Tuesday, November 16, 2010

God Bless America -- Have a Great Thanksgiving!

We are taking a break from Voices and will pick back up on the 29th of November after Thanksgiving with updates on what is happening in States with their new Republican Governor-Elects like my home state of Oklahoma where Mary Fallin's transition team is working to bring her new team together.

Please visit http://democratsforsale.blogspot.com/, our sister site to find out what is happening with the Congress and Obama during the lameduck session.  Please ignore any warning about Malware because it has been taken care of but Google has said it will take several weeks to clear the site as they have so many waiting to be cleared. The widgit causing the problem has been removed so there is no danger to anyone's computer.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend and may God Bless you and yours along with this great Country.  No one sings God Bless America than Kate Smith:

Friday, November 12, 2010

It's On: Saul Anuzis Will Challenge Michael Steele for RNC Chairmanship (Outstanding)

We couldn't agree with Saul Anuzis more about this challenge. If I was looking to support someone for RNC Chair, Michigan would be a good place to start after the outstanding job they did in the 2010 election. They have elected Rick Snyder, a Republican businessman, to be the next Michigan Governor and also took control of the legislature. If someone would have told us six months ago that Michigan would go red in 2010, we would have burst out laughing.

That can do attitude of Saul Anuzis and other key Republicans in Michigan made it happen to the amazement of a lot of long time Republican activists. They were organized and Rick Snyder had a message that resonated with Michigan voters.

We were originally supporters of Ken Blackwell for RNC Chair and Steele was a distance choice. In fact the OK GOP Chair supported Michael Steele who we believe would have done a much better job. We are not donating one cent to the RNC while Steele is the Chairman after he took donations and paid Sarah Palin's legal bills so she would campaign with him. We didn't donate to have the RNC pay her legal bills, and we are not alone. Frankly most people I know in the Party are appalled at what they have been seeing out of Steele from some of his comments to his fundraising.

Earlier this election cycle, I received $1 in the mail from the RNC asking for donations. How much did that cost them? I didn't send in a donation. Then we had the overnight express mail package I had to go to the post office and sign for as I wasn't home when it arrived. Thought it was something important -- wrong it was a fundraising appeal from the RNC. In fact if I stacked up all the appeals for fundraising that came in snail mail, it would reach the ceiling. Sometimes I averaged 6-8 appeals a day from various candidates. One day I received three from the Angle campaign in NV. But the top one was the RNC. Would hate to hear how much they spent on direct mail and postage.

Try talking to a live person who knows anything at the RNC -- you spend hours trying to get through to an office only to find out you are now talking to someone in another state who has no clue. Ask for a call back and it never happens when you are answering their correspondence.

They won't see one penny out of anyone I know until the mess is cleaned up and fundraising is common sense. I don't mind getting a fundraising letter at the first of the year to pay dues, but send me email after that which is a lot cheaper. This year I am not paying dues until I see a change. The new RNC Chair needs to do a clean sweep at the Headquarters and quit hiring sons and daughters of big donors. Hire fewer people, but hire professionals.

Mainly stop this continual snail mail request for fundraising. I don't open the letters now -- just throw them in File 13 to go out with the trash.

Want a Chairman who speaks for Republicans like Haley Barbour did as RNC Chair. At times I have wondered which side Steele is on which is not good. Just the fact he is being challenged made my afternoon!

It's On: Saul Anuzis Will Challenge Michael Steele for RNC Chairmanship
Nov 12, 2010 • By JOHN MCCORMACK

Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele drew his first official challenger this morning when former Michigan GOP chairman and current Michigan committeeman Saul Anuzis declared his intentions on Twitter. "I’m in. I’m running for Chairman of the RNC," tweeted Anuzis, who posted a link to a letter to all RNC members. "My goal: take back the White House by bringing donors back, finding new ones, & having the best 72-hour effort ever."

