Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jeb Bush joining Florida Unity Tour in Jacksonville with GOP Nominee Rick Scott and Senate President Mike Haridopolos and House Speaker Dean Cannon

UPDATE:  August 30, 2010 -- Former Republican Governor Bob Martinez will be joining the Florida Unity Tour today with other Republican leaders.  This is great news for the State of Florida that Republicans are going into the November 2nd election united.

UPDATE:  August 30, 2010 -- Rick Scott To Continue His Unity Tour In Miami And Jacksonville With Haley Barbour (Miami) And Jeb Bush (Jacksonville) On August 31st, 2010

If you are in Florida near one of these events, please make sure you show up to give the Florida Republican Governor's candidate, Rick Scott, a warm reception and sign up to help his campaign.

Republican Nominee Rick Scott
Our Choice for Governor

joined by
Senate President Mike Haridopolos
House Speaker Dean Cannon
are thrilled to announce

The Unity Tour

We hope you will join us as we
come together to ensure victory in

Monday, August 30, 2010

Tampa Unity Event
1:30 p.m.
Tampa Jet Center
4751 Jim Walter Boulevard
Tampa, FL

Orlando Unity Event
5:30 p.m.
Marks Street Senior Center
201 South Rosalind Avenue
Orlando, FL

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Miami Unity Event with Haley Barbour
11:30 a.m.
Steetwater Youth Center
250 SW 114 Avenue?
Sweetwater, FL

Jacksonville Unity Event with Jeb Bush 
7:00 p.m.
Republican Party of Duval
4963 Beach Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL
We hope you join us!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Meg tells GOP convention election is ‘a battle for the future of California’

Our family lived in California in the 80's when everything was going well and then after we left the State voters elected Boxer and Feinstein and more liberals in Sacramento and topped it all off with Gray Davis who was recalled and Arnold elected. Arnold would have been better off not to run for a full four years IMHO.

Now Californians have a chance to right the ship with Meg Whitman who is what the State of California needs to stop the drain of California businesses from the state to more business friendly states. She has the business credentials to once again make California a vibrant state which has the best climate in the lower 48 states IMHO. The State needs someone with business experience, vision, and leadership and Meg Whitman has all three.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Entitlement Mentality -- Alaska Senatorial Race -- Absentee Ballots Not Counted

Alaska absentee ballots will not be counted until next week so we still don't know the results of the US Senate race between Lisa Murkowski, the incumbent, and Joe Miller.  Murkowski's Dad did not do her any favors when he appointed her to that seat and gave her what looks to be the entitlement mindset after winning six years ago.

What is Lisa Murkowski going to do if the absentee ballots don't go her way?  Are rumors true that she will run on the Libertarian Party ticket and perhaps defeat Joe Miller that way giving the Senate seat to the Democrat?  That would be short sighted and frankly arrogant to risk a Republican seat because she feels entitiled.  Reminds us of another former Republican, the NO PARTY Charlie Crist, of Florida when faced with losing the primary to Marco Rubio went NO PARTY.   

It is time for Murkowski to pledge to support Joe Miller if he turns out to be the winner of the Senate race and put all thoughts aside of running for Senate.  The people of Alaska will have spoken and she needs to honor their wishes.

Getting very tired of this entitlement mentality by some of our candidates.  We are seeing it in Florida where Attorney General Bill McCollum thought he had the nomination for Governor all sewed up, but along comes Scott who is tired of the lobbyists and power brokers in Tallahassee and threw a wrench into the plans of McCollum.  All of this would have been avoided if Crist had not decided he preferred to be Senator instead of Governor.  Arrogance ruled the day.  Now McCollum is wishy washy on his support.  Same McCollum who got Tom Gallagher out of the Senate race in 2002 so he would not have to spend money in the primary.  Powers at be in Tallahassee should have told McCollum that day -- NO!

If you run for office, you accept your victory with humility and any loss with grace.  After the race is over, then you support the winner not with a lukewarm response but with the same response you would have expected your opponent to give you if you won.  That should be the first lesson every candidate learns before setting foot in the political arena. 

In Colorado after a tough race between Ken Buck and Jane Norton for the Senate seat, the two candidates on election night were shining examples of how to win with humility and lose gracefully. Jane Norton didn't hestitate to throw her full support behind Ken Buck which was very refreshing. Ken Buck, likewise, talked about how they were friends before the race and would be after.

Time for the candidates in the remainder of our Republican primaries to follow the example of Ken Buck and Jane Norton on election night.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brewer, McCain, and Gosar to hold Unity Rally in Prescott on Thursday

Email received this evening:

Please come out and support your Republican ticket on Thursday!

Governor Jan Brewer, Senator John McCain and Dr. Paul Gosar - the Congressional District One Republican Nominee will be in Prescott for a Republican Unity Rally.

Bring your family and friends to meet Governor Brewer, Senator McCain and the next Congressman from CD 1 - Dr. Paul Gosar!

McCain - Brewer Victory Headquarters
117 East Gurley Street

9:00 a.m

We hope to see you tomorrow morning!

