Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Did Bobby Bright Vote For Nancy Pelosi?

Democrat Bobby Bright is being opposed by Republican Martha Roby in a Congressional District that is heavily Republican. Bright was elected to the seat in 2008 as a Democrat who was very conservative BUT when he got to the House, first thing he did was vote for Pelosi for Speaker. He voted against the Republican alternative to Obamacare but did vote against the final Obamacare bill as one of the people Pelosi said could vote against the bill. If the bill would have been tied, would he have still voted against the bill or would he have voted with Pelosi to pass?

Bright has a 72% voting record on conservative issues which means over 25% of the time he votes with Pelosi and the Democrats. Voters of Alabama's 2nd District need to turn that seat back RED and not have to worry if their member of Congress is going to vote for or against them.

Now we learn that Bright who has trashed Pelosi and said he won't vote for her for Speaker has asked for help as he was out fund raised 3-1 by Roby. Who does Bright call in after the Pelosi Democrats have spent almost $1M in his race? A front for labor unions:

Top contributors to “Citizens for Strength and Security” include some of the largest and most powerful liberal unions in the nation, including the controversial Services Employees International Union, the Teamsters Union, and the United Food & Commercial Workers Union.

The well-publicized agendas for these and other contributors are squarely in-line with the liberal positions taken by President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Advancing an agenda that includes government takeover of health care, job-killing card check legislation, and amnesty for illegal immigrants is a central part of the mission of these unions.

“The fact that union front groups are spending money in Alabama’s Second District deeply undercuts Democrat Bobby Bright’s claim to be independent,” said Mike Hamilton, campaign manager for Martha Roby. “These unions are spending money in Alabama for one reason: they know a vote for Bobby Bright is a vote to keep Nancy Pelosi in power.”
This from Bright who is claims to be a conservative, independent, and anti-Pelosi? It is becoming clearer and clearer that once again Democrats are trying to run as Conservatives.  We believe voters have learned their lesson and are not buying into this mantra of 'conservative' Democrats as the facts speak for themselves with his voting over 25% of the time with Pelosi. By definition that is not conservative.

Voters of the Alabama's 2nd Congressional District have a choice -- they can send Bright back to the Congress and ensure that Pelosi has a voice or they can elect Conservative Republican Martha Roby and make sure their voices are heard.   That is an easy choice -- Martha Roby needs to be elected from the 2nd district of Alabama on November 2nd!

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