Thursday, October 28, 2010

Funniest Ads of the Campaign Season in Oklahoma Belong to Republican Mark Costello Running for Labor Commissioner

This ad speaks for itself about the disaster that is Democrat Labor Commissioner Lloyd Fields:

Colby Yates describes guitar theft mentioned in the above video -- Not a Practical Joke!

Video is poor quality but the audio was used in a radio commercial against Lloyd Fields who stole the guitar, got arrested, no charges filed by Yates, but the police hauled Fields off to the drunk tank.

We had a very good Labor Commissioner Brenda Reneau who was barely beat in 2006 after a Republican State Rep recorded a campaign ad against her for Fields as a personal vendetta against Reneau. That tipped the scale and gave us four years of the most incompetent man to hold office -- Lloyd Fields.

Have to hand it to Mark Costello for handling all of the Fields problems with humor. Ads that use facts and turn it into humor are funny.  The Democrats in this State have been running some of the nastiest ads based on their liberal interpretation of the facts with spin and are not funny at all -- they are downright nasty. It is backfiring in many of the Dem races here in Oklahoma and they are going to pay for it on November 2nd.

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