” OU President David Boren said.

Kevin Ward, the commissioner of public safety, said a supervisor, four helicopter rated pilots, two civilian pilots assigned to the executive aircraft, two traffic pilots, two mechanics and support personnel now will be based in Norman.

Ward, who said the planes have been based at Wiley Post for as long as he can recall, said budget savings are the bottom line for landing the new home-base.

“Throughout this tough budget environment, we have worked diligently to find savings whenever and wherever possible without compromising public safety,” Ward said. “The move will provide meaningful cost-savings without reducing our effectiveness.”

Russell Knoke, president of the Oklahoma State Troopers Association, said the move also lessens the chance of losing trooper jobs.

“Whenever we produce operational savings, jobs are spared and law enforcement officials remain available to protect the public,” he said.

Transcript Executive Editor Andy Rieger contributed to this report.

Source: Norman Transcript

"Take the Money and Run" -- Charlie Crist on Refusing to return Donations Flip Flop

05.13.10 Rubio For Senate Releases New Web Video: “Take The Money And Run”

Miami, FL – With Charlie Crist breaking his pledge to “the people” to refund campaign contributions if asked, the Rubio for Senate campaign today released a new web video entitled, “Take the Money and Run.” When Charlie Crist announced that he would run for the United States Senate as an Independent, he said he would refund contributions to those who asked. However, now he says he won’t – another change in position that has been called a “flip flop.” Charlie Crist’s willingness to do-say-be anything to win an election has led him to change positions on party registration, the stimulus, abortion, offshore drilling, taxes, government spending and, now, doing the right thing.

Check out the video here:

NOTE: We noticed in the interview with Joe Scarborough that Crist said not one person had asked for their money back no one -- we know for a fact that is not true as 20 large donors including Chris Sullivan, co-founder of the Outback restaurants, who bundled money for Crist wrote a letter on May 5th immediately demanding their money back which was made public. Guess Crist missed that one and others. If it doesn't make any difference to his campaign, WHY doesn't he give the money back?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tampa wins bid to host 2012 GOP Convention

After losing bids in 2004 and 2008, Tampa has been awarded the 2012 Republican National Convention beating out Phoenix and Salt Lake City. We think the Committee did an excellent job as we are sure most Republicans don't want to be out in Phoenix in late August. Not sure we would want to be in Salt Lake City for a Convention. Tampa is the perfect spot close to the Gulf with a lot of activities in the area.

We do take exception with this paragraph of the article:

Absent at Wednesday's announcement was the bid committee's honorary chairman – Gov. Charlie Crist, who was across the bay in St. Petersburg changing his party affiliation from Republican to no-party affiliation. Austin said Crist would be invited to the press conference officials expect to have when Steele is in town.

We do not believe that Gov Crist should remain the honorary Chairman for the 2012 Convention or should be at the press conference welcoming RNC Chair Michael Steele since he is no longer a Republican. We would expect those plans to change when the FL GOP Chairman reads that paragraph. Why give Crist any face time when he is no longer a Republican?

Congratulations to Tampa and with this Convention, Florida will be back in the Red column in 2012!

Tampa wins bid to host 2012 GOP Convention

By CHRISTIAN M. WADE The Tampa Tribune

Published: May 12, 2010

Getting poll results. Please wait... TAMPA - Tampa will host the 2012 Republican Convention, a week-long events that is expected to attract more than 50,000 party delegates, politicians, protesters and news media to the Bay area.

Members of the Republican National Committee on Wednesday selected Tampa to be the host city, beating out the rival cities of Phoenix, Ariz. and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Backers of the city's bid, who gathered in the offices of Tampa Bay & Co., got a call from RNC chair Michael Steele at about 3:30 p.m., telling them that the party's 12-member site selection committee had unanimously decided on Tampa as a host city.

"We're excited and ready to get to work on what we believe will be one of the best people's conventions we've ever had," Steele told the host committee members.

