Thursday, May 27, 2010

NJ Teacher who complained to Gov Chris Christie she deserved $83k actually makes $86k

What a horrible example this union teacher is to students as she lied to the Governor about how much salary she made to score points against his wanting to freeze teacher salaries. Shame on her for using the forum of talking to the Governor to push the union lie freezing teacher salaries "is the greateast assault on public education in the history of the state."

Sounds to us that the greatest assault on public education are the teachers who lie for the union when they should know better because salaries are public record.

Score: Gov Christie: 1 -- Union Teacher: 0

NJ Teacher who complained to Gov. Chris Christie she deserved $83k actually makes $86k

By: Mark HemingwayCommentary Staff Writer

05/26/10 3:48 PM EDT

Yesterday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had a little dust-up with teacher Rita Wilson. Upset over Christie’s education budget, Wilson complained that she wasn’t paid enough and got sharp rebuke from the governor:

But borough teacher Rita Wilson, a Kearny resident, argued that if she were paid $3 an hour for the 30 children in her class, she’d be earning $83,000, and she makes nothing near that.

“You’re getting more than that if you include the cost of your benefits,” Christie interrupted.

When Wilson, who has a master’s degree, said she was not being compensated for her education and experience, Christie said:

“Well, you know then that you don’t have to do it.” Some in the audience applauded.
Christie said he would not have had to impose cuts to education if the teachers union had agreed to his call for a one-year salary freeze and a 1.5 percent increase in employee benefit contributions.

“Your union said that is the greatest assault on public education in the history of the state,” Christie said. “That’s why the union has no credibility, stupid statements like that.”

Surrounded by reporters after she spoke, Wilson said she was shaking from the encounter, and worried she might get in trouble for speaking out.

Hmm. Well, based on this PDF from the Rutherford, New Jersey Board of Education — it looks like Ms. Wilson makes a salary of $86,389.

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