Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mary Fallin: " I think the biggest difference (with Askins) is that I did not vote for President Obama"

This quote provides a stark contrast between the two candidates. Mary is the Conservative Republican in the Oklahoma Governor's race while Jari Askins is the liberal Democrat. Considering that only 34% of Oklahoma voted for Obama and every one of our counties went for Senator McCain, it is no wonder that Fallin is winning in all the polls. Leading in the polls has not stopped Mary from campaigning hard across the State meeting and listening to Oklahomans and their concerns.

Only thing we have seen Atkins take a real stand on recently is telling Obama to stay out of Oklahoma as she didn't want him campaigning for her. Yet, she endorsed and supported him in 2008 for President. We are still waiting for her comments on the the Obama healthcare bill. We would bet if someone moved to Oklahoma after 2006, they might not know Askins is the Oklahoma Lt Governor as most of us have no clue what she has been doing since taking office in January 2007.

Excerpts from Mary's interview with Political Realities:
Given that the current administration in Washington seems reluctant to enforce immigration laws, how do you feel is the best way for Oklahoma officials to work to reduce illegal immigration in our state?

The best way to combat illegal immigration is to give law enforcement agents the ability to enforce the laws we already have on the books. Arizona has done that and, when I am governor, Oklahoma will too.

We also need to give employers an effective, reliable way of checking the legal immigration status of their employees. Most employers want to hire legal immigrants, but I will absolutely have zero tolerance for those that knowingly break the law.

What do you feel are the two biggest differences between you and your opponent, Jari Askins?

I think the biggest difference is that I did not vote for President Obama. Like a majority of Oklahomans in all 77 counties, I believe the president has an ideology that runs contrary to the way most people here see and understand the world. I think voters want a governor who sees the world like they do and who will stand up to Washington. I am ready to be that governor.

Second, I am a leader who is unafraid to take stands on big issues. For instance, whether you agree with me or disagree with me on Barack Obama’s health care bill, I have made it clear that I am opposed to it and I plan to challenge the constitutionality of the law. My opponent, on the other hand, says she is still reading the bill and is undecided. As another example, I made my opposition to the recent state bailout bill well known. My opponent has not offered a position either way.

A lot of times I hear that we have two nice people running for governor. That’s true. But I am the only candidate in this race who is fundamentally conservative and who is willing and able to stand up to the Obama Administration and the failed policies coming from Washington. I have been fighting for the kind of conservative, common sense policies that lead to job growth and prosperity for years and I know where I stand on the issues voters care about.

Read the full interview at Political Realities


  1. If Fallin wants to take a stand against the President why is she leaving washington? governors don't stand against the president - we need her there if she's going to do anything meaningful on Obamacare. We should have let Randy be the candidate for governor.

  2. You must not follow politics because Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona has been standing up to Obama just like Mary will do for Oklahoma.

    Would bet Brogdon wouldn't agree with you that as Governor he could not take on Obama and the Washington establishment that is sending down mandates.