The convention will take place the week of Aug. 27, 2012, at the St. Pete Times Forum, with other events held at Bay area venues such as the Tampa Convention Center and Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg. Visitors would stay at hotels across the region.

The site committee's choice will be presented to the full 168-member RNC in August. The RNC can deviate from the recommendation, but that's never happened.

"This is big fish, but it takes a long time to land one," said Al Austin, co-chair of the host committee, who spearheaded two previous unsuccessful bids to land the convention.

Austin said the host committee will immediately start to raise money to pay for the event, an endeavor he admitted will be a challenge but one that he vowed to accomplish.

"I wouldn't have taken on this effort if I didn't think we could raise enough money," he said.

The bid's organizers enlisted the cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg to showcase the area as the ideal spot for the convention. They prepared a detailed bid, and wined and dined the site selection committee when it came to town in March to scout locations.

"This proves that we have what it takes," Mayor Pam Iorio said at a press conference following the decision. "When we go after something as a city, we set the bar high."

Hillsborough County Commissioner Ken Hagan, a member of the host committee who was also involved in the city's previous bid, called it "a historic day for Tampa Bay."

He called the convention "the single largest non-sporting event we have ever hosted."

Ken Jones, a co-chair of the host committee who worked on the 2008 GOP convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul, said organizers will now get to work on agreements between the committee and RNC about fundraising, security, transportation and other issues.

"We've been through this with other events," he said. "It won't be a problem."

The committee must have those agreements in place before the RNC meets in August.

Citing a tight budget, Iorio has pledged support and resources for the event but no city funding. Any costs incurred from the use of police, fire, public works or other services would have to be paid back under a contractual agreement, Iorio said Wednesday.

"I wanted to make sure the city would not be at a financial risk," she said.

In the 2008 bid, the city estimated it would have to spend more than $12.7 million in public funds on costs such as security and insurance.

Steele said he will meet in Tampa with host committee officials within a week and local officials said as many as 150 people from the Republican National Committee will set up shop here within the coming weeks.

The city lost its 2004 bid to New York, largely because it was the sentimental favorite to host the first convention after the Sept. 11 attacks, and Republicans wanted to invade traditional Democratic territory. In 2008, the city lost its bid to host the GOP Convention to Minneapolis-St. Paul, a Democratic stronghold with a Republican governor.

"The last two times politics played a role, and we were on the losing end of the decision," said Tampa businessman Dick Beard, a co-chair of host committee and former finance chair for the Republican Party of Florida. "But this time, it was clearly ours to lose."

Bid committee officials touted hopes of a positive economic impact for the local economy, which had an unemployment rate around 13 percent as of April.

"This is going to be a big shot in the arm for our economy," Hagan said.

Austin said the convention would need thousands of volunteers and would create "a tremendous amount of jobs."

No one has conducted a study on the economic impact of bringing a convention here, but host committee members have projected a payoff of more than $170 million; a figure based mostly on estimates from other cities that have hosted political conventions.

Absent at Wednesday's announcement was the bid committee's honorary chairman – Gov. Charlie Crist, who was across the bay in St. Petersburg changing his party affiliation from Republican to no-party affiliation. Austin said Crist would be invited to the press conference officials expect to have when Steele is in town.

Tampa has never hosted a presidential convention. The last time the event was held in Florida was 1972, when both the Republican and Democratic conventions were hosted by Miami. Then-President Richard M. Nixon and George McGovern were nominated.

Source: TampaBay online

No Refunds, Crist campaign says

How much money does Crist have on hand? We are betting if he paid everyone back who has requested a return of their donation, they it would bankrupt his campaign which is exactly what should happen. Guess trophy wife doesn't want to help fund his campaign.

Club for Growth was able to get $1.2M back from the Specter campaign when he left the GOP which makes Specter more honorable than Crist. After this latest, Crist qualifies for the scumbag title. People gave him campaign donations because he was running in the Republican primary. Once he left the GOP, every last dime should be returned but then Crist would have to have some ethics which are sorely lacking.

