Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mary Fallin Wins the Governor's Debate Hands Down

Tonight was the Oklahoma Governor's Debate which was carried live on the radio from University of Central Oklahoma. It is also was replayed on our local NBC affiliate which just concluded. Decided to watch the debate to see the reaction of the candidates to the questions.

The first thing that struck me was that Mary Fallin is filled with enthusiasm about the chance to lead this State and what can be accomplished by everyone working together. Did not sense that same type of enthusiasm from Jari Askins. Maybe it comes from the fact Mary is a conservative and doesn't have to pretend to be something she is not to get elected.

Mannerisms can say a lot about a candidate -- Mary looked at the audience during her closing remarks but Jari zeroed in on one area.  Looks on TV like Askins was talking to the moderator and then she periodically looks up at the ceiling, but never looks out at the audience. It was annoying to watch as she kept looking to the side.

One thing that has bothered me about this race in addition to Askins saying she is conservative was Askins attacks about Fallin's donations saying she is funded by out of state money which isn't true.  Some of the donations come from people in DC but as a Congresswoman for four years, Fallin has met a lot of people who support her bid for Oklahoma Governor not just in DC but around the Country. Askins conveniently never mentions that people from all 77 Oklahoma counties have given to Mary Fallin for Governor and the vast majority of Fallin's contributions have come from within Oklahoma. As Fallin pointed out tonight, she doesn't have the money to loan her campaign.

Recently Askins loaned her campaign another $1M. That grates on my last nerve that Askins criticizes Fallin's donations when she is mostly self financing her campaign -- did it in the primary and now in the general. Her self financing allows Democrats to spend their money elsewhere.  Guess Askins forgets the financing opposing Right to Work by the Democrats came mostly from out of state.  That was for a Democrat sponsored agenda so it is okay to accept out of state money in that case. 

So happy that Mary is leading handily in the polls and after her performance tonight, that lead should be solidified.  Cannot feature having Askins as Governor who seems to be short on ideas and has an unwillingness to stand up to the Obama agenda on behalf of Oklahomans.  Knew before the debate that Mary speaks from the heart as a conservative while Jari is a new 'conservative' only because that is where the votes are.  That showed tonight and why Mary Fallin with be our next Oklahoma Governor.

Fallin Focuses on Economy and Jobs in Strong Debate Performance

Oklahoma City – Republican gubernatorial candidate Mary Fallin delivered a strong performance in tonight’s candidate debate, continuing to focus on policies to build a stronger, more prosperous Oklahoma.

Campaign manager Denise Northrup said that Fallin successfully focused on the issues that Oklahomans care about and continued to drive her message of economic growth and smaller and smarter government.

“We’ve been campaigning on the idea that Mary is the only candidate with a real plan to create jobs, grow the economy and fight wasteful spending. She’s also the only candidate who is ready to stand up to Washington and President Obama when they try to force their liberal agenda on Oklahoma. That message came across loud and clear tonight, and you can tell it’s really resonating with voters of all political stripes.”

Fallin agreed, saying the campaign has continued to draw support from Republicans, independents and Democrats.

“People all over Oklahoma are tired of partisanship and ‘politics as usual,’” said Fallin. “They’re looking for a governor who is going to roll up their shirtsleeves and really solve the serious problems we have in this state. That’s why I’m running for governor, and that’s what I told our audience tonight. I know that when we all work together, we can build a better, brighter future in Oklahoma.”

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