Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekly Republican Address, 5/1/10: Rep Hoekstra, (R-MI)

Would like to know what Cong Hoekstra thought of Obama's speech after he turned the speech at the University of Michigan into a political speech to attack Republicans and anyone else he considers his enemies. Obama took aim at partisan rants -- guess as members of the opposition we are not to say anything against Obama and his policies.

He has never gotten it through his head that the rants are against his agenda, policies, and secrecy about his associates, his college days, and his background growing up. Most secretive President ever and he has the nerve to attack anyone who disagrees with him at a Commencement Speech?

The vast majority of Republicans haven't come close to what the Democrats called President Bush and never will. The big difference is that President Bush was never moving our Country toward socialism like Obama. The Obama agenda is out of touch with American values and even the Obama voters are waking up to the fact that Hope and Change of Obama is not what they expected.

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