Crist will be missing out on the opportunity of being a major player in 2012 when Tampa hosts the GOP Convention. Can guarantee that he will not be welcome at this event. His ego in wanting to be a member of the Senate trumped common sense. Now he thinks people are going to take not getting their donations returned lying down and not saying a word. Not going to happen -- this will become a major thorn in Crist's side as the campaign progresses and out of state pollsters finally become honest on who they are polling.

Dumb move on top of dumb moves out of Charlie Crist.

May 12, 2010
No refunds, Crist campaign says
Posted: May 12th, 2010 03:46 PM ET

From CNN Associate Producer Martina Stewart

The Crist Senate campaign will not return donations made before he decided to run as an independent, a campaign adviser told CNN Wednesday.
(CNN) – Florida Gov. Charlie Crist will not refund Senate campaign contributions made before he decided to forego the Republican primary and, instead, mount an independent bid, according to a Crist campaign adviser.

"The governor's position is people donated to a good cause and we intend to spend their money on a good cause," Michelle Todd, an adviser to the Crist campaign, told CNN Wednesday.

The Florida governor decided late last month to skip a Republican primary face-off against former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio who had a more than 20-percentage-point lead over Crist in GOP primary polling. Crist is continuing his Senate run as a non-party-affiliated candidate.

A poll released last week showed Crist leading Rubio in a hypothetical three-way general election race between the two men and Rep. Kendrick Meek, the likely Democratic nominee.

Crist's decision not to issue refunds comes in the wake of several high-profile requests from members of the Republican establishment to return money given to Crist's campaign prior to his decision to bolt from the GOP primary.

Last week, a group of prominent Florida Republicans penned a letter to Crist seeking refunds of their personal donations and encouraging the governor to refund the donations of every GOP contributor who wants their money back. Anticipating Crist's announcement of his independent bid, the National Republican Senatorial Committee said it would seek a refund of its $10,000 donation to Crist's campaign and the Club for Growth, a conservative advocacy group, has also said it would lead an effort to help Crist donors seek refunds.

Source: CNN

New TV Ad: “Complete The Danged Fence”

In a new TV ad, Senator John McCain and Sheriff Paul Babeu discuss the McCain / Kyl 10 Point Border Security Plan.

This message from Senator McCain and Sheriff Babeau is right on target -- Obama and his Administration need to get their act together and complete the Border Fence but we are not holding our breath. We don't expect it to happen until Republicans take over control of Congress in 2010. Then they will probably have to override a veto by Obama but we can get it done if we keep pushing. Every last American needs to get behind this push for Border Security.

Bulding the remainder of fence to secure our southern border seems to have no priority from this Administration to get it finished. The border fence at El Paso shows it will work as they are keeping the drug wars in Juarez and not allowing them to cross into El Paso which has become one of the safest large cities in America.

Since a border fence has been shown to work, build it now -- the entire length of the southern border needs the fence like yesterday. Stop the influx of illegals into this Country NOW. Senator McCain is correct about Border Security.

This is another issue where we are hearing next to nothing from Napolitano except there is no money -- instead of wasting money propping up the Euro, we should be building the fence and there would be money left over from the $1 trillion they spent on the euro that failed..

In the meantime before the fence is completed, the National Guard needs activated and assigned to the southern border. The request has been made by Senators McCain, Kyl, and others but all we hear are crickets chirping out of Obama and Napolitano all the while more illegals are entering the United States.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Congressman Cole and Congresswoman Fallin returning from DC to survey the damage in the 4th District

The above picture was of a Country Boy grocery store which sat on Highway 9 east of Norman that served the eastern part of the County. Damage similar to that is throughout a 40 square mile area.

Today Congressman Cole will be back in the district shortly to receive briefings from the Sheriff and the Mayor on yesterdays tornadoes that roared through Cleveland County and other parts of his 4th District. There are generator issues caused by the tornado at Lake Thunderbird which is a source of water for the local communities including Norman. This area is on water rationing because there is also trouble at Lake Stanley Draper where Oklahoma City gets some of their water.

