Monday, November 1, 2010

Get Out The Vote -- Mary Fallin Republican for Oklahoma Governor

UPDATE: Nov 2nd, 2010 -- Proudly cast my vote for Mary Fallin and the statewide Republicans running for office here in Oklahoma about an hour ago and then promptly put my I Voted stick on the bumperstrip I have for Mary on the back of my SUV.

Felt like I was back in California with the number of initiative issues on the ballot some of which were 'feel good' types that were ridiculous. These were from the legislature for the most part and sure hope in the future some of that ends because they cloud the really good issues like voter ID being required. As I read through them I was grateful to The Oklahoman for detailing them.   Most of them were from the same two people in the legislature.  Think that needs to change in the future to be initiatives by the voters not the legislature.

My home state of Ohio looks to be going RED today in statewide races.  Ohio and Florida will be back in Red State America after today!  Oklahoma is going to turn the Governor's Office and other State Offices red to match the Red from 2008!

GO VOTE if you haven't voted already and prepare to enjoy this evening!  The day is slowly going by unlike some days that have flown by. 

There are several races in this Country that are near and dear to the people involved here and with our sister site -- Oklahoma and Florida Governor races along with the Florida and Colorado Senate races have been top priorities for us in this election season.  We are also interested in the OK Senate race of Dr. Tom Coburn but that race has never been in doubt.  This will be the first time in 8 years that Oklahoma will have a Republican Governor who is also a conservative. We have to Get Out The Vote to make sure that the polling is correct and Mary Fallin will by Governor-Elect Fallin on the night of November 2nd.

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