This is great to see the Arizona Republican candidates for Governor, Jan Brewer, and Senator, John McCain, join together to help the newly elected Republican candidate in Congressional District 1 - Dr. Paul Gosar. Time for all Republicans to unite behind the Republican candidates chosen in yesterday's primary in Arizona and make Arizona red all across the State.   Arizona Republicans like Dr. Gosar are standing firm against illegal immigration:

A few facts about Dr. Gosar:

Owning his own business, being a family man and always staying connected with the community puts Paul in the unique position to truly understand the values, ideologies and needs of Americans, and even further, Arizonans. From owning his own dental practice, he has gained an understanding of how to make Arizona more attractive to local and outside businesses and how to protect and create jobs. And, like most entrepreneurs (unlike most career politicians), Paul refuses to give up or back down; success is the only option.
Dr. Gosar believes small business is the backbone of our great country and good customer service is paramount.  He is correct that politicians in Washington don't operate on that same philosophy.   The current occupant of AZ CD-1, Ann Kirkpatrick (D) refuses to host live Town Hall meetings.  In Dr. Gosar's own words:

"As a small businessman I am tired of the federal government hindering my efforts to succeed and prosper. Our founders set forth a mandate that in America you can accomplish anything as long as you are willing to work for it. Unfortunately today small businesses have to fight government just to make ends meet.This has to end! In Congress I will work to ensure lower taxes and less government intrusion on small business.

If there is one thing I have learned from owning two small businesses it's that good customer service is paramount. It is time that the politicians in Washington operate under that same philosophy. If elected, I intend to use my experiences to turn our government back to the People.
Please visit Dr. Gosar's campaign site and sign up to volunteer, learn more about where Dr. Gosar stands on issues or make a donation at

Time to take the 1st District back Red on November 2, 2010!

Marco Rubio For Florida Senate TV Ad: "Dream"

08.25.10 | Rubio For Senate Releases First General Election Ad, “Dream”

Miami, FL – The Rubio for Senate campaign today launched its first ad of the General Election. The spot, titled “Dream,” will begin running tomorrow across Florida as part of a significant broadcast buy.

The spot will introduce Marco to General Election voters, giving them a real sense of who he is, his family background, and the events of his life that have shaped his core beliefs. The ad will set the stage for the upcoming conversation with Florida voters about Marco’s “Ideas to Reclaim America” policy agenda, and the choices facing voters about the direction of our country.

NOTE:  Please visit Marco to learn more about Marco Rubio's Ideas to Reclaim America. Please consider donating to the Rubio campaign to defeat NO PARTY/NO Ideology Crist and Liberal Democrat Meeks!   Let's help Marco keep the Florida Senate seat RED! 

Rick Scott wins Republican Nomination for Florida Governor

Congratulations to Rick Scott on his victory last night in the Florida primary for Governor.  It is a victory for the residents of Florida not the lobbyists and the power brokers in Tallahassee.  We had a hunch that Scott was going to win based on what we were hearing from friends and family in Florida and seeing how negative McCollum started going which is a sure sign of a campaign in trouble.

The more we learned of Rick Scott, the more he sounded like people who run for office out here in the Heartland.  Then we discovered that Rick was born in Bloomington, Illinois, raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and is now considered one of America’s foremost entrepreneurs.  It made sense -- great to have a candidate running for Governor in Florida who was raised right here in the Heartland of America and learned at an early age the values of hard work and conservative values.  Rick is a firm believer in giving back through charities and his church to make not only his local community better but also other places around the world.   
Some of you are probably asking, "Who is Rick Scott" since he only came on the political scene in the spring after he had enough of what was happening in Tallahassee. We have witnessed one of the best State GOP organizations crumble under Greer, Crist, and lobbyists to a shell of its former self.  We look forward to seeing a new energy from Florida GOP after this primary when everyone comes together to defeat Alex Sink, who is the Florida poster child for a liberal progressive woman. She can try to run away from her very liberal leanings but being a member of Emily's List tells the story.

Here is a short video from Rick Scott who is conservative and shares the conservative values of the Republican Party. Every last Republican in Florida including Bill McCollum needs to roll up their sleeves and make Rick Scott the next Governor of Florida on November 2nd.

In the days ahead we will be highlighting more of Rick Scott's message like his7-7-7 Plan to create jobs in Florida. Please visit his website at to view his message, sign up to help his campaign, or make donation -- all three would be great.

Monday, August 23, 2010

August 24th: Republican Primary Day in Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Vermont, and Oklahoma Run-off


Senate: Key race to watch where Lisa Murkowski is being challenged by Joe Miller, Tea Party candidate, in the primary. Maybe we have our heads buried but we don't see Lisa Murkowski losing. When it comes to the big votes, she is always standing with Republicans not going off on her own like the New England Republicans. She is an expert when it comes to oil and gas which is the lifeblood of Alaska.

Governor: The Anchorage Daily has endorsed Bill Walker over current Governor Sean Parnell in a close call.

What Alaska needs in the governor's office in the next four years is, above all, a leader who wants to put the state in command of its own future.

Read more:


Senate: We expect Senator John McCain to win the nomination in a runaway as voters in Arizona have woken up to the fact the Hayworth was voted out of the House for a reason.

