Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Primary Races in Indiana, Ohio, and North Carolina

On some 'conservative' websites, we keep seeing people post 'throw out all the incumbents' and have yet to figure out why they are saying that. Republicans in the House and Senate have stood up and are fighting against the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda every day. They should be thanked for the job they are doing.

Yesterday the voters in three states did just that. They elected incumbents to run in the November election. Cong Burton had six challengers in Indiana but pulled it out last night. Former Senator Dan Coats who entered the race for US Senate from Indiana in February and a week later Democrat Senator Bayh decided to not to run, won his race last night against four other Republicans.

A lot has been written on sites about the Indiana Senate race against Dan Coats and for the other conservatives in the race supported by the Tea Party Express. Dan Coats is a conservative and was probably one of the more knowledgeable Senators on Foreign Affairs and Defense when he retired. We hated to see him retire from the Senate in 1998.

One of the items we keep seeing brought up by some of these 'conservatives' is that Coats voted for gun locks on guns sold at gun shows. We support the 2nd amendment but how many young children would be alive today if their parents had put locks on their guns lying around the house. Parents get careless, leave a gun around, and young children play with the gun and it goes off. We have never figured out why anyone would keep a loaded gun with children in the house.

We believed all along that Coats would be the better candidate to take on the Democrats and take this seat back Republican. We think his experience will make the difference. The State Senator Stutzman ran a very good campaign and expect to see more of him in the future. This year Republicans needed someone to force Bayh out of the race no matter what Bayh says that he wasn't running. Timing of him pulling out of the race was too convenient especially since he was running two weeks earlier.

The Ohio race for US Senator is shaping up to keep that Senate seat Republican. The Democrats Fisher and Brunner ran a nasty race. Fisher was supported by Obama and the National Dems while Brunner was the Ohio Secretary of State that favored Obama big time in Ohio in 2008 and refused to abide by Court rulings. Fisher won last night and has very little money left in his campaign after spending almost $4M on his Senate race. Rob Portman, the Republican, is sitting on over $7M and more will be pouring in for the general election. Former Congressman Portman will be picking up more support in Ohio with Fisher as his opponent not to mention help from around the Country.

Minority Leader John Boehner and other incumbents from Ohio won their primaries by large numbers. Boehner has done a masterful job with keeping the GOP Conference together to fight the Obama and Pelosi agenda. The voters of Ohio rewarded their Republicans for doing such a great job in standing up for them.

The same was true in North Carolina where Senator Burr won his primary along with other Republican incumbents.

If there is a lesson to be learned from these states it is that the Silent Majority who are furious at what they see happening in D.C. will make their voices heard at the ballot box. These are the Reagan voters who may be too busy to take part in the Tea Party movement, but are fed up with what they see coming out of this Congress and this President and spoke yesterday in three states at the ballot box.

We believe the Reagan voters are going to be heard across the Country on November 2nd as we share the same philosophy of smaller government, less taxes, strong national security, and appointing strict constructionist judges. Strong National Security means not only supporting our military but also securing our borders. The Border Fence needs finished. It is working in El Paso, Texas, and will work along the rest of the border.

It was good day for the Republican Party as the men and women who are fighting so hard for us in DC won their primaries and we are going into the November elections strong in Indiana, Ohio, and North Carolina.

Texas who voted several months ago in their primary has a strong Republican slate running as well as these three states. With Rick Perry leading the ticket for Republicans as the Governor's candidate, we expect a lot of Republicans victories in Texas on November 2nd.

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