Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Champion Against Earmarks -- John McCain

Today the Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) announced the 2010 Congressional Pig Book is here! With that announcement, we decided that the John McCain's radio ad concerning earmarks is as timely today as it was when released early this month:

Listen to the ad and remember how J.D. Hayworth was one of the big porkers/spenders when Republicans were in charge of the House. Then ask yourself why his own district turned him out of office in 2006? If his district wouldn't reelect him, why would the State?

We have noticed over the last week something troubling that is beginning to happen. Not only is John McCain being attacked by 'so-called' conservatives but also the same group is after Senator (Dr.) Tom Coburn now for wanting to bring civility back into politics and for conservatives to not blindly follow Fox News.

On some sites Dr. Tom is being called some of the same names we see John McCain called which is beginning to make us question what is happening. The first question that comes to mind is what do they have in common? They are two of the biggest fiscal conservatives in the Congress as both want to do away with pork and earmarks. Makes one wonder just who is behind these attacks on these two honorable men and if ending the practice of pork and earmarks is what these 'so-called' conservatives don't like?

We have to question if some of the attackers are even Republicans with some of their comments. Is JD Hayworth being backed by libertarians, John Birchers, and Democrats up to no good?

Right now Dr. Coburn doesn't have a serious opponent so the rhetoric of the malcontents against Dr. Tom means little when the vast majority are not even from Oklahoma. One of the malcontents called Dr. Tom a Representative so they didn't know he was a Senator? That points at the attacks being orchestrated as the posters are repeating the same mantra.

We believe that the people of Arizona and Oklahoma are smarter then this group of 'so-called' conservatives give us credit, and we will send both Senator McCain and Senator Coburn back to the US Senate to continue the fight against pork and earmarks.

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