Monday, August 2, 2010

Ken Buck, Republican Candidate for CO Senate Needs Your Help

REMINDER: Colorado primary is 8 days away on August 10, 2010! Let's help the Colorado Republican grassroots send the DC power brokers a message from Colorado voters -- the Colorado grassroots are going to determine the candidate not the DC powerbrokers/insiders.

We have been supporting Ken Buck for the Republican nomination for the US Senate seat from Colorado for some time. Buck's stance on issues reminds us a lot of Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma who we are sending back to the Senate for six more years in November. Ken Buck is also supported by Club for Growth an organization who was one of the major catalyst behind electing Dr. Tom in 2004 as they worked alongside our Oklahoma grassroots.

This morning, received an email from Senator John McCain asking for support of Jane Norton. Although we are supporting McCain in Arizona over Hayworth, we do NOT support Norton and think that Senator McCain should stay out of the Colorado primary which we sent back in an email.

This afternoon in an email, Kay Rendleman, Campaign Manager for Ken Buck, reminded us that McCain only got 18% of the vote in Colorado in 2008. Norton has been running negative ads against Buck while Ken Buck has run a positive campaign. That alone is one reason we support Buck. We detest negative campaign advertising against fellow Republicans which can be used in the general election by the Democrats.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee run by Sen Cornyn has been too quick to involve themselves in Senate elections choosing the wrong candidate in several of the open seat primaries. Best example is Gov Charlie Crist in Florida who they chose over Marco Rubio. The Florida grassroots got busy, started working for Rubio and he came from 30+ points back to overtake Crist who then decided to go 'No Party' to run. That endorsement by the NRSC Chair turned out to be a fiasco. Cornyn and the NRSC should have stayed out of Florida and same with other states like Colorado with a strong Republican grassroots.

Ken Buck is running a very positive campaign ad and needs our help to keep it on the air for 8 more days. Whatever you can donate -- $5, $10, $25 or more would be greatly appreciated by the Ken Buck for Senate campaign. Please, make a donation today.

Our favorite part of the email from Ken Buck's campaign manager:
"Our opponent has John McCain and his lobbyist friends raising money, we have you. I like our odds. The next 8 days is our chance to remind Washington that it's We the People!"
This Colorado Senate race is a campaign about Washington insiders/lobbyists versus the Colorado grassroots. As someone who lived and breathed the 2004 Coburn grassroots campaign for United States Senate, understand how important the grassroots can be to a campaign. When the grassroots support a candidate, they get out the votes and they give donations in smaller amounts but when you have a lot of grassroots support they will out campaign and out donate the Washington insiders/lobbyists.

Any amount you can spare, will be spent by the campaign to help elect Ken Buck by keeping his ad on the air. Please donate TODAY! Let's help the Colorado grassroots keep this Ad on the air!

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