Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meet Governor John Hoevan of South Dakota Soon to be Senator John Hoevan

John Hoeven has served as Governor since 2000. As the longest-serving Governor in the nation, Hoeven has worked to build North Dakota's future by focusing on six pillars of growth: education, economic development, agriculture, energy, technology and quality of life.

Under his leadership, North Dakota has expanded and diversified its economy and gained nearly 40,000 new jobs. North Dakota's wages and personal incomes continue to grow faster than the national average, and in recent years, the state led the nation in export growth. While much of the nation is struggling through a recession and budget deficits, North Dakota has balanced its budget, set aside a $700 million reserve for the future, cut taxes, and invested in priorities like education, health care, strong law enforcement, and quality infrastructure.


When North Dakota Democrat Senator Dorgan announced his retirement from the Senate, speculation began immediately to have John Hoeven the current Governor run. After he announced he would run for Senate, everything has gone according to plan. This popular Governor will be Senator Hoevan come January. On September 25th, Rasmussen put up his final poll of the race which left no doubt who is going to be the next Senator from North Dakota -- John Hoevan:

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state finds Hoeven leading his Democratic challenger, Tracy Potter, by nearly a three-to-one margin, 68% to 25%. Two percent (2%) favor some other candidate, while five percent (5%) are not sure.
All we found on his site were positive ads which is a clear indication he will be the next North Dakota Senator to join Democrat Kent Conrad.  Wonder what Conrad is thinking now?

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