Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Need Your Support -- Scott Brown on Earmarks

We can thank the people of Massachusetts for sending Scott Brown to the Senate to join Senators Coburn and McCain to fight earmarks. What a breath of fresh air from the State of Massachusetts in the Senate. Please sign his petitition to have a one year moratorium on earmarks which we hope with a Republican Senate will be permanent.
7 Feb 2010
I Need Your Support


I wanted to give you this quick update about what is happening in Washington. I wrote an op-ed today in the Boston Herald explaining how earmarks are worsening our national debt.

Few things better symbolize the broken nature of Washington than the process known as “earmarking.” Earmarking is essentially a way for members of Congress to direct spending on a particular project outside the normal authorization process. One of my first votes as a U.S. senator was to support a one-year moratorium on all earmarks to send a clear signal about wasteful spending as we work to get our fiscal house in order. I was disappointed it did not pass, and have decided to voluntarily abide by the moratorium anyway.

The out-of-control spending in Washington has become a crisis and we can make a strong statement, right now, about the practice of earmarking.

We can make our voices heard and stand up against the tax and spend policies by signing this petition, right now.

By signing this petition to put a one year moratorium on earmarks, you will make a bold statement and help me continue to bang this drum in Washington.

Thanks for your support.

Scott Brown
United States Senator

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