Congresswoman Fallin will be in Seminole to view their damage. A helicopter belonging to the OU Medical Center which was on a run was damaged at the Seminole and can no longer fly.

For several days the National Weather Service (NWS) here in Norman was warning residents of Oklahoma that yesterday was going to have the conditions ripe for a tornado outbreak across Oklahoma. They nailed that one. Was out for lunch when the initial warnings hit but nothing much was showing up on radar. Within a short time storms started showing up on radar and a tornado was on the ground in the Yukon area. The outbreak of severe weather including tornadoes exploded from there ahead of a dry line that was moving through the state.

Yesterday was a day for storm chasers. Not only does the NWS use storm chasers but out local TV stations all have storm chasers to video the storms and alert the stations to where the storms are going next and how fast they are growing. If you have power, you watch the local stations track these storms block by block so you know where the storms are going and if the rotation in the wall clouds are on the ground as the tornadoes drop to the group.

The 'Norman' tornado started with a white wisp on the TV screen that was sent back to the station by a storm chaser just a short distance from the National Weather Service and Storms Prediction Center at the corner of Jenkins and Highway 9 in Norman. You could say they were ground zero for the start of what is now dubbed the 'Norman' tornado which continued to grow knocking cars off of Hwy 9 on its way to growing larger and larger reaching at least a mile wide by the time it reached counties to the east of Cleveland County. Storm Chasers in the Channel 9 helicopter sent back pictures as this tornado gained strength and grew over Lake Thunderbird. This tornado then slammed Little Axe and Tecumseh and kept going east causing damage for miles.

There was also a tornado just a few miles north of Norman happening at the same time as the Norman tornado which took out three of the huge high voltage power lines snapping them in two like toothpicks. That one hit Lake Stanley Draper and caused problems for the Oklahoma City water supply. The rotation in the clouds was very visible but the tornadoes in some instances became rain wrapped especially the Norman one that picked up moisture out of Lake Thunderbird where it took out the Marina and tossed boats. The Marina is now floating in the lake.

Another tornado on I-40 closed the interstate due to cars and trucks being tossed around and in the Choctaw area took out Love's Country store where many of us have stopped over the years while traveling I-40 back to OKC/Norman.

Damage is everywhere in the area south and north of the main parts of Norman. We believe because of all the advance warning we had, more lives were not lost or injuries because when the word goes out in Oklahoma the conditions are ripe for tornado outbreaks, people listen. One of the trailer parks that was hard hit has a safe room for residents which meant even though their homes were destroyed they remained safe in the shelter.

There have been seven deaths so far and crews are doing a second search of a 49-square-mile area hard hit by tornadoes Monday night.

We are thankful for having two members of Congress that immediately made plans to return to the area to see how they could help. The 4th District is so fortunate to have Tom Cole as our Congressman because he is always there for the District and this is just one more example.

Congresswoman Fallin is the same way for the 5th District which includes a large portion of Oklahoma City and counties to the east that were hit especially hard.

Our prayers and thoughts are with those who lost loved ones and friends and to the people who are injured and lost everything when their homes were destroyed. Oklahomans will rebuild and once again we will see that spirit of neighbor helping neighbor that this State has the reputation.

One bright spot is the fact that the NWS was right in the center of the Norman tornado forming and the data they will have collected will be priceless to use in tornado prediction.

Read more about yesterday's tornadoes at The Oklahoman

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pence Says NO More US Taxpayer Dollars for European Bailouts

Words defy what we are thinking. How dare this Administration to even consider a $1 Trillion Bailout of the Euro when we have our own financial problems caused by the Democrats. Let the European countries fix their our financial houses. Why would we bail out the Euro? Would that hurt the dollar in the process? I cannot believe this Obama Administration would even consider using our tax dollars to put us further in deficit spending to bailout the Euro. The US Treasury is not Obama's piggy bank!

