Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Senator John McCain Speaks Out on the Misstatements by JD Hayworth

We are so happy to see Senator McCain take off his gloves and tell the truth about J.D. Hayworth who never met pork or an earmark he didn't like.

We are frankly astounded at so-called conservative sites that support Hayworth. When is taking money from tribal entities as part of the Abramoff scandal being a fiscal conservative. On top of that he refused to return the contributions and then wondered why he lost his race.

So why is Hayworth running?

Best guess is that he saw an opportunity to get in thick with the conservative websites with his stand on immigration and figured they would not bother to check out his background or if he was telling the truth which has turned out to be the case. He was counting on them donating money to him so he could retire his debt from his 2006 campaign and he was right. How long would it have taken for anyone on the internet to discover all they need to know about why Hayworth would be bad for the Senate?

No one who is a serious candidate misrepresents their opponent like he has done to Senator McCain or gets history facts like the US didn't issue a formal declaration of war against Germany in WWII so wrong. Then he tries to spin what he meant to say. Sounds more like a Democrat everyday as he spins when caught.

Hayworth has one slight problem -- people of Arizona who vote know him well. The people of Arizona need to send Senator McCain back to the Senate to continue the fight with Sen Tom Coburn (R-OK) and others against pork and earmarks. Last thing the Republicans in the US Senate needs is a Senator who loves pork and earmarks.

Excerpts from Senator McCain's own words from his email today:

Unfortunately, instead of finding solutions to our state and nation's many challenges, my primary opponent, former Congressman J.D. Hayworth, would rather spend his time misrepresenting both my record and now, history itself. Congressman Hayworth can't seem to get his facts straight lately. Not only has he launched false attacks on me, but he recently erroneously stated the United States never declared war on Nazi Germany during World War II. We simply cannot afford to send someone to the U.S. Senate who plays loosely with the facts. The American people deserve better.

And we certainly cannot afford to send a failed former Congressman who supported thousands of earmarks worth billions of dollars before voters kicked him out of office. Let me just give you three examples of his outrageous earmark votes when he was in Congress: $5.8 million for Vermont snowmobile trail, $250,000 to control Maui seaweed, and we all remember the infamous $223 million "Bridge to Nowhere."

The Obama Administration and Congressional Democratic leaders have pushed our country farther to the left than anyone could have imagined. We need strong and committed fiscal conservatives to stand up and oppose their out of control spending. I have a record of fighting against pork barrel spending and am not afraid to confront President Obama or any Member of Congress who supports wasting taxpayer funds. Arizona and the nation can't afford JD Hayworth.

I am committed to our shared conservative values and pledge to continue representing and fighting for these if reelected. So I ask you to please renew your commitment to my campaign today with a generous donation of any amount.

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