Monday, October 25, 2010

Rubio leading in battle of the ed boards

Happy to read this tonight from Tampa Bay OnLine Blog about the editorial boards endorsing in the Senate race. Almost fainted when I saw the Miami Herald endorsed Rubio and now seeing the TBO call it 'one suprising announcement' made me smile. Thought it was a major endorsement and sure enough it was. Orlando Sentinel we think is a key endorsement along with Tampa Tribune (we expected that one).

Won't be long and we will be saying Senator Elect Marco Rubio. One week from tomorrow is election day across America. GOTV by Republicans is in process to win as many seats as we can in the House, Senate, and Governor's races.

Rubio leading in battle of the ed boards
Posted Oct 25, 2010 by William March
Updated Oct 25, 2010 at 05:32 PM

With the help of at least one surprising endorsement, and some from newspapers that endorsed Charlie Crist for governor in 2006, Marco Rubio is leading the battle for endorsements of major newspaper editorial boards in Florida.

Probably the most surprising endorsement for Rubio came from his hometown paper, the Miami Herald, usually liberal or Democratic-leaning in its endorsements and editorial policies. But Rubio has also received backing from the editorial boards of of The Tampa Tribune, Fort Myers News-Press, Florida Times-Union, South Florida Sun-Sentinel and the Orlando Sentinel.

Crist is close behind with backing from his hometown paper, the St. Petersburg Times, plus The Tallahassee Democrat, Florida Today, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and the Naples Daily News.

In 2006, Crist was endorsed for governor by at least three papers now backing Rubio—the Tampa Tribune, Orlando Sentinel and Florida Times-Union.

The Lakeland Ledger has gone for Kendrick Meek, and the Palm Beach Post, also usually considered liberal or Democratic in its editorial orientation, hasn’t yet published an endorsement.

Source: TBO

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