Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Part of the Problem" -- Earmarks

We have been waiting for Senator McCain to take his gloves off because he has always fought against earmarks and pork. We also knew that Hayworth never met an earmark or pork he didn't like. We cannot afford earmarks or pork for 'nice to have' projects that waste money like the Bridge to Nowhere which Hayworth supported with his vote.

There was an interstate bridge west of San Antonio on SR 90 that was built but had no connecting roads as the road money wasn't appropriated back in the 90's. It was in the middle of nowhere with little traffic so it never would have been necessary to have the bridge but Cong Bustamante, the Democrat crook who ended up in jail, also never met pork he didn't like. First time we saw it, we were asking what it was doing out in the middle of nowhere. Then we discovered that it was pork of Bustamante.

We agree there should be a ban on earmarks and pork added to legislation this year but frankly we think it should be extended permanently. The US Government cannot afford earmarks and pork which are attached to bills that have nothing to do with the earmark and/or pork. If an appropriation cannot stand alone, then it should not be approved.

Time the Federal Government went on a 'Pork and Earmark Free Budget! Actually it is past time!

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