Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2nd Amendment in Oklahoma Governor's Race -- Cong Fallin versus Lt Gov Askins

UPDATE: 8/10/10, 6:04 p.m. As was pointed out in the comments, Jeri Askins has continued the Lt Governor Turkey Hunt tradition started by then Lt Governor Mary Fallin. We would like to point out that guns for hunting and concealed/open carry are two entirely different issues. We will check further on Monday to see if Jeri Askins has changed her stance and now supports concealed/open carry since she is running for Governor. As for the comments Askins received an "A" from the NRA, we would like to know how that was possible since she was one of the 5 most gun control supporters when she was in the House. We will be checking with the NRA on Monday to see how they can justify giving a gun control advocate an "A" rating.

As many voters around the Country understand, Oklahoma is a very pro-2nd amendment state.
As an example in 2004, we had a Democrat Congressman Carson who ran against Dr. Coburn for the Senate seat. We learned he was bringing out his old pick-up truck the gun rack in the back window as a prop to show how pro-2nd amendment he was during campaigns. Campaigning was the only time the truck appeared at the Tulsa airport and around the area. Shows how important it is to support the 2nd amendment here in Oklahoma even by Democrats.

With that in mind, imagine the shock to learn this morning that Jari Askins, the Democrat nominee for Governor, is against concealed carry and believes we need to "change our values?"

As a member of the OK House, Jari Askins was one of only 5 representatives to vote against a concealed-carry gun rights bills. According to the Oklahoman she said "she believes a change in values is needed to reduce crime, and allowing concealed weapons would not accomplish that." So basically, when it comes to gun rights, Jari was one of the 5 most anti-gun candidates in the Oklahoma House. She thinks we need to "change our values" rather than respect the Second Amendment.
Compare that to Mary Fallin who has an "A" rating from the NRA and supports both concealed and open carry laws. Mary also hosted the Lieutenant Governor’s Invitational Turkey Hunt while she was Lt Governor.

The 2nd amendment is so important to the vast majority of Oklahomans no matter their party, that we have a tough time believing when people learn the truth about Askins stance on concealed carry that she will get much support from Oklahoma voters.

This should be a red flag to every Oklahoma voter that Jari Askins stance on guns rights puts her in the same category as the California liberals who don't believe citizens have a right to bear arms. The political correctness that you can "change our values" of criminals and gang members could get members of the community killed. Concealed and open carry are a deterrent to crime -- shame Jari Askins doesn't understand that fact.

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  1. You're really comfortable saying all of this when there are photos like this out there?

    When I emailed the Askins campaign asking about this they said that Askins also has an A rating with the NRA I find it hard to believe the NRA would give Askins anything above a C if this were true