Governor: Current Governor Jan Brewer will win hands down.


Senate: Marco Rubio will become the official Republican candidate with challenges from NO Party Crist and we suspect the Democrat Meeks after Clinton was in Florida campaigning for him.

Governor: One nasty race in Florida with current Governor Bill McCollum against Rick Scott, a businessman. The nastiest has led the Democrat to take an early lead but that will change when Florida finally gets the primary behind and unites behind the Governor's candidate. McCollum wouldn't be in trouble if he had ran a better campaign but his covering for Charlie Crist has hurt plus his extremely negative ads. We will put this one too close to call and state the winner and loser need to get together to defeat the most liberal woman in Florida Alex Sink who is running on the Democrat side.


Senator: Len Britton

Governor: Brian Dubie, current Lt Governor


Tomorrow is run-off day in Oklahoma with the most heated race coming in the 5th District which is the seat Mary Fallin is leaving to run for Governor. We expect Lankford to pull out the win as Kevin Calvey has run one of the nastiest campaigns we have seen but not shocking when you consider who is running his race. Calvey using his National Guard service as a JAG officer like he was active duty 24/7 military turned a lot of people off in this race. Club for Growth made a huge mistake in getting involved in this race and should have stayed neutral. Whoever recommended that they send money to Calvey, didn't know who they supported. Calvey is an opportunist. Unless something changes we expect Lankford to win tomorrow as he won the primary. Next time Mr. Calvey runs, he should think twice about going after someone's religious affiliation. When you misquote the Edmond Sun newspaper like Calvey and then refuse to go on TV because one of the anchors has endorsed his opponent, you have real problems. If we lived in the 5th District, we would be voting for Lankford.

The final fundraising numbers for the weekend are in according to the McCarville Report which are telling:

UPDATE: James Lankford reported $41,800 in new donations through Sunday, bringing his 4-day total to almost $87,000. Kevin Calvey reported $4,800, bringing his total for the period to $20,400.
We would bet the voters of the 5th District are going to give the nod to political newcomer James Lankford.

2nd District: Charles Thompson and Daniel Edmonds -- from various reports we have read, we would expect Daniel Edmonds, another political newcomer, to win this race to face Democrat Dan Boren on November 2nd.

Insurance Commissioner: John Doak should win by a landslide.

This is a quick look at tomorrow's primaries.

Weekly Republican Address 8/21/10: Rep. Charles Djou (R-HI)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bill Haslam for Tennessee Governor: Drafting a Legend

Darrell Waltrip is a name that is quickly associated with NASCAR which is huge in Tennessee not only in attendance but also in the amount of money it brings into the state. This is a huge endorsement for Bill Haslam who is on his way to going from Mayor of Knoxville where he has done such an outstanding job to Governor of Tennessee.

If you have any spare time or spare change, please visit the Bill Haslam site to volunteer or donate at Bill Haslam for Governor

Drafting a Legend
With less than 75 days until the election, the pace of this race is really starting to accelerate. Bill & Crissy have been incredibly busy crisscrossing the state hosting meet & greets, meeting with elected officials and hearing from business leaders since winning the nomination earlier this month.

In case you missed the announcement, NASCAR legend Darrell Waltrip endorsed Bill in his bid to become Tennessee’s next governor earlier this week. Darrell may be best known for his time in NASCAR, but he also cares deeply for his community and those in it. I know Bill and Crissy are grateful to have Darrell’s support and they look forward to having someone else on the trail that knows a thing or two about running a good race.

And in the spirit of this racing themed message, don’t forget that Bill will be presiding as the Grand Marshall of the Food City 250 later today. You can catch the race and probably our latest tv spot featuring Darrell Waltrip’s endorsement at 8:00 p.m. EDT on ESPN.

Meet Dan Maes, the Colorado REPUBLICAN candidate for Governor!

The people of Colorado elected Dan Maes as the GOP Republican Governor's candidate about ten days ago. He is the candidate of the grassroots and is the Conservative in the race. This former businessman came out of nowhere like Ken Buck the candidate for Senate now and upset the powers in the GOP. Why is Tancredo running is what we would like to know.

Maes is strong on illegal immigration. He admitted in the following video that four years ago he wasn't as well versed as he is today. Over a year ago he sat down with Tom Tancredo and others to shape the policy he is running on today. Don't think a lot of us four years ago thought it was going to get this bad with illegal immigration, but the drug wars in Mexico have increased the criminals who are drug running coming across the border. Something has to be done to protect the Border States and the rest of the Country. Like Maes said -- if you don't have jobs, they will leave.  His plan for controlling illegal immigration is a sound one.

