Friday, August 20, 2010

Meet Dan Maes, the Colorado REPUBLICAN candidate for Governor!

The people of Colorado elected Dan Maes as the GOP Republican Governor's candidate about ten days ago. He is the candidate of the grassroots and is the Conservative in the race. This former businessman came out of nowhere like Ken Buck the candidate for Senate now and upset the powers in the GOP. Why is Tancredo running is what we would like to know.

Maes is strong on illegal immigration. He admitted in the following video that four years ago he wasn't as well versed as he is today. Over a year ago he sat down with Tom Tancredo and others to shape the policy he is running on today. Don't think a lot of us four years ago thought it was going to get this bad with illegal immigration, but the drug wars in Mexico have increased the criminals who are drug running coming across the border. Something has to be done to protect the Border States and the rest of the Country. Like Maes said -- if you don't have jobs, they will leave.  His plan for controlling illegal immigration is a sound one.

With the support of the Colorado grassroots Maes can win in November if Republicans get behind him and realize that Tancredo is trying to play spoiler.  Does Tancredo want Hickenlooper to win?

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