Monday, August 23, 2010

August 24th: Republican Primary Day in Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Vermont, and Oklahoma Run-off


Senate: Key race to watch where Lisa Murkowski is being challenged by Joe Miller, Tea Party candidate, in the primary. Maybe we have our heads buried but we don't see Lisa Murkowski losing. When it comes to the big votes, she is always standing with Republicans not going off on her own like the New England Republicans. She is an expert when it comes to oil and gas which is the lifeblood of Alaska.

Governor: The Anchorage Daily has endorsed Bill Walker over current Governor Sean Parnell in a close call.

What Alaska needs in the governor's office in the next four years is, above all, a leader who wants to put the state in command of its own future.

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Senate: We expect Senator John McCain to win the nomination in a runaway as voters in Arizona have woken up to the fact the Hayworth was voted out of the House for a reason.

Governor: Current Governor Jan Brewer will win hands down.


Senate: Marco Rubio will become the official Republican candidate with challenges from NO Party Crist and we suspect the Democrat Meeks after Clinton was in Florida campaigning for him.

Governor: One nasty race in Florida with current Governor Bill McCollum against Rick Scott, a businessman. The nastiest has led the Democrat to take an early lead but that will change when Florida finally gets the primary behind and unites behind the Governor's candidate. McCollum wouldn't be in trouble if he had ran a better campaign but his covering for Charlie Crist has hurt plus his extremely negative ads. We will put this one too close to call and state the winner and loser need to get together to defeat the most liberal woman in Florida Alex Sink who is running on the Democrat side.


Senator: Len Britton

Governor: Brian Dubie, current Lt Governor


Tomorrow is run-off day in Oklahoma with the most heated race coming in the 5th District which is the seat Mary Fallin is leaving to run for Governor. We expect Lankford to pull out the win as Kevin Calvey has run one of the nastiest campaigns we have seen but not shocking when you consider who is running his race. Calvey using his National Guard service as a JAG officer like he was active duty 24/7 military turned a lot of people off in this race. Club for Growth made a huge mistake in getting involved in this race and should have stayed neutral. Whoever recommended that they send money to Calvey, didn't know who they supported. Calvey is an opportunist. Unless something changes we expect Lankford to win tomorrow as he won the primary. Next time Mr. Calvey runs, he should think twice about going after someone's religious affiliation. When you misquote the Edmond Sun newspaper like Calvey and then refuse to go on TV because one of the anchors has endorsed his opponent, you have real problems. If we lived in the 5th District, we would be voting for Lankford.

The final fundraising numbers for the weekend are in according to the McCarville Report which are telling:

UPDATE: James Lankford reported $41,800 in new donations through Sunday, bringing his 4-day total to almost $87,000. Kevin Calvey reported $4,800, bringing his total for the period to $20,400.
We would bet the voters of the 5th District are going to give the nod to political newcomer James Lankford.

2nd District: Charles Thompson and Daniel Edmonds -- from various reports we have read, we would expect Daniel Edmonds, another political newcomer, to win this race to face Democrat Dan Boren on November 2nd.

Insurance Commissioner: John Doak should win by a landslide.

This is a quick look at tomorrow's primaries.

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