Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New TV Ad: “Complete The Danged Fence”

In a new TV ad, Senator John McCain and Sheriff Paul Babeu discuss the McCain / Kyl 10 Point Border Security Plan.

This message from Senator McCain and Sheriff Babeau is right on target -- Obama and his Administration need to get their act together and complete the Border Fence but we are not holding our breath. We don't expect it to happen until Republicans take over control of Congress in 2010. Then they will probably have to override a veto by Obama but we can get it done if we keep pushing. Every last American needs to get behind this push for Border Security.

Bulding the remainder of fence to secure our southern border seems to have no priority from this Administration to get it finished. The border fence at El Paso shows it will work as they are keeping the drug wars in Juarez and not allowing them to cross into El Paso which has become one of the safest large cities in America.

Since a border fence has been shown to work, build it now -- the entire length of the southern border needs the fence like yesterday. Stop the influx of illegals into this Country NOW. Senator McCain is correct about Border Security.

This is another issue where we are hearing next to nothing from Napolitano except there is no money -- instead of wasting money propping up the Euro, we should be building the fence and there would be money left over from the $1 trillion they spent on the euro that failed..

In the meantime before the fence is completed, the National Guard needs activated and assigned to the southern border. The request has been made by Senators McCain, Kyl, and others but all we hear are crickets chirping out of Obama and Napolitano all the while more illegals are entering the United States.

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