Chairman Steele, beset by lackluster fundraising and a string of gaffes, will face stiff competition if, as reported, he wants to keep his job. While Anuzis surely won't be the only person competing, he enters the race in a strong position, respected by both conservative activists and members of the RNC, who are likely to elevate one of their own if they decide to replace Steele. Anuzis ran an unsuccessful campaign to be chairman in 2008 and continued to serve as a committeeman, so he's well known by the committee's other 167 voting members. Earlier this week, RedState's Erick Erickson floated Anuzis's name for RNC chairman.

RNC insiders tell THE WEEKLY STANDARD that currently about 40 to 50 RNC committee members back Steele, 40 to 50 someone other than Steele, with the remaining members undecided; 85 votes are needed to be elected chairman of the RNC at its meeting in mid-January. Support for Steele could implode--and implode rather quickly if Wisconsin chairman Reince Priebus, a member of Steele's inner circle who was the chairman of Steele's 2008 RNC campaign, decides to run. Another committee member who has reportedly expressed interest in the job is former national chairman Mike Duncan. Other RNC members and a few outsiders are considering a run.

Anuzis's pitch to be chairman is pretty simple and straightforward: The RNC "needs someone behind the scenes," Anuzis told me yesterday, who is "making the trains run on time and raising the money necessary to run the 72-hour [get out the vote] program."

Steele has faced criticism from a number of Republicans for not raising enough money to fully fund "get out the vote" operations. "I have no doubt that the RNC cost us several close races," one Republican campaign manager, who managed a statewide race this year, told me. "The 72-hour program was not funded to the extent it was in the past."

"It is clear that the high-dollar donors do not have confidence in the RNC, in particular the chairman," Mississippi committeeman Henry Barbour told THE WEEKLY STANDARD Thursday. "And until there's a change in the way things are done and the leadership, they're not coming back. And we have to have them in a presidential cycle to be successful."

While the overall amount of money raised by the RNC was high, Barbour explained, much of that money was spent on high-cost direct-mail fundraising. "So when you hear the chairman talk about how much money he's raised, what you don't hear him talking about is putting historic amounts of money into campaigns because they spent all of their money trying to go get more money," Barbour said. A fundraising report next week will shed light on just how bad the financial situation was, but even Steele's supporters admit that the "national party gave less to states than it had in recent years." While the RNC transferred $2 million to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Democratic National Committee was able to transfer three times as much cash to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Excerpt:  Read More at The Weekly Standard

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oklahoma Republicans Sweep Statewide Races on November 2nd, 2010

Great day to be from Oklahoma! We were happy to see Governor Henry and Governor-Elect Fallin meet today and hear about the kind words of Jari Askins last night which was class all the way. Today we are all Oklahomans ready to roll up our sleeves and make Oklahoma even better with a business friendly environment.

Having lived on both coasts, in Ohio and Texas, can truthfully say that Oklahoma is the best place by far to live -- friendly people, affordable, and a great University right here in Norman that has grown in stature since former Senator Boren exchanged the US Senate to become the President of the University of Oklahoma.

For the first time in Oklahoma history, Republicans will control the Governor's Office, all statewide offices, and the State Legislature. Winning every statewide race starting with Mary Fallin for Governor and increasing our numbers in the Oklahoma House and Senate is something we hoped would happen but now it is reality.

While Mary was running for Congress in 2008, a lot of us were encouraging her to run for Governor in 2010. Remember at our State Convention in 2009 when Mary spoke about running for Governor and looked around to see the enthusiasm. Put her bumperstrip on my car and there is still one on there today (3rd one) right next to the one for Marco Rubio. It was the right time for her to return to Oklahoma to run for Governor and become our first woman Governor-Elect last night.

One piece of history that we were going to have last night was electing the first woman Governor. Current Lt Governor Jari Askins ran a campaign that went against the Republican wind of conservatism sweeping through Oklahoma. She didn't stand much of a chance of winning in this State where every County went for John McCain as she supported Barack Obama in 2008.