With the support of the Colorado grassroots Maes can win in November if Republicans get behind him and realize that Tancredo is trying to play spoiler.  Does Tancredo want Hickenlooper to win?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dino Rossi Interview with Fox following primary win for Senate in State of Washington

My favorite part is adding up the votes Republicans received in the primary are more than Patty Murray's and shows that 54% of the voters in Washington want to defeat Murray in November. She had Obama in Washington campaigning for her as only the top two vote getters make it to the general election ballot. It will be a face-off between Republican Conservative Dino Rosso and Democrat extremist Patty Murray.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mary Fallin: " I think the biggest difference (with Askins) is that I did not vote for President Obama"

This quote provides a stark contrast between the two candidates. Mary is the Conservative Republican in the Oklahoma Governor's race while Jari Askins is the liberal Democrat. Considering that only 34% of Oklahoma voted for Obama and every one of our counties went for Senator McCain, it is no wonder that Fallin is winning in all the polls. Leading in the polls has not stopped Mary from campaigning hard across the State meeting and listening to Oklahomans and their concerns.

Only thing we have seen Atkins take a real stand on recently is telling Obama to stay out of Oklahoma as she didn't want him campaigning for her. Yet, she endorsed and supported him in 2008 for President. We are still waiting for her comments on the the Obama healthcare bill. We would bet if someone moved to Oklahoma after 2006, they might not know Askins is the Oklahoma Lt Governor as most of us have no clue what she has been doing since taking office in January 2007.

Excerpts from Mary's interview with Political Realities:
Given that the current administration in Washington seems reluctant to enforce immigration laws, how do you feel is the best way for Oklahoma officials to work to reduce illegal immigration in our state?

The best way to combat illegal immigration is to give law enforcement agents the ability to enforce the laws we already have on the books. Arizona has done that and, when I am governor, Oklahoma will too.

We also need to give employers an effective, reliable way of checking the legal immigration status of their employees. Most employers want to hire legal immigrants, but I will absolutely have zero tolerance for those that knowingly break the law.

What do you feel are the two biggest differences between you and your opponent, Jari Askins?

I think the biggest difference is that I did not vote for President Obama. Like a majority of Oklahomans in all 77 counties, I believe the president has an ideology that runs contrary to the way most people here see and understand the world. I think voters want a governor who sees the world like they do and who will stand up to Washington. I am ready to be that governor.

Second, I am a leader who is unafraid to take stands on big issues. For instance, whether you agree with me or disagree with me on Barack Obama’s health care bill, I have made it clear that I am opposed to it and I plan to challenge the constitutionality of the law. My opponent, on the other hand, says she is still reading the bill and is undecided. As another example, I made my opposition to the recent state bailout bill well known. My opponent has not offered a position either way.

A lot of times I hear that we have two nice people running for governor. That’s true. But I am the only candidate in this race who is fundamentally conservative and who is willing and able to stand up to the Obama Administration and the failed policies coming from Washington. I have been fighting for the kind of conservative, common sense policies that lead to job growth and prosperity for years and I know where I stand on the issues voters care about.

Read the full interview at Political Realities

Monday, August 16, 2010


This includes Oklahoma's Lt Governor Jari Askins who is running for Oklahoma Governor who has announced she doesn't want Obama to come campaign for her! If she thinks that will fool voters, she needs to think again!

Bill White Letter Received Today

Rick Perry at Sheriff's Association of Texas

When I picked up the mail from our mailbox, saw there was a letter from Bill White which I figured was a letter asking for a donation for some Republican running for Congress.

Imagine my shock to discover it was a letter from Bill White addressed 'Dear Fellow Texan' asking for my support against Rick Perry.

The letter from White is filled with Democrat spin not facts which was sent to me -- someone who has supported Rick Perry since he ran for Ag Commissioner when we lived in Texas and who has lived in Oklahoma since Jan 1997.

Cannot even fathom what mailing list I ended up on that Bill White would get since I have been registered to vote in Oklahoma since Feb 1997 and am a lifelong Republican.

White criticized Perry for using campaign funds to help fix up the Governor's Mansion -- cannot think of better use of campaign funds and would be happy to see a Governor care so much about preserving the Governor's Mansion and saving the State money.

He also criticized Perry for graduation rates and the lack of young people going to college. Excuse me but a large portion of the Texas students not going on to further their education come from the minority communities who don't seem to value an education, but vote reliably Democrat. The proportion of students from minority households who drop out of school is far greater than those from white households. All you have to do is compare the dropout rates of Texas Hill Country schools with those in the inner cities to understand what is happening. How do you change a culture? Takes years and years. The Democrat way is to pass everyone even if they don't deserve to be passed which catches up with students in High School.

Maybe White is aiming to go back to the Robin Hood plan that took money from Hill Country schools from towns with little industry so it was taxpayer money they gave to the 'poor' San Antonio School District and other inner city districts around Texas. That was a bad joke as San Antonio officials took a trip to Tapitio Springs, a luxury resort on the edge of our school district with our money. Did they buy books? No way. Kelly AFB donated money for one school to buy books and discovered not one red cent had been spent on books by the school that sat outside of Kelly AFB.

Until parents get involved in their children's education, the poor graduation numbers will continue to show up especially with the number of illegals in cities across Texas and in the border towns.

Bottom line is Rick Perry has been one of the best if not the best Governor the State of Texas has seen and deserves another term. Bill White deserves to be sent back to Houston permanently. His liberal policies would be bad for Texas. Guess we should thank Bill White for his letter that resulted in this post for Rick Perry.

