Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brewer, McCain, and Gosar to hold Unity Rally in Prescott on Thursday

Email received this evening:

Please come out and support your Republican ticket on Thursday!

Governor Jan Brewer, Senator John McCain and Dr. Paul Gosar - the Congressional District One Republican Nominee will be in Prescott for a Republican Unity Rally.

Bring your family and friends to meet Governor Brewer, Senator McCain and the next Congressman from CD 1 - Dr. Paul Gosar!

McCain - Brewer Victory Headquarters
117 East Gurley Street

9:00 a.m

We hope to see you tomorrow morning!

This is great to see the Arizona Republican candidates for Governor, Jan Brewer, and Senator, John McCain, join together to help the newly elected Republican candidate in Congressional District 1 - Dr. Paul Gosar. Time for all Republicans to unite behind the Republican candidates chosen in yesterday's primary in Arizona and make Arizona red all across the State.   Arizona Republicans like Dr. Gosar are standing firm against illegal immigration:

A few facts about Dr. Gosar:

Owning his own business, being a family man and always staying connected with the community puts Paul in the unique position to truly understand the values, ideologies and needs of Americans, and even further, Arizonans. From owning his own dental practice, he has gained an understanding of how to make Arizona more attractive to local and outside businesses and how to protect and create jobs. And, like most entrepreneurs (unlike most career politicians), Paul refuses to give up or back down; success is the only option.
Dr. Gosar believes small business is the backbone of our great country and good customer service is paramount.  He is correct that politicians in Washington don't operate on that same philosophy.   The current occupant of AZ CD-1, Ann Kirkpatrick (D) refuses to host live Town Hall meetings.  In Dr. Gosar's own words:

"As a small businessman I am tired of the federal government hindering my efforts to succeed and prosper. Our founders set forth a mandate that in America you can accomplish anything as long as you are willing to work for it. Unfortunately today small businesses have to fight government just to make ends meet.This has to end! In Congress I will work to ensure lower taxes and less government intrusion on small business.

If there is one thing I have learned from owning two small businesses it's that good customer service is paramount. It is time that the politicians in Washington operate under that same philosophy. If elected, I intend to use my experiences to turn our government back to the People.
Please visit Dr. Gosar's campaign site and sign up to volunteer, learn more about where Dr. Gosar stands on issues or make a donation at

Time to take the 1st District back Red on November 2, 2010!

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