Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jeb Bush Endorses Marco Rubio at Reagan Day Dinner in Pasco County!

This election on November 2, 2010, is going to be huge for this Nation and our children and grandchildren's futures -- Jeb Bush is absolutely correct. Jeb Bush as Governor is what all residents of states should expect out of their Governor -- he has set the bar high for future Florida Governors and current NO PARTY (NP) Governor X has not come close to Jeb's outstanding performance as Governor. Jeb always put the people of Florida first while NP X puts himself first.

When I put my Marco Rubio bumperstrip on my car this week, I figured I was going to be asked why I had that on my car as I drove around Oklahoma. I pulled into the grocery parking lot this morning and the first person that commented wanted to know where they could get a bumperstrip for Rubio as "Rubio has to beat that lowlife Obama lover Crist" -- that is from an Oklahoman so I cannot fathom what Florida Republicans are saying about their NP Governor. I just laughed and told him where to go on line to get one. Several people commented they loved the Rubio bumperstrip, and he is going to win as they have family in Florida all supporting Rubio.

It hit me talking to these people that the American people are getting scared about what they are seeing from this Administration and Democrat Congress. They want to support candidates like Marco Rubio from Florida because he is a conservative with principles. Our two Senators Inhofe and Coburn need help to fight the waste and runaway spending of the Democrats. Right now we have not heard of anyone running against Sen Coburn so it is not going to be a major player and probably little money from the Democrats in the race. Soros millions couldn't defeat Sen Inhofe in 2008.

That leaves Oklahomans looking at other Senate seats like Rubio in Florida, Toomey in Pennsylvania, Portman in Ohio, Coats in Indiana, and Kirk in Illinois who are all newcomers to the Senate races. One thing we can all do from other states is to donate to these candidates -- $15, $20 or more every month can make a difference if enough of us donate. We can elect the people we need to stop the runaway spending of the Democrats and send reinforcements to the Republican Senators who have been putting up such a good fight.

Having Jeb Bush give this type of endorsement has to be one of the highlights of any campaign. We believe that Marco Rubio will make us all proud as a United States Senator from the Great State of Florida.

May 20, 2010

Dear Sharon,

Recently, I had the opportunity to campaign with Marco Rubio at the Pasco County Reagan Day Dinner. It was great to see a room so full of energy and excitement about the Republican resurgence we’re seeing today. And Marco Rubio’s message embodies that excitement, as he is a man who is so passionate about his foundational beliefs.

For those of you who couldn’t join us in Pasco, watch the event here

I have spent a lifetime in the Republican Party and had the honor of serving as Florida's Governor for eight years. I can tell you one thing that must always come first to succeed as a leader and as a party, and that is we must put our principles first and put our big, bold ideas on the table.

Today, with our country facing a crossroads, we must elect leaders like Marco Rubio. Stand with me today to help elect Marco Rubio.

Washington is broken and Marco Rubio is the only candidate in this race that I trust to help fix it. He is a bright, passionate and principled leader who approaches public service with a servant's heart and a reformer’s detail for policy. Reforming Washington will not be easy and will require leaders who stay true to their principles even when the odds are stacked against them. The last thing the Senate needs is another politician who has to take a poll to make a decision.
With Marco, what you see is what you get. You can trust him to look you in the eye and tell you where he stands. And most of all, you can trust that his principles will not change every time the political winds shift direction.

This White House and this Congress are taking our nation in the wrong direction. I hope all Floridians will ask themselves whether they want their next Senator to be a rubber stamp for the Obama agenda or to stand up to it and offer a clear, conservative alternative. I want to elect people who aren’t just against things but are for changing what is wrong with the current system so that our children and grandchildren have a fighting chance to be able to pursue their dreams as we have.

I urge you to support candidates who are conservative, bold and courageous.

Marco Rubio is that bold, courageous candidate and we need to do all we can to support him. Join me today and do what you can to support Marco’s campaign.

Donate what you can. Forward this email to your friends and ask them to join us or share this with your networks.

Together, we can take our country back by restoring conservative principles and limited government.

Proud to stand,

Jeb Bush

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