Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Take the Money and Run" -- Charlie Crist on Refusing to return Donations Flip Flop

05.13.10 Rubio For Senate Releases New Web Video: “Take The Money And Run”

Miami, FL – With Charlie Crist breaking his pledge to “the people” to refund campaign contributions if asked, the Rubio for Senate campaign today released a new web video entitled, “Take the Money and Run.” When Charlie Crist announced that he would run for the United States Senate as an Independent, he said he would refund contributions to those who asked. However, now he says he won’t – another change in position that has been called a “flip flop.” Charlie Crist’s willingness to do-say-be anything to win an election has led him to change positions on party registration, the stimulus, abortion, offshore drilling, taxes, government spending and, now, doing the right thing.

Check out the video here:

NOTE: We noticed in the interview with Joe Scarborough that Crist said not one person had asked for their money back no one -- we know for a fact that is not true as 20 large donors including Chris Sullivan, co-founder of the Outback restaurants, who bundled money for Crist wrote a letter on May 5th immediately demanding their money back which was made public. Guess Crist missed that one and others. If it doesn't make any difference to his campaign, WHY doesn't he give the money back?

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