Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ken Buck wins CO Republican Senate Primary

Congratulations to Ken Buck who won the Colorado Republican primary for the US Senate!

This email from Ken Buck late this evening reminded us of the primary election night in 2004 when Dr. Tom Coburn shocked the establishment and won outright in a three-person race. What was great about this race tonight is that Jane Norton didn't hesitate to endorse Ken Buck and ask her supporters to start work tomorrow on taking back our country. Ken Buck was quick to point out how gracious Jane Norton was in her call and how they had been good friends before the primary and would be after the primary. Felt great to see two Republicans who fought hard to immediately support the winner. Buck would have done the same thing if the results had been reversed.

Colorado should be a shining example to all Republican primary candidates when you lose, you immediately endorse your opponent and ask your supporters to join with supporters from your opponent to work to elect the Republican on November 2nd. This election is too important on November 2nd to allow petty politics to stand in the way of Republican victories all across America.

We commend Jane Norton for her class tonight and hope to see her run for office again in Colorado.

It is great that Ken Buck will be the Republican nominee for Senate and now we need to help send him to DC to help Dr. Coburn in his fight against pork and earmarks.

We achieved something truly amazing tonight. We did what no one believed we could. We sent a message loud and clear. We are ready to take back the Senate. We are ready for principled, conservative values in Washington.

I couldn't have done it without you. The commitment from the grassroots is what made all this possible.

For the next 83 days, we are going to harness all our strength, engage people across Colorado and get our country back on track.

In my speech tonight, I asked a question-- Can we tell our children that we did enough as their opportunity for a better life was being squandered?
We spoke out and Washington Ignored us. But, with your help, in November they will not be able to ignore us anymore.

Tomorrow we begin the general election. To win this fight I need to ask your help again. Please, renew your commitment by making a contribution today. Whatever you can donate, it will make a difference. We have fought hard for 16 months; we will fight hard for the next 83 days, and in November we will win.

Please, make a donation and In November, you can look at your children and tell them that this is still the land of opportunity.

Thank you for everything,

Ken Buck

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