Monday, August 16, 2010

Bill White Letter Received Today

Rick Perry at Sheriff's Association of Texas

When I picked up the mail from our mailbox, saw there was a letter from Bill White which I figured was a letter asking for a donation for some Republican running for Congress.

Imagine my shock to discover it was a letter from Bill White addressed 'Dear Fellow Texan' asking for my support against Rick Perry.

The letter from White is filled with Democrat spin not facts which was sent to me -- someone who has supported Rick Perry since he ran for Ag Commissioner when we lived in Texas and who has lived in Oklahoma since Jan 1997.

Cannot even fathom what mailing list I ended up on that Bill White would get since I have been registered to vote in Oklahoma since Feb 1997 and am a lifelong Republican.

White criticized Perry for using campaign funds to help fix up the Governor's Mansion -- cannot think of better use of campaign funds and would be happy to see a Governor care so much about preserving the Governor's Mansion and saving the State money.

He also criticized Perry for graduation rates and the lack of young people going to college. Excuse me but a large portion of the Texas students not going on to further their education come from the minority communities who don't seem to value an education, but vote reliably Democrat. The proportion of students from minority households who drop out of school is far greater than those from white households. All you have to do is compare the dropout rates of Texas Hill Country schools with those in the inner cities to understand what is happening. How do you change a culture? Takes years and years. The Democrat way is to pass everyone even if they don't deserve to be passed which catches up with students in High School.

Maybe White is aiming to go back to the Robin Hood plan that took money from Hill Country schools from towns with little industry so it was taxpayer money they gave to the 'poor' San Antonio School District and other inner city districts around Texas. That was a bad joke as San Antonio officials took a trip to Tapitio Springs, a luxury resort on the edge of our school district with our money. Did they buy books? No way. Kelly AFB donated money for one school to buy books and discovered not one red cent had been spent on books by the school that sat outside of Kelly AFB.

Until parents get involved in their children's education, the poor graduation numbers will continue to show up especially with the number of illegals in cities across Texas and in the border towns.

Bottom line is Rick Perry has been one of the best if not the best Governor the State of Texas has seen and deserves another term. Bill White deserves to be sent back to Houston permanently. His liberal policies would be bad for Texas. Guess we should thank Bill White for his letter that resulted in this post for Rick Perry.

VOTE Rick Perry for Texas Governor on November 2nd, 2010!

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