Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dino Rossi versus Patty Murray in the Washington Senate Race

“I’m running for the US Senate because our country and our economy are in trouble because of too much spending, debt & government.” — Dino Rossi

When those words are the first thing you see on Dino Rossi's site, you know when elected, the people of Washington State will be well represented in the Senate. That will be a welcome change to have someone who understands what they are voting on and will represent ALL the people of Washington not just the special interest groups.

Dino Rossi's new ad 'Who Changed' says it all about Patty Murray who is one of the biggest tax and spenders in the Senate. Murray also never met an earmark she doesn't like.

While on Rossi's website, we found another ad that was released this week which discusses Patty Murray's claim she helped write Obamacare:

Bellevue, WA— U.S. Senate candidate Dino Rossi released a new statewide TV ad on Tuesday entitled ‘Who Wrote the Bill?’ The full script follows:

Voiceover: “Patty Murray on the health care bill.”

Sen. Murray: ”Not only did I read it, but I helped to write it.”

Voiceover: “Did she write in the $700 fine for not buying the government’s plan?

“The $500 billion cut in Medicare that hurts seniors?

“The huge premium increases?

“The job-killing half trillion dollar tax hike?”

Sen. Murray: “Not only did I read it, but I helped to write it.”

Voiceover: “Maybe she should read it again.”

Dino Rossi: “I’m Dino Rossi and I approved this message.”

Don't know who is running the Democrat campaigns this year, but the political savvy they showed with Clinton and his people involved in campaigns has flown out the window. Were Democrats so arrogant after Obama was elected that they said whatever they felt like? A lot of their statements are coming back to haunt them in their campaigns. Don't think most candidates now would be bragging about helping write Obamacare which may be one of the worst bills ever after the details keep seeing the light of day. Hard to believe she read and actually comprehended what was in the bill -- chances of that happening are slim to none.

Dino Rossi representing Washington State would be a breath of fresh air! Turnout is the key -- Republicans and Independents along with some Democrats are eager to vote for Rossi and oust Patty Murray as their Senator. An incumbent in a virtual tie in polling this close to the election could spell problems for Murray. Get Out The Vote (GOTV) is so important to put Dino Rossi over the top to send a fiscal conservative to the Senate to replace the tax and spend Murray.

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