Sunday, May 2, 2010

AZ Central Wrongly takes after Arizona Politicians on Immigration targeting Sen McCain, Sen Kyl and their Reps

Once again Arizona Central seems to have painted with a broad brush all of the AZ delegation missing the facts on Senators McCain and Kyl and their border plan.

JOHN McCAIN, the one-time maverick and former champion of comprehensive immigration reform, also came down with a convenient loss of memory and principle. Facing a primary race against J.D. Hayworth, whose demagoguery on this issue is practiced and predictable, Sen. McCain became a man afraid of his own record. He locked himself behind a door marked "Do not disturb until the border is secure." Here's some straight talk the senator should understand: The border cannot be secured as long as the current irrational border policies remain unchanged.

Unlike Arizona Central, we know that Senator McCain has been calling for troops on the border for over a year with ZERO action on the part of the former AZ Governor now the head of Homeland Security Janet Napplitano. Yet AZ Central is blaming Sen McCain? Maybe they should do their research before writing the article but it might not fit their agenda because of what they are going to find such as the detailed 10 point plan that Arizona Senators McCain and Kyl put forth that you can find at Why isn't this 10 point plan discussed in the article?

Then there is another major fact that AZ Central continues to ignore and that is that Senator McCain has been addressing the illegal immigration for many years, only to fall on deaf ears. Well now everyone is starting to come on board and it's time to take action.

How can one news source miss that Senator McCain has called for troops on the border for the last year, Senators McCain and Kyle have a 10 point plan on immigration, and the fact that McCain has been saying something has to be done about illegal immigration for years?

So what is the JD Hayworth answer to this -- send out his minions with multiple accounts to post against Senator McCain. What has he offered in the way of a plan? Unless someone is going to pay him big bucks to come with a plan, he will jump on someone else's plan like it was his own. In sports, Hayworth would be known as a bandwagon jumper.

We do not understand this article at all, but there has been so much rhetoric put out about the AZ Immigration bill that was passed, we will put that in the trash heap with the rest of the spin we are seeing out of the liberals against Arizona.

While taking a trip to Colorado this summer, the state of Arizona has been added to the itinerary on the way back home in order to spend a few dollars to show support for Arizona legislation and against the boycott that some people are urging because of a state taking action against illegals that the Federal Government should be doing.

There is only one choice for Arizona voters in the Republican primary and that is Senator John McCain who is a man on integrity and honesty.

Below is the new ad by Senator McCain on Border Security and the 10-point plan:

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  1. Great Post Sharon! You hit the nail on the head with this one. Fantastic job as always!