What a wonderful sound to hear on the radio -- Governor Elect Mary Fallin. Not sure in the history of our state there has ever been anyone more qualified to be Governor then Mary and there is NO ONE who sells Oklahoma better. She is a one-woman Chamber of Commerce for Oklahoma as she has traveled around the Country. With Mary as Governor and Todd Lamb as Lt Governor, we have a team that will be second to none when it comes to small business and now the sign is out that Oklahoma is open for business.

When we moved to Oklahoma in Jan 1997, Republicans controlled most of the state government except for Attorney General and School Superintendent -- now we control those with Scott Pruit for AG and Janet Barrisi for Superintendent. Frankly I thought they were both a long shot until two really candidates ran.

Our favorite ad person, Mark Costello, will be taking over as Labor Commissioner from the guitar stealing Lloyd Fields. Gary Jones will be our new Auditor which is going to shake up that office. Our last elected Auditor ended up in prison. Treasurer is another position that a long time Democrat had held the seat but now it is going to be held by Republican Ken Miller.

Kept hearing that Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland could not be beat. Wrong -- John Doak is going to be our next Insurance Commissioner.

Republicans control the three members of the Corporation Commission so that gives us a clean sweep for the first time ever of statewide seats and the legislature.

These people have been given the keys to State Government by the voters of Red State Oklahoma and firmly believe that they are going to make us very proud to call them our elected officials. A new day is dawning in Oklahoma and today we are all Oklahomans.

For the first time in four years, I am represented by a Republican in the State Legislature.

God Bless the Great State of Oklahoma!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Get Out The Vote -- Mary Fallin Republican for Oklahoma Governor

UPDATE: Nov 2nd, 2010 -- Proudly cast my vote for Mary Fallin and the statewide Republicans running for office here in Oklahoma about an hour ago and then promptly put my I Voted stick on the bumperstrip I have for Mary on the back of my SUV.

Felt like I was back in California with the number of initiative issues on the ballot some of which were 'feel good' types that were ridiculous. These were from the legislature for the most part and sure hope in the future some of that ends because they cloud the really good issues like voter ID being required. As I read through them I was grateful to The Oklahoman for detailing them.   Most of them were from the same two people in the legislature.  Think that needs to change in the future to be initiatives by the voters not the legislature.

My home state of Ohio looks to be going RED today in statewide races.  Ohio and Florida will be back in Red State America after today!  Oklahoma is going to turn the Governor's Office and other State Offices red to match the Red from 2008!

GO VOTE if you haven't voted already and prepare to enjoy this evening!  The day is slowly going by unlike some days that have flown by. 

There are several races in this Country that are near and dear to the people involved here and with our sister site -- Oklahoma and Florida Governor races along with the Florida and Colorado Senate races have been top priorities for us in this election season.  We are also interested in the OK Senate race of Dr. Tom Coburn but that race has never been in doubt.  This will be the first time in 8 years that Oklahoma will have a Republican Governor who is also a conservative. We have to Get Out The Vote to make sure that the polling is correct and Mary Fallin will by Governor-Elect Fallin on the night of November 2nd.

Get Out The Vote -- Rick Scott Republican Candidate for Florida Governor

Rick's Scott's last TV Ad of the campaign -- Let's Get to Work!

On November 2nd, Floridians can send a message to Red State America -- 'We are Back!'   By electing Rick Scott as the new Florida Governor, Florida will be put on a path to more jobs, less taxes and government which was the path started by Jeb Bush that the pretend Conservative Republican Charlie Crist interrupted.  Time to take back the Governor's Office from now 'No Party' Crist who supports Obama policies which right there says he is no Conservative Republican.   No wonder Florida turned blue for Obama with Crist as the Governor.  Crist wasted no time embracing Obama and his Agenda for Florida which failed.   Now it is time to put Rick Scott who is a 'real' Conservative Republican with a plan in office to clean up the mess left by the Obama supporter Crist and the Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.