Latest Near $1 Trillion Bailout of Euro Comes on the Heels of Bailout for Greece

Washington, D.C. -- U.S. Congressman Mike Pence, Chairman of the House Republican Conference, issued the following statement today regarding news that the United States is being asked to participate in a near $1 trillion bailout to keep the Euro afloat. This comes on the heels of American taxpayers being forced to share in the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) bailout of Greece. The United States is the world's largest contributor to the IMF. Pence said:

"The bailout of Greece set a dangerous precedent of using American tax dollars for other European bailouts. Now Americans are waking up to the harsh reality that they may be on the hook to keep the Euro afloat as well.

"It is important for world markets that Greece and other European nations right their economic ships, but American taxpayers should not be responsible for bailing out nations that have created their own debt crises through out-of-control spending.

"With Portugal, Spain and perhaps others to follow in Greece's footsteps in the near future, this action shows the Obama Administration is headed down a dangerous path of bailing out European countries at a time when we face our own debt crisis."

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day from Marco Rubio

May 9, 2010

Dear Sharon,

Today, we honor moms across the nation for being role models to their children and families and for their contributions in careers as varied as public service, medicine, education and on the front lines of safeguarding our freedoms at home and abroad.

In my own life, my mother has been a powerful source of inspiration. Having come to the United States in the late 1950s with only her family and work ethic, my mom spent the next forty years working long hours to provide for our family and give my two sisters, brother and me the opportunity to thrive. I have always been in awe of her and people of her generation who lost their dreams in Cuba only to embrace America's liberties and work hard to ensure their children could fufill their own dreams here. My mother's selfless sacrifices - as a hotel maid, a Kmart stock clerk, and the work she did inside our household - taught me important life lessons about the value of hard work, empowering children and making sure they always understand that, in America, anything is possible. Everything I am and have today, I owe to my mother and father.

On this Mother's Day, I also give thanks to God for my wife Jeanette. During our thirteen years of marriage, she has been the rock of our family and a daily source of inspiration. Her devotion to our four children - Amanda, Daniella, Anthony and Dominic - has enriched their lives and ensured they too can enjoy all the blessings and opportunities she and I enjoyed because of our own parents.

I also want to celebrate the inspiring example of Cuba's Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White). As the mothers, wives and daughters of Cuban political prisoners, these women have spent years courageously exercising God-given freedoms that are outlawed in Cuba. Every Sunday after Mass, they have taken to the streets in peaceful marches to insist on the liberation of their loved ones. In recent months, they have come under attack by the regime for this. Undeterred and unafraid, they have only recommitted their efforts. Theirs is a courage driven by their commitment to freedom but also by the selfless love that mothers everywhere possess for their sons and daughters. Today, we honor that selfless love.

Happy Mother's Day!

Marco Rubio

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Need Your Support -- Scott Brown on Earmarks

We can thank the people of Massachusetts for sending Scott Brown to the Senate to join Senators Coburn and McCain to fight earmarks. What a breath of fresh air from the State of Massachusetts in the Senate. Please sign his petitition to have a one year moratorium on earmarks which we hope with a Republican Senate will be permanent.
7 Feb 2010
I Need Your Support


I wanted to give you this quick update about what is happening in Washington. I wrote an op-ed today in the Boston Herald explaining how earmarks are worsening our national debt.

Few things better symbolize the broken nature of Washington than the process known as “earmarking.” Earmarking is essentially a way for members of Congress to direct spending on a particular project outside the normal authorization process. One of my first votes as a U.S. senator was to support a one-year moratorium on all earmarks to send a clear signal about wasteful spending as we work to get our fiscal house in order. I was disappointed it did not pass, and have decided to voluntarily abide by the moratorium anyway.

The out-of-control spending in Washington has become a crisis and we can make a strong statement, right now, about the practice of earmarking.

We can make our voices heard and stand up against the tax and spend policies by signing this petition, right now.

By signing this petition to put a one year moratorium on earmarks, you will make a bold statement and help me continue to bang this drum in Washington.

Thanks for your support.

