Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oklahoma Republicans Unite Behind Mary Fallin for Governor after Sen Brogdon endorses

This is great news for Oklahoma as we march towards November and the election of Mary Fallin as our next Governor. We just learned last night that her Democrat opponent, Jeri Askins, accepted lots of donations from the poultry industry in the days leading up to the primary. These are same people who have been polluting our waters that her Democrat opponent Drew Edmondson who she barely beat has been fighting for years. So much for the Democrat candidate Askins supporting the environment -- she supporters the poultry waste polluters.

Email from Mary Fallin, OK Republican Candidate for Governor, 4 August 2010:

Dear Friends,

Today, I had a great meeting with Senator Randy Brogdon and I'm excited to say we have his endorsement on our campaign for Oklahoma governor.

Senator Brogdon and I both agree we must have a governor who will fight against "ObamaCare," who will protect our Second Amendment rights and who will secure our borders. I will restore conservative principles to the governor's office and pursue the policies of limited government, individual rights and fiscal discipline.

We're excited to move forward and Senator Brogdon and I both will work to energize conservative Republicans, conservative Democrats and conservative Independents for a big victory this fall.

Click here to hear Senator Brogdon talk about his endorsement.

Thanks and God bless, Mary Fallin

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