Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cong Mary Fallin (R-OK) on "Why the Oklahoma Governor's Race is So Important"

In her speech to Stephens County GOP, Mary Fallin explains the differences that separate her and Jari Askins. Other than the two being women and being Lt Governor, there is not much the two have in common as they are 180 degrees apart with their political philosophy. Probably the best way to sum it up is Mary is an Oklahoma Conservative with core conservative values. Jari Askins is an establishment liberal supporting Obama and his agenda although she did say she has no plans to have Obama come into Oklahoma to campaign for her. Why? Trying to fool the Oklahoma electorate into believing she is not so liberal?

Mary didn't hesitate to have former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, brother of President George W Bush, come into Oklahoma this past week. Both share the conservative principles of limited government and less taxes.

The debates should be interesting in the months ahead. The biggest question will be if Askins tries to move to the center flip flopping on her votes in the Oklahoma Legislature. That seems to be the mantra of most liberal democrats running for office -- hide their liberal agenda.

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