Scott Brown
United States Senator

P.S. Please text BROWN to 68398 if you are interested in receiving important updates on your mobile phone.

The latest email from Senator (Dr) Tom Coburn contained this fact which we think is major and a start:

Committee Passes Coburn Earmark Ban Amendment

In an unprecedented move for the Senate, the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs agreed to an amendment offered by Dr. Coburn banning all earmarks for a key disaster grant program. The Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) merit based grant program is intended to assist with projects that will significantly reduce more costly repairs resulting from future natural disasters. A recent report by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service indicated that a third of all grant funds were being siphoned away by Congressional appropriators for special interest earmarks. The report also revealed that the earmarked recipients would not have met eligibility guidelines under the normal program.
We never could figure out how any Senator had the nerve to put earmarks on Disaster Grant Programs. Every last dollar appropriated needed to go to the Disaster area. We are shocked this passed Committee and hope it will pass on the floor of the Senate.

Dr. Tom is truly a voice of Common Sense in the United States Senate, and he will be returned to the US Senate on November 2nd by the voters of Oklahoma to serve six more years.

Dear Sharon,

Perspective. Of all the important qualities currently missing in our elected leaders today, a lack of real life experience may be in shortest supply. This should come as no surprise since Congress is dominated by men and women who have rarely held a job outside of politics.

Just The Facts

Over the past month, the national debt ($12.9 trillion) grew by an average daily rate nearly equal to the total amount of money the State of Oklahoma will spend in fiscal year 2011.
Grow government or address the real problems?

Faced with a real problem in health care—skyrocketing costs and limited access for some—Congress instead rammed through a bill that will grow federal bureaucracies and put the federal government squarely in the middle of your health care decisions.

Despite growing evidence that climate change hysteria is based more on politics than science, congressional leadership is desperately trying to pass legislation that will transfer trillions of dollars from our economy to grow federal agencies in Washington.

In the midst of an economic crisis, Congress rushed to pass a so-called stimulus bill that has largely stimulated only federal and state agency budgets.

Now, the Senate is debating financial regulatory reform. Undoubtedly, there were real failures on Wall Street and in Washington that led to the meltdown we experienced. Rather than examining these failed policies and making the appropriate changes, many in Congress instinctively believe the solution lies in growing government.

It is clear that Congress is swift to act in ways that grow the federal bureaucracies, increase government authority (through regulations and laws), and even raise our debt limit. Yet, it fails to act with similar haste to address our nearly $13 trillion debt and the legacy that debt will leave our children and grandchildren.

We get the government we deserve.

The next time you wonder why the federal government’s solution to every problem is more government, and why Congress stubbornly refuses to consider its own role in creating these problems, consider the type of people we send to Washington. The Founders’ great desire for a citizen legislature holds as much wisdom today as it did in their time.

In 2010 we can make the difference.


Dr. Tom

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Karl Rove, Republican Party plot vast network to reclaim power

Lot of activity has been going on behind the scenes to get these organizations up and running. Republicans are fortunate to have people who think outside the box and are willing to accept new challenges to move the Party forward.

The Republicans involved in these efforts understand what it takes to win elections and have the respect of most Party people across the Country. This takes the 2010 and 2012 elections to a whole new level for Republicans.

Some people forget that during a Presidential election year the Republican National Committee is the one organization who can spend money directly to help the candidate for President. That is why it is so important that we have the right people in place at all levels of the RNC for the 2012 election. This election is a learning curve for some at the RNC but on November 3rd they had better be ready to hit the ground running as the Presidential election will be starting.

With all these groups now in place, Republicans are ready for the fight to Take Back the House and Senate on November 2nd, 2010!

Karl Rove, Republican Party plot vast network to reclaim power


Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie and other top Republican operatives have modeled a massive political machine off Democrats' successes.


The Republican Party’s best-connected political operatives have quietly built a massive fundraising, organizing and advertising machine based on the model assembled by Democrats early in the decade, and with the same ambitious goal — to recapture Congress and the White House.