VOTE Rick Perry for Texas Governor on November 2nd, 2010!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cong Mary Fallin (R-OK) on "Why the Oklahoma Governor's Race is So Important"

In her speech to Stephens County GOP, Mary Fallin explains the differences that separate her and Jari Askins. Other than the two being women and being Lt Governor, there is not much the two have in common as they are 180 degrees apart with their political philosophy. Probably the best way to sum it up is Mary is an Oklahoma Conservative with core conservative values. Jari Askins is an establishment liberal supporting Obama and his agenda although she did say she has no plans to have Obama come into Oklahoma to campaign for her. Why? Trying to fool the Oklahoma electorate into believing she is not so liberal?

Mary didn't hesitate to have former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, brother of President George W Bush, come into Oklahoma this past week. Both share the conservative principles of limited government and less taxes.

The debates should be interesting in the months ahead. The biggest question will be if Askins tries to move to the center flip flopping on her votes in the Oklahoma Legislature. That seems to be the mantra of most liberal democrats running for office -- hide their liberal agenda.

Friday, August 13, 2010

PA Senate Candidate Pat Toomey, (R-PA) gives Weekly Republican Address, Aug 13, 2010

Bill Haslam: No Time to Let Up in Tennessee Governor's Race

A Message From Bill (8/13)

After an exciting week last week, this week marked the beginning of our general election campaign. To kick off this leg of the campaign we made several stops in each of the grand divisions to thank existing supporters and welcome new supporters to our team. Crissy and I are incredibly humbled by the outpouring of support we’ve received since becoming the Republican nominee. If you haven’t been able to come out to one of our events, we would love to meet you in person at an upcoming event!


Tuesday, Rasmussen Reports released the latest results in their series of telephone surveys. 500 likely voters were surveyed and 56% chose Mayor Haslam to be Tennessee’s next governor while only 31% chose his opponent. We still have a lot of work to do before November, so let’s continue to work hard over the next couple of months. Tennessee deserves a governor with the right experience to lead our state through these tough times.

Find out more at

NOTE: This is very good news for Mayor Haslam and for the people of Tennessee that he is now in the position to become the next Governor. Doing for Tennessee what the Knoxville Mayor has done for Knoxville will be a win for the people of Tennessee in November.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bill Haslam, Republican Candidate for Tennessee Governor

Over the next few weeks, we are going to be introducing you to the men and women who are running as Republicans for our Govenors across America. This may be the best group of Republicans who have ever run for Governor because they have plans for how to grow the economy in their states. When they ask for your vote, they are ready to lead immediately upon taking office.

Today we want to introduce you to the Mayor of Knoxville, Bill Haslam, who was nominated last week by the voters in Tennessee to be their candidate for Governor of Tennessee.

One remarkable item jumps out when you look at Bill's website -- the endorsements page contains endorsements from the people of Tennessee not some of the power brokers of the Republican Party. Here are a few examples:

After hearing Bill speak at TML's annual meeting recently, I am convinced that he has the executive and public service skills necessary to best represent all of the people in the State of Tennessee. Straight forward, no catch phrases, just solid experience and a realistic vision that will best represent the majority of Tennesseans. As the mayor of the Town of Signal Mountain, I believe that Bill's experience as Knoxville's mayor, will translate into real benefits for municipalities in all of Tennessee's 95 counties.



Bill is EXACTLY what I'm looking for in someone to represent me, my family, and this state. His "five reasons to elect [him] governor" flier I received recently in the mail resonates with my views 100%. This man is a true conservative in all areas: fiscally, socially, and ethically. Too many times in political cycles, we're asked to vote for the "lesser of two evils." It's going to be nice being able to vote FOR someone this time around, rather than just "against" someone worse. Good luck, Bill! We're 100% behind you!

David Carmichael

I currently support him because of the Firearm Freedoms Act controversy. He supports the Second Amendment, and anyone with access to the internet knows that a gun owning populace reduces crime. Just look at Kennesaw, GA--every able head of household must own a firearm, crime has decreased significantly since the law was enacted. Keep fighting the good fight, Bill!

Eric Bassett


As a lifelong Democrat, voting for Bill weighed on me. But there is one thing that is undeniable; Bill Haslam is a champion of Tennessee. He wears many hats: child of God, business man, volunteer, advocate for the region, community leader, positive role model and a Vol fan...what's not to like? I have never voted Republican, for social, fiscal and environmental reasons, but I feel that since Bill committed his life to Tennessee before this race, we should do our part to recognize him for that and vote for him as a thank you. I know he will be 100% committed to the success of our state. He is from the East Tennessee, and I can not see him making decisions that will adversely affect this beautiful and environmentally sensitive area or state. We are in such bad financial shape because of the recession, who better than a successful business man to lead us out? Bill came from a very successful family, and could have taken the 'easy way out', but instead he has worked hard in business and our community and I have to respect that. p.s I still want a "Democrats for Haslam" sticker.

gina davis


There are pages of endorsements like this for the Conservative Knoxville Mayor, Bill Haslam. It doesn't get any better than that when the people you seek to represent as Governor are the ones giving the endorsements.

