Friday, October 8, 2010

Rubio for Senate TV Ad: Backwards

Several sites have rumors swirling that Charlie Crist is going to get Kendrick Meeks to drop out of the race and endorse him. First of all the ballots have already been printed so Meeks name will be on the ballot.  What we see happening is that blacks will stay home in Florida and elsewhere if Obama pulls this off. We are not sure that Meeks would listen to Obama and his people since he is allied with the Clinton/Gore side of the house. This stunt by Crist and Obama if it happens would send a clear message to Democrats across America that Obama favors flip floppers who keep flipping over a longtime Democrat and member of the Black Caucus. Does Obama want to send that message?

Here is the video from Fox News about the race and if you mute Crist who is annoying you will get to the part where Al Gore is campaigning for Meeks and it is actually funny as he goes after Crist.

Any split Republicans have cannot compare to the Clinton/Obama split which is growing more by the day. Then you have Biden who is campaigning for Democrats and doesn't seem happy at all with the crowds or lack thereof he is talking as they have ZERO enthusiasm.   With Emanuel leaving the White House, this is now Obama's Administration that surrounds him as Emanuel came from the Clinton camp. Will Hillary leave the Secretary of State in January?   Obama the 'great communicator and uniter' has done the opposite in his less than two years in office --
Mondale goes after him for using a teleprompter because he cannot speak without one  

Obama has managed to split the Democrats as much as we have ever seen in our lifetime not to mention the absolute disgust a lot of us have on the right and in the middle for his agenda.

We believe that Marco Rubio is going to win this election with or without Meeks formally in the race. We still cannot get over that Charlie Crist is using Republican donor money to run as he is refusing to return any of it except to his handpicked GOP Chair Greer who was fired.

Republican Senators who were so fast to go to Crist side are now watching him use their $10,000 a piece donations to stick it to them. Hopefully Senators and NRSC have learned a lesson not to get involved in an open seat primary like they have been doing this year. Level the playing field in open seats and let the states decide the nominee and then jump in to support the winner.

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