Friday, July 16, 2010

Michigan Teamsters endorse Pete Hoekstra in GOP race for governor

This is the second candidate from Michigan we are spotlighting today. Rick Snyder was our first one who is a Michigan businessman.

Cong Pete Hoekstra has a 90.84% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union after 17 years in Congress. Michigan may not be a conservative state, but Cong Hoekstra sure is. Looks like the Republican candidate who wins the primary in a 5-way race has a great chance to win in November. After the primary all candidates and their supporters need to get behind the winner. Great to see Conservative Republican candidates running for the Michigan Governor.

When Obama was in Holland, MI, this week, he dissed Cong Hoekstra who attended the event because it was a Presidential visit. Once again Obama showed no class to a Republican which is SOP out of Obama today.

We remember when the Teamsters endorsed President Ronald Reagan in 1980 and set off a firestorm within the labor unions. Now the Teamsters in Michigan are endorsing in the Republican and Democrat primaries for Governor. Should be an interesting fall in Michigan leading up to the general election.

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Michigan Teamsters endorse Pete Hoekstra in GOP race for governor
By Associated Press

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Pete Hoekstra has been endorsed by Michigan Teamsters Joint Council 43.The labor group has more than 90,000 active and retired members in Michigan. It made its endorsement Friday, three weeks after it endorsed House Speaker Andy Dillon in the Democratic race.

Hoekstra also was endorsed Friday by the Michigan Agri-Business Association.

In other endorsements, Gun Owners of America gave its backing to Republican Attorney General Mike Cox.

The Michigan chapter of Republicans for Environmental Protection endorsed Ann Arbor businessman Rick Snyder.

Democrat Virg Bernero picked up endorsements from the Democratic parties in the 6th Congressional district and Muskegon County. And Michigan Democrats for Education Reform endorsed Dillon.

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