Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oklahoma Republicans Sweep Statewide Races on November 2nd, 2010

Great day to be from Oklahoma! We were happy to see Governor Henry and Governor-Elect Fallin meet today and hear about the kind words of Jari Askins last night which was class all the way. Today we are all Oklahomans ready to roll up our sleeves and make Oklahoma even better with a business friendly environment.

Having lived on both coasts, in Ohio and Texas, can truthfully say that Oklahoma is the best place by far to live -- friendly people, affordable, and a great University right here in Norman that has grown in stature since former Senator Boren exchanged the US Senate to become the President of the University of Oklahoma.

For the first time in Oklahoma history, Republicans will control the Governor's Office, all statewide offices, and the State Legislature. Winning every statewide race starting with Mary Fallin for Governor and increasing our numbers in the Oklahoma House and Senate is something we hoped would happen but now it is reality.

While Mary was running for Congress in 2008, a lot of us were encouraging her to run for Governor in 2010. Remember at our State Convention in 2009 when Mary spoke about running for Governor and looked around to see the enthusiasm. Put her bumperstrip on my car and there is still one on there today (3rd one) right next to the one for Marco Rubio. It was the right time for her to return to Oklahoma to run for Governor and become our first woman Governor-Elect last night.

One piece of history that we were going to have last night was electing the first woman Governor. Current Lt Governor Jari Askins ran a campaign that went against the Republican wind of conservatism sweeping through Oklahoma. She didn't stand much of a chance of winning in this State where every County went for John McCain as she supported Barack Obama in 2008.

What a wonderful sound to hear on the radio -- Governor Elect Mary Fallin. Not sure in the history of our state there has ever been anyone more qualified to be Governor then Mary and there is NO ONE who sells Oklahoma better. She is a one-woman Chamber of Commerce for Oklahoma as she has traveled around the Country. With Mary as Governor and Todd Lamb as Lt Governor, we have a team that will be second to none when it comes to small business and now the sign is out that Oklahoma is open for business.

When we moved to Oklahoma in Jan 1997, Republicans controlled most of the state government except for Attorney General and School Superintendent -- now we control those with Scott Pruit for AG and Janet Barrisi for Superintendent. Frankly I thought they were both a long shot until two really candidates ran.

Our favorite ad person, Mark Costello, will be taking over as Labor Commissioner from the guitar stealing Lloyd Fields. Gary Jones will be our new Auditor which is going to shake up that office. Our last elected Auditor ended up in prison. Treasurer is another position that a long time Democrat had held the seat but now it is going to be held by Republican Ken Miller.

Kept hearing that Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland could not be beat. Wrong -- John Doak is going to be our next Insurance Commissioner.

Republicans control the three members of the Corporation Commission so that gives us a clean sweep for the first time ever of statewide seats and the legislature.

These people have been given the keys to State Government by the voters of Red State Oklahoma and firmly believe that they are going to make us very proud to call them our elected officials. A new day is dawning in Oklahoma and today we are all Oklahomans.

For the first time in four years, I am represented by a Republican in the State Legislature.

God Bless the Great State of Oklahoma!

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