Read more about Bill Haslam for Governor at

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2nd Amendment in Oklahoma Governor's Race -- Cong Fallin versus Lt Gov Askins

UPDATE: 8/10/10, 6:04 p.m. As was pointed out in the comments, Jeri Askins has continued the Lt Governor Turkey Hunt tradition started by then Lt Governor Mary Fallin. We would like to point out that guns for hunting and concealed/open carry are two entirely different issues. We will check further on Monday to see if Jeri Askins has changed her stance and now supports concealed/open carry since she is running for Governor. As for the comments Askins received an "A" from the NRA, we would like to know how that was possible since she was one of the 5 most gun control supporters when she was in the House. We will be checking with the NRA on Monday to see how they can justify giving a gun control advocate an "A" rating.

As many voters around the Country understand, Oklahoma is a very pro-2nd amendment state.
As an example in 2004, we had a Democrat Congressman Carson who ran against Dr. Coburn for the Senate seat. We learned he was bringing out his old pick-up truck the gun rack in the back window as a prop to show how pro-2nd amendment he was during campaigns. Campaigning was the only time the truck appeared at the Tulsa airport and around the area. Shows how important it is to support the 2nd amendment here in Oklahoma even by Democrats.

With that in mind, imagine the shock to learn this morning that Jari Askins, the Democrat nominee for Governor, is against concealed carry and believes we need to "change our values?"

As a member of the OK House, Jari Askins was one of only 5 representatives to vote against a concealed-carry gun rights bills. According to the Oklahoman she said "she believes a change in values is needed to reduce crime, and allowing concealed weapons would not accomplish that." So basically, when it comes to gun rights, Jari was one of the 5 most anti-gun candidates in the Oklahoma House. She thinks we need to "change our values" rather than respect the Second Amendment.
Compare that to Mary Fallin who has an "A" rating from the NRA and supports both concealed and open carry laws. Mary also hosted the Lieutenant Governor’s Invitational Turkey Hunt while she was Lt Governor.

The 2nd amendment is so important to the vast majority of Oklahomans no matter their party, that we have a tough time believing when people learn the truth about Askins stance on concealed carry that she will get much support from Oklahoma voters.

This should be a red flag to every Oklahoma voter that Jari Askins stance on guns rights puts her in the same category as the California liberals who don't believe citizens have a right to bear arms. The political correctness that you can "change our values" of criminals and gang members could get members of the community killed. Concealed and open carry are a deterrent to crime -- shame Jari Askins doesn't understand that fact.

Ken Buck wins CO Republican Senate Primary

Congratulations to Ken Buck who won the Colorado Republican primary for the US Senate!

This email from Ken Buck late this evening reminded us of the primary election night in 2004 when Dr. Tom Coburn shocked the establishment and won outright in a three-person race. What was great about this race tonight is that Jane Norton didn't hesitate to endorse Ken Buck and ask her supporters to start work tomorrow on taking back our country. Ken Buck was quick to point out how gracious Jane Norton was in her call and how they had been good friends before the primary and would be after the primary. Felt great to see two Republicans who fought hard to immediately support the winner. Buck would have done the same thing if the results had been reversed.

Colorado should be a shining example to all Republican primary candidates when you lose, you immediately endorse your opponent and ask your supporters to join with supporters from your opponent to work to elect the Republican on November 2nd. This election is too important on November 2nd to allow petty politics to stand in the way of Republican victories all across America.

We commend Jane Norton for her class tonight and hope to see her run for office again in Colorado.

It is great that Ken Buck will be the Republican nominee for Senate and now we need to help send him to DC to help Dr. Coburn in his fight against pork and earmarks.

We achieved something truly amazing tonight. We did what no one believed we could. We sent a message loud and clear. We are ready to take back the Senate. We are ready for principled, conservative values in Washington.

I couldn't have done it without you. The commitment from the grassroots is what made all this possible.

For the next 83 days, we are going to harness all our strength, engage people across Colorado and get our country back on track.

In my speech tonight, I asked a question-- Can we tell our children that we did enough as their opportunity for a better life was being squandered?
We spoke out and Washington Ignored us. But, with your help, in November they will not be able to ignore us anymore.

Tomorrow we begin the general election. To win this fight I need to ask your help again. Please, renew your commitment by making a contribution today. Whatever you can donate, it will make a difference. We have fought hard for 16 months; we will fight hard for the next 83 days, and in November we will win.

Please, make a donation and In November, you can look at your children and tell them that this is still the land of opportunity.

Thank you for everything,

Ken Buck

12 Weeks from Repubican Governors Association

12 Weeks from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

Please click on start, pause, forward and the ad will start.

