Monday, November 1, 2010

Get Out The Vote -- Rick Scott Republican Candidate for Florida Governor

Rick's Scott's last TV Ad of the campaign -- Let's Get to Work!

On November 2nd, Floridians can send a message to Red State America -- 'We are Back!'   By electing Rick Scott as the new Florida Governor, Florida will be put on a path to more jobs, less taxes and government which was the path started by Jeb Bush that the pretend Conservative Republican Charlie Crist interrupted.  Time to take back the Governor's Office from now 'No Party' Crist who supports Obama policies which right there says he is no Conservative Republican.   No wonder Florida turned blue for Obama with Crist as the Governor.  Crist wasted no time embracing Obama and his Agenda for Florida which failed.   Now it is time to put Rick Scott who is a 'real' Conservative Republican with a plan in office to clean up the mess left by the Obama supporter Crist and the Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

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