Tuesday, November 16, 2010

God Bless America -- Have a Great Thanksgiving!

We are taking a break from Voices and will pick back up on the 29th of November after Thanksgiving with updates on what is happening in States with their new Republican Governor-Elects like my home state of Oklahoma where Mary Fallin's transition team is working to bring her new team together.

Please visit http://democratsforsale.blogspot.com/, our sister site to find out what is happening with the Congress and Obama during the lameduck session.  Please ignore any warning about Malware because it has been taken care of but Google has said it will take several weeks to clear the site as they have so many waiting to be cleared. The widgit causing the problem has been removed so there is no danger to anyone's computer.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend and may God Bless you and yours along with this great Country.  No one sings God Bless America than Kate Smith:

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