Monday, August 9, 2010

Mary Fallin Leads in First Poll in Oklahoma Gubernatorial Race

As the Fallin for Governor email advised, Askins was the underdog in the race with Drew Edmonson (we didn't agree). We thought they were fairly evenly matched which turned out to be the case. That said the numbers were shocking that Democrats didn't turn out more for their primary. Oklahoma is a total red State in National politics but Democrats still hold a sizeable lead in voter registration.

This poll bodes will for Mary Fallin who may be the most experienced candidate we have ever had run for Governor in Oklahoma. We were happy to see that Randy Brogdon endorsed her a week after the election -- now is the time for all Republicans to unite together to take back the Governor's Mansion and turn Oklahoma red for State politics.

What has Askins done for Oklahoma in four years as Lt Governor? That's a question we hear a lot of people asking. For the last four years, you can hear crickets chirping about what Askins is doing for Oklahoma.

National polling firm Rasmussen Reports recently released the first post-primary public poll on November’s gubernatorial race.

Rasmussen reported Mary leading Jari Askins 57 percent to 36 percent.

Rasmussen said “For Askins, the race is clearly an uphill battle in a conservative, Republican-leaning state where opposition to the national health care bill and to the federal challenge of Arizona's immigration law are well above findings nationally.”

Mary will not take anything for granted on this race and will continue to work hard until every vote is counted on Election Day.

Click here to read about the poll.

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