We noticed that first time Republican candidates for Governor Mary Fallin, Oklahoma, Nikki Haley, South Carolina, and Meg Whiteman, California, are prominently featured in this ad.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Former Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) Killed in Alaska Plane Crash

Fox News is reporting that former Senator Ted Stevens was killed in a plane crash in Alaska. Several people are said to have been found alive after the crash. More news to follow.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Family of Ted Stevens and others involved in this crash. He was one of the best loved politicians ever in Alaska.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mary Fallin Leads in First Poll in Oklahoma Gubernatorial Race

As the Fallin for Governor email advised, Askins was the underdog in the race with Drew Edmonson (we didn't agree). We thought they were fairly evenly matched which turned out to be the case. That said the numbers were shocking that Democrats didn't turn out more for their primary. Oklahoma is a total red State in National politics but Democrats still hold a sizeable lead in voter registration.

This poll bodes will for Mary Fallin who may be the most experienced candidate we have ever had run for Governor in Oklahoma. We were happy to see that Randy Brogdon endorsed her a week after the election -- now is the time for all Republicans to unite together to take back the Governor's Mansion and turn Oklahoma red for State politics.

What has Askins done for Oklahoma in four years as Lt Governor? That's a question we hear a lot of people asking. For the last four years, you can hear crickets chirping about what Askins is doing for Oklahoma.

National polling firm Rasmussen Reports recently released the first post-primary public poll on November’s gubernatorial race.

Rasmussen reported Mary leading Jari Askins 57 percent to 36 percent.

Rasmussen said “For Askins, the race is clearly an uphill battle in a conservative, Republican-leaning state where opposition to the national health care bill and to the federal challenge of Arizona's immigration law are well above findings nationally.”

Mary will not take anything for granted on this race and will continue to work hard until every vote is counted on Election Day.

Click here to read about the poll.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reminder: Colorado Primary on Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A quick reminder why Ken Buck is the perfect candidate to represent Republicans in the general election for the Colorado Senate seat. This video gives you a close up of the candidate and what he believes. Unlike his opponent, Ken Buck has run a positive campaign during this primary and has earned the support of the Colorado Republican grassroots.

Please click on the forward button which will bring up a list of Ken Buck videos and scroll to the Conversation with Ken Buck to learn about where he stands on issue and his vision as a US Senator to help restore America.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Congress on Recess for Six Weeks

Email from Cong Sessions, Aug 6, 2010:

The Hill Report
A Weekly Newsletter from Congressman Pete Sessions
Week of August 2 – August 6, 2010

This week, the House of Representatives began its “August District Work Period” – which this year runs for six weeks until mid-September. The upside is that the House will not be spending more of your hard-earned tax dollars during this time, while the downside is that this Congress has failed to pass a budget or craft policies that encourage job creation and economic recovery from our sluggish economy.

NOTE: It is good news they cannot spend more of our money for six weeks. Does this mean that Obama will also leave the media scene for six weeks -- we can hope!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rick Snyder: We Are One Step Closer To Reinventing Michigan

Dear supporters,

Yesterday, we sent a clear message to Lansing - it is time to Reinvent Michigan with a common sense approach that only a political outsider can bring. You all made your voices heard and now we begin the next stage of ensuring that we can make Michigan prosperous once again.

Our message is one of inclusion. To create more and better jobs, remove excessive regulations and restore accountability to Lansing will require the support from all Michiganders, regardless of political party affiliation. To win together, we must work together.

My former opponents in the primary election have each decided to join our Reinvent Michigan team. I welcome their support and look forward to working with them to ensure we accomplish our goal.

We still have work to do. Please reach out to your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Invite them to join our team. Share this e-mail with everyone and refer them to our campaign website,, so that they can learn about our plans for our state.

As the stakes grow, so too must our efforts. I will continue to take the principled stand against accepting contributions or political favors from special interest groups. Our next governor must be focused entirely on the best interests of Michiganders, not deep-pocketed lobbyists. This makes your support especially important. Please consider donating to help our campaign get the message of reinvention out across the state.

I will continue to bring my vision and plan directly to you, the voters, for your approval. We will continue to host our town halls across the state and our message will stay focused on the issues, not on mud-slinging politics as usual.

Thank you for all of your hard work and support. You made last night possible. With your continued efforts, I am confident that we will succeed in our goal to Reinvent Michigan.


/s/ Rick Snyder

Marco Rubio: Banning Earmarks -- A simple way to cut spending!

Please volunteer to help or donate to Marco Rubio for the Florida Senate seat. When Rubio raises his hand to take the oath of office in January 2011, he will be joining Dr. Tom Coburn in the fight against earmarks and pork to save the taxpayer dollars.

Oklahoma Republicans Unite Behind Mary Fallin for Governor after Sen Brogdon endorses

This is great news for Oklahoma as we march towards November and the election of Mary Fallin as our next Governor. We just learned last night that her Democrat opponent, Jeri Askins, accepted lots of donations from the poultry industry in the days leading up to the primary. These are same people who have been polluting our waters that her Democrat opponent Drew Edmondson who she barely beat has been fighting for years. So much for the Democrat candidate Askins supporting the environment -- she supporters the poultry waste polluters.

Email from Mary Fallin, OK Republican Candidate for Governor, 4 August 2010:

Dear Friends,

Today, I had a great meeting with Senator Randy Brogdon and I'm excited to say we have his endorsement on our campaign for Oklahoma governor.

