Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oklahoma Primary Race, July 27th for Oklahoma Governor and other Statewide races


The Governor's race to replace the Democrat Governor Henry after eight long years is looking more and more like it will be Congresswoman Mary Fallin against Attorney General Drew Edmondson which would give Oklahomans a clear cut difference. Edmondson is the Attorney General who took this Bush Red State in with Gore in 2000, went against the Boy Scouts in CT, and recently refused to file against Obamacare.

We do not see Senator Randy Brogdon gaining much ground on Fallin in the next few weeks and frankly after the nasty reaction on Facebook by Brogdon supporters to the endorsement of Mary Fallin by Sarah Palin, we believe a lot more people have been turned off to the Brogdon's candidacy.

Brogdon has some good supporters who will get behind Mary in her race against the Democrat, but we expect some to keep right on sniping as they have been doing against good candidates over the years when their candidate loses in the primary. That has been something I will never understand since moving to Oklahoma and getting involved in politics here. We have lost races to Democrats because after the primary supporters of the candidate who lost will refuse to get behind the winner or even vote.

Senator Brogdon will be missed in the Oklahoma Senate, but the way he has run his campaign against Mary has left some of us wondering about his choice to go so negative at every turn and in every debate when both are in attendance. We sincerely hope when the primary is over we will see Randy Brogdon out supporting Mary Fallin for Governor against the Democrat.


We have been supporting Todd Lamb since he announced for Lt Governor and believe he will a great spokesman to sell Oklahoma. Fallin and Lamb will made a great team for Oklahoma as they both are great Ambassadors for our state.


Some might ask why we rank this one so high, but Gary Jones, our recent State GOP Chair, should have won this race in 2006 but lost in a close race to a Democrat sitting Auditor who is now in prison with his wife. Gary was right in 2006 and now in 2010 he deserves to win the primary against a former Democrat turned Republican and win on November 2nd. The Auditor's office needs cleaned up and Gary is the person to do just that.


Oklahoma has two strong Republican candidates running who both have their strengths -- Scott Pruitt and Ryan Leonard.

Happen to know Scott Pruitt a lot better from his race for Lt Governor and also for being Mike Huckabee's person in Oklahoma. Had the privilege of being at a debate where Scott represented Huckabee and I represented Rudy and along with two others who represented Fred Thompson and Ron Paul. Scott is always the gentleman and my respect for him grew after that debate. One of Scott's areas of expertise is Constitutional Law and he also in business as a co-owner of the Oklahoma Redhawks baseball team. He knows what it is like to have to deal with the laws on the books affecting business owners and would make an outstanding Attorney General.

Ryan Leonard served as a state prosecutor in Canadian County. Now as an attorney in private practice, he specializes in small businesses and defending the rights of individuals, including representing pro bono children in the state’s foster system. Ryan previously served for four years as a senior legislative aide for U.S. Senator Don Nickles in Washington, D.C. who we have always admired as a United States Senator. He has experience in litigation which would also make him an outstanding Attorney General.

Oklahomans cannot go wrong in nominating either one of these men to be our Republican candidate for Attorney General. We will wholeheardedly support the winner of the race.


We support Janet Barresi for the nomination and think she would make an outstanding State School Superintendent. We found the following endorsement to be extraordinary and one more reason why we have chosen to support Barresi:

"Janet Barresi took her passion as a parent and turned it into 14 years of leadership in the education reform movement in Oklahoma," said Bush. "I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy and her message of greater academic rigor, data-driven accountability, and ensuring that good teachers are rewarded. She has improved the lives of hundreds of children, and I know she will continue her unifying, positive mission as State Superintendent."

We support Dana Murphy who is filling the remainder of the term of Denise Bode hands down for Corporation Commissioner. She may be the best and the hardest working Corporation Commissioner this state has seen. She came to the Corporation with a lot of knowledge which has only grown with her time in office because of her hard work and dedication.

For Treasurer, Insurance Commissioner, and Labor Commissioner we don't have a favorite and will support the Republican nominee. The only thing we have to say is that Labor Commissioner race by Republicans is another race which has turned fairly nasty, and we hope everyone gets on the same page after the primary.


We support Dr. Tom Coburn 100% to return him to the US Senate. Neither candidate running against him has a chance.


We feel the same way about Cong Tom Cole as we do about Dr. Coburn and support him 100% in his primary race.

We are not taking a stand in any local county races or OK Legislature races at this time.

We encourage all Republicans to get out to vote on July 27th for the candidate of your choice and after the primary let's all get behind the winners and take back the Executive Branch of Oklahoma!

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