Friday, July 16, 2010

Rick Snyder for Michigan Governor

Today we want to introduce you to Rick Snyder who is running in the Republican primary on August 3rd for Michigan Governor. Rick is not a politician but a businessman which is what Michigan needs. Rick in his own words:

What sets Rick Snyder apart from other candidates? We believe it is his 10-point plan for Michigan which is needed desperately in a state which has lost so many jobs in the Obama economy. This is why we believe that Rick Snyder is the perfect candidate to lead Michigan into becoming a vibrant state once again.

Read his 10-point plan and see if you don't agree this is the way to right the ship in Michigan. In fact, Rick's plan could be used in most of our states because it is a good common sense approach not more Government control approach which does not work. Substitute the name of your state and see if Rick's 10-Point Plan doesn't work in your State as well. A few states like Texas have already adopted a similar approach which is working.

Rick’s 10-Point Plan to Reinvent Michigan is what Rick believes we need to focus on in order to save our state. Each of these items are important to Rick and his effort to create an era of innovation in Michigan. For each of the ten points, there are detailed reform proposals that you can read at Policy Central.

Throughout this campaign, Rick will continue to build upon his 10-Point Plan by offering additional reforms and solutions for the challenges our state faces. He also wants to hear your ideas, so please visit Michigan Talks and send your feedback to the campaign.

Reinvent Michigan: The Top 10 Plan

1. Create More and Better Jobs

Rick believes that Michigan needs to cultivate a thriving and globally competitive economy with a diverse business base, enabling job growth and prosperity. His entrepreneurial experience, management over the growth of Gateway and leadership in economic development programs, such as Ann Arbor SPARK and the MEDC, make him uniquely qualified and positioned to lead this state in creating more and better jobs.
[Read about Rick, The Job Creator]
[Read details about MEDC Reform]
[Read details about regulatory reform]

2. Reform Michigan's Tax System

Rick believes that we need to reduce the tax burden on families and businesses in Michigan. Rather than advocate for short-term solutions – Rick wants to reform Michigan's tax system so that it facilitates economic growth by being simple, fair, competitive and efficient.
[Read details about eliminating the MBT]

3. Fix Michigan's Broken Government
It's time we reinvent state government so that it runs efficiently and serves its citizens as customers. Rick wants to restore ethics, accountability and transparency to state and local government. Rick believes we need a new approach to governing that is not politically motivated, but solution oriented. Rick wants to replace an antiquated bureaucracy with a government that gives taxpayers results for their tax dollars.
[Read details about Value for Money Budgeting]
[Read Rick's plan to reform ethics in Lansing]
[Read details about government efficiency & transparency]

4. Create An Environment That Will Keep Our Youth – Our Future – In Michigan
Rick believes that we need to create opportunities, networks, programs, and environments across Michigan that will cause our young people to want to stay in this state. His experience as an entrepreneur and mentor has given him an understanding of how Michigan can retain and attract young talent.
[Read details]

5. Restore Cities and Control Urban Sprawl
In order for Michigan to truly reinvent itself, its cities and communities must become more vibrant. Rick will work to improve the state's city centers and create attractive living and working environments for its citizens. Rick believes infrastructure and transportation funding must be prioritized and also supports the establishment of a proper mass transit backbone in the state.
[Read details]

6. Enhance Michigan's National and International Image
Rick believes Michigan can become a global comeback story. He believes the state must encourage and support tourism, create a culture of entrepreneurship, invest in the arts, and protect and improve the quality of life for its citizens.
[Read Details]

7. Protect Michigan's Environment

As a native Michigander, Rick knows that Michigan's awe inspiring lakes, landscapes and natural resources are some of its most valuable assets. Rick has served on the Nature Conservancy and believes that protecting the environment and growing the economy can be done simultaneously. Michigan needs to be a leader in the innovative movement towards alternative and cleaner energy.
[Read Rick's plan to preserve Michigan's environment]
[Read Rick's plan to protect Michigan from invasive species]

8. Reform Michigan's Educational System
Rick believes that a child's progress from pre-kindergarten through college and advanced degrees is the cycle on which the state's efforts should be focused and coordinated. Rick believes that schools, teachers and parents must renew their commitment to ensuring that each child is given the best possible preparation and education for life which is critical for future generations to be competitive and innovative.
[Read details about Rick's plan to reform Michigan's education system]

9. Reform Michigan's Health Care System
Every citizen should have access to affordable and quality healthcare. Rick strongly believes in prevention, wellness and personal responsibility. He wants to move Michigan to a more patient-centered model to achieve large cost savings, promote wellness, and improve overall service quality.
[Read details]

10. Bring "Winning" Back To Michigan
Rick believes that it is time for this state to create a hopeful, positive culture and attitude where personal responsibility and collective determination introduce us to a new era. Rick also believes in the importance of embracing our racial, social and geographic diversity to reach common goals for the state.
[Read Details]
Please visit to read more about Rick Snyder, volunteer your time, or donate whatever you can - $10, $20 or more will help Michigan elect a leader who is interested in growing the state with ideas not Government handouts from the Obama stimulus that sometimes equal $500,000 per job.

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