Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Marco Rubio: Why Tackling The Debt Can’t Wait Until Next Year”

Obviously the House Democrats are convinced it can wait until next year when they deemed the budget passed with no hearings. It is obvious the Democrats in both Houses of Congress and in the White House don't want the American people to know how large the deficit will become with their FY2011 budget which tells us it is going to be much bigger than we can imagine.

Democrats have no desire to cut spending even though tax revenue is down due to layoffs.

Marco Rubio is correct that the debt cannot wait until next year but Democrats don't seem to care about doing anything about cutting the deficit until after the election.

Why Tackling The Debt Can’t Wait Until Next Year”
By Marco Rubio
Sunshine State News
July 7, 2010

“Next year when I start presenting some very difficult choices to the country, I hope some of these folks who are hollering about deficits step up. Because I’m calling their bluff.” – President Obama, June 27, 2010

For a devoted Chicago White Sox fan, President Obama has sure sounded like more of a Cubs fan lately when talking about America’s debt crisis – it’s all about “next year.” In doing so, he has encapsulated the fundamental problem with Washington and our political system today – it’s always about “next year.” Or “after the election.” Or “when the time is right.”

This is precisely how once manageable problems grow into full-blown crises – because Washington has too many politicians who won’t tackle the hard issues today. Instead, they postpone them so that others have to deal with them at a future date. Those other people, in turn, repeat the vicious cycle, which has brought us to this critical juncture in American history with regards to our debt.

Today, the Congressional Budget Office says the “federal budget is on an unsustainable path.” European countries are scolding and mocking us about our out-of-control spending. It may be a laughing matter for those who resent America’s strength or, worse, for our enemies who wish for a full-blown American debt crisis as much as they do about another September 11th. But a $13 trillion debt is no laughing matter – not for me and not for my childrens’ generation.

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