Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rick Scott wins Republican Nomination for Florida Governor

Congratulations to Rick Scott on his victory last night in the Florida primary for Governor.  It is a victory for the residents of Florida not the lobbyists and the power brokers in Tallahassee.  We had a hunch that Scott was going to win based on what we were hearing from friends and family in Florida and seeing how negative McCollum started going which is a sure sign of a campaign in trouble.

The more we learned of Rick Scott, the more he sounded like people who run for office out here in the Heartland.  Then we discovered that Rick was born in Bloomington, Illinois, raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and is now considered one of America’s foremost entrepreneurs.  It made sense -- great to have a candidate running for Governor in Florida who was raised right here in the Heartland of America and learned at an early age the values of hard work and conservative values.  Rick is a firm believer in giving back through charities and his church to make not only his local community better but also other places around the world.   
Some of you are probably asking, "Who is Rick Scott" since he only came on the political scene in the spring after he had enough of what was happening in Tallahassee. We have witnessed one of the best State GOP organizations crumble under Greer, Crist, and lobbyists to a shell of its former self.  We look forward to seeing a new energy from Florida GOP after this primary when everyone comes together to defeat Alex Sink, who is the Florida poster child for a liberal progressive woman. She can try to run away from her very liberal leanings but being a member of Emily's List tells the story.

Here is a short video from Rick Scott who is conservative and shares the conservative values of the Republican Party. Every last Republican in Florida including Bill McCollum needs to roll up their sleeves and make Rick Scott the next Governor of Florida on November 2nd.

In the days ahead we will be highlighting more of Rick Scott's message like his7-7-7 Plan to create jobs in Florida. Please visit his website at to view his message, sign up to help his campaign, or make donation -- all three would be great.

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