Senator Brogdon and I both agree we must have a governor who will fight against "ObamaCare," who will protect our Second Amendment rights and who will secure our borders. I will restore conservative principles to the governor's office and pursue the policies of limited government, individual rights and fiscal discipline.

We're excited to move forward and Senator Brogdon and I both will work to energize conservative Republicans, conservative Democrats and conservative Independents for a big victory this fall.

Click here to hear Senator Brogdon talk about his endorsement.

Thanks and God bless, Mary Fallin

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ken Buck, Republican Candidate for CO Senate Needs Your Help

REMINDER: Colorado primary is 8 days away on August 10, 2010! Let's help the Colorado Republican grassroots send the DC power brokers a message from Colorado voters -- the Colorado grassroots are going to determine the candidate not the DC powerbrokers/insiders.

We have been supporting Ken Buck for the Republican nomination for the US Senate seat from Colorado for some time. Buck's stance on issues reminds us a lot of Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma who we are sending back to the Senate for six more years in November. Ken Buck is also supported by Club for Growth an organization who was one of the major catalyst behind electing Dr. Tom in 2004 as they worked alongside our Oklahoma grassroots.

This morning, received an email from Senator John McCain asking for support of Jane Norton. Although we are supporting McCain in Arizona over Hayworth, we do NOT support Norton and think that Senator McCain should stay out of the Colorado primary which we sent back in an email.

This afternoon in an email, Kay Rendleman, Campaign Manager for Ken Buck, reminded us that McCain only got 18% of the vote in Colorado in 2008. Norton has been running negative ads against Buck while Ken Buck has run a positive campaign. That alone is one reason we support Buck. We detest negative campaign advertising against fellow Republicans which can be used in the general election by the Democrats.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee run by Sen Cornyn has been too quick to involve themselves in Senate elections choosing the wrong candidate in several of the open seat primaries. Best example is Gov Charlie Crist in Florida who they chose over Marco Rubio. The Florida grassroots got busy, started working for Rubio and he came from 30+ points back to overtake Crist who then decided to go 'No Party' to run. That endorsement by the NRSC Chair turned out to be a fiasco. Cornyn and the NRSC should have stayed out of Florida and same with other states like Colorado with a strong Republican grassroots.

Ken Buck is running a very positive campaign ad and needs our help to keep it on the air for 8 more days. Whatever you can donate -- $5, $10, $25 or more would be greatly appreciated by the Ken Buck for Senate campaign. Please, make a donation today.

Our favorite part of the email from Ken Buck's campaign manager:
"Our opponent has John McCain and his lobbyist friends raising money, we have you. I like our odds. The next 8 days is our chance to remind Washington that it's We the People!"
This Colorado Senate race is a campaign about Washington insiders/lobbyists versus the Colorado grassroots. As someone who lived and breathed the 2004 Coburn grassroots campaign for United States Senate, understand how important the grassroots can be to a campaign. When the grassroots support a candidate, they get out the votes and they give donations in smaller amounts but when you have a lot of grassroots support they will out campaign and out donate the Washington insiders/lobbyists.

Any amount you can spare, will be spent by the campaign to help elect Ken Buck by keeping his ad on the air. Please donate TODAY! Let's help the Colorado grassroots keep this Ad on the air!

Primary Elections, Tuesday, August 3rd, and Thursday, August 5th

Kansas, Michigan and Missouri go to the polls for their primaries tomorrow, August 3rd, while Tennessee will be holding their primary on Thursday, August 5th.

The Republican race in Michigan for Governor is very close and will depend on which candidate can turn out their supporters.

Congressman Pete Hoekstra was the leading candidate for months but businessman Rick Snyder has gradually been gaining ground. Tomorrow night should be interesting as the votes start coming in to see who will prevail to become the Republican candidate for Michigan Governor. Republicans will be getting behind the winner come Wednesday morning to unite in ousting the Democrats from the Michigan Governor's Office. With the poor shape of the Michigan economy believe the Michigan voters will be giving the Republican a chance to turn things around. It sure cannot get any worse in Michigan than what the Democrats have managed to do to the state. Michigan was on its back long before the rest of the Country. Time to turn Michigan around and elect a Republican to become Governor to lead the way on November 2nd, 2010!

In Missouri, Cong Roy Blunt is leading Republicans for the nomination to replace Senator Kit Bond who is retiring in Jan 2011. He is expected to face Democrat Robin Carnahan in the general election and as of now holds a six point lead in the latest polling. The stunner may come this fall when longtime Democrat Ike Skelton faces his stiffest challenge ever in the MO 4th District. Republicans are determined to defeat Skelton this time and turn the 4th District of Missouri Red. There are currently nine Republicans running to challenge Skelton.

In Kansas, Republicans are expected to keep the Senate seat in GOP control as the Democrats are not fielding a top tiered candidate. Retiring Senator Sam Brownback is running for Kansas Governor and his chances are excellent to become the next Governor of Kansas. This year Kansas like Oklahoma should have a very 'Red' year at the State level.

Thursday in Tennessee, voters will be choosing the candidates to face off in November for the Tennessee Governor which is an open seat. There is no US Senate seat up for election in Tennessee this election cycle.