The new groups could give Republicans and their allies a powerful campaign apparatus separate from the Republican National Committee. Karl Rove, political architect of the Bush presidency, and Ed Gillespie, former Republican Party chairman, are the most prominent forces behind what is, in effect, a network of five overlapping groups, three of which were started in the past few months.

The operating assumption of Rove, Gillespie and the other organizers is that despite the historical dominance of Republican fundraising and organizing, the GOP has been outmaneuvered by Democrats and their allies in recent years, and it is time to strike back.

“Where they have a chess piece on the board, we need a chess piece on the board,” said Gillespie, who is involved in all five groups in roles ranging from chairman to informal adviser. “Where they have a queen, we shouldn’t have three pawns.”


American Crossroads — designed to counter spending by labor and progressive groups, including the AFL-CIO, Service Employees International Unit and — will focus on voter contact with the potential to move into ground game and turnout efforts. Organized under the tax code as a Section 527 organization, meaning it can spend directly on political activity, it’s set an ambitious budget of $52 million and says it’s already received commitments for $30 million of that. Its president and CEO is former top U.S. Chamber of Commerce executive Steven Law; its political director is veteran GOP operative Carl Forti. The chairman is Mike Duncan, former RNC chairman; the treasurer is Jo Ann Davidson, former RNC co-chairwoman; and the secretary is Jim Dyke, former RNC communications director.

American Action Network, modeled on the Center for American Progress, will conduct polling in key races, and plans to put up TV advertising since it is allowed to engage in explicit political activity as a group organized under Section 501c(4) of the tax code. Former Sen. Norm Coleman of Minnesota is the CEO; Fred Malek, a longtime top GOP financier, is chairman; and Rob Collins, a former top aide to House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, is president. Board members include former U.S. Sens. George Allen and Mel Martinez and former House Reps. Tom Reynolds, Jim Nussle and Vin Weber.

American Action Forum, a policy institute linked to the American Action Network, also will mirror CAP. Coleman is also chairman of this group, which as a 501c(3) organization, is prohibited from directly endorsing or opposing candidates. Douglas Holtz-Eakin, a former Congressional Budget Office director and campaign adviser to Sen. John McCain, is the president. Board members include former Govs. Jeb Bush of Florida and Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania.

Resurgent Republic co-founded a year ago by Gillespie and Republican pollster Whit Ayres, says in its official description that it is “modeled on Democracy Corps, which has made important contributions to the public debate from the left and has proven to be a valuable resource for labor unions, environmentalists and liberal congressional leaders.” The group has released a series of polls and offers itself as a message-testing laboratory to help GOP lawmakers develop policies.

The Republican State Leadership Committee, which focuses on down-ballot races for statewide and legislative offices, raised $22 million in the last campaign cycle. Gillespie took over as chairman earlier this year.

Collectively, the groups have a goal of raising at least $50 million to $70 million.


Excerpt: Read more: Politico

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jeb Bush Endorses Marco Rubio in FL Senate Race

This may have been the worst kept secret in Florida -- it was always a matter of "when" Jeb Bush would endorse Rubio not "if" as there is no way that Jeb Bush would ever have endorsed Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio. When the news broke today, the comment we heard the most was we thought he already had endorsed Rubio -- now it is official. Jeb's two sons, George P and Jeb Jr. endorsed Marco Rubio earlier and are raising money for his race.

In his endorsement, Bush says Rubio is a passionate, principled leader who wouldn't change his views when political winds shift.

Rubio says Bush has been an inspiration to him, saying, "Gov. Bush's service to Florida is immeasurable, as is his impact on my own life and career."

Bush and the former House speaker will appear together Friday and a Pasco County Republican dinner. There should be a full house in Pasco County for their County Dinner.

With no primary opponent, Rubio and his supporters can concentrate on winning on November 2nd, 2010, and sending both opponents to a resounding defeat. Wouldn't give you two cents for the Rasmussen Poll on the Florida race -- he is not doing very good in State races so far